Ozma Tomorrow at 11:00 am!!!

It will be available on Crunchyroll starting Saturday at 11:00 am (American Eastern Standard Time).  This is 24 hours after release in Japan.  It should be subbed.  The episode title will be something like “The Sand Whale”, referring to the mysterious Ozma entity.

I’ve only a read a handful comments on 2ch of folk who watched the first episode…  There seems to be a general complaint that the show feels old, that despite the nice character designs the script sounds old.  Well, the script is supposed to be 30-years old and anyway this is friggin’ Leiji Matsumoto we’re talking about!!  One commenter basically said that you can tell this anime will suck by looking at the group doing the OP [they’re Korean].

Honestly, 2ch is a pretty sad place.

That said, I might as well state right now that we cannot expect too much from this project.  6 episodes to commemorate the anniversary of a cable channel, based on an old script that did not make the cut 30 years ago…these are not exactly circumstances that give rise to anime greatness.

Still, we can hope it’ll be a decent appetizer for things to come 🙂

EDIT: I’ve heard the crunchyroll stream will not be available in Asia, but I imagine the one in viki.com will work for the Asians interested in watching it.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “Ozma Tomorrow at 11:00 am!!!”

  1. If you’re willing to see the raws, then there’s one out.

    Sheesh, 2ch.

    The OP and ED were really good imho.

    • i’ve heard the songs a bit and they sounded ok, yup. 2ch is so friggin’ negative all the time. i can’t understand why they have “anti” threads, when their regular threads are anti to begin with!

  2. Ohhhhhh? That’s odd. I usually troll Crunchyroll and I didn’t see this. Well thanks for the heads up, I might just watch it c:

  3. Yup, once I heard Crunchyroll was streaming this, I went on their site and typed “Ozma” on their search bar. Nothing turned up. So I tried “Ozuma”. Still nothing. Then I went to the News section and there finally I saw an article confirming it.

    With Crunchyroll streaming it I think a lot of people who wouldn’t have watched it otherwise might try it out. I hope it’s a good show and it brings new fans to the Leijiverse 🙂

  4. Sometimes they only have it listed by their alternate title. They did that with Nichijou from what I remember.

    • Ozma doesn’t have an alternate title that I know of, but I just checked now and they’ve got a proper entry finally (and it shows up when you search for it): the title is OZMA in all-caps. Hopefully in an hour we’ll be able to watch it..

  5. Yay. I’ll give it a see on monday now that’s confirmed on crunchyroll

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