Ozma 01: ohhh~

First episode.

First thought: Kyahhhh, these character designs are so friggin’ gorgeous!!

Second thought: The BGM is over-the-top.  I guess we’re supposed to take most of the scenes here lightly.

Third thought: Masquerade + Harlock = perfect villain.  Yes, it works.  I’d have never come up with that myself.


The setup is well known in fiction and anime: mysterious girl gets rescued by brave boy, and then it turns out the girl is far more powerful than the boy (yet the girl likes the boy and relies on him even though honestly she could probably take care of herself).  I’m not trying to lay out a feminist critique here or anything, just calling it like I see it.

I’m speculating a lot, but it’s critical that “Masquerade Harlock” calls the girl “Maya-sama”, indicating her importance.  She’s definitely one of the IC (ideal children) the show is supposed to revolve around.

There’s confusion on 2ch about the definition of a sand whale and its relationship to Ozma, whatever that is.  I think we’re supposed to be confused at this point, so there’s not much point in worrying over it.  Anyway, the crunchyroll translation seems to be based on the theory that there is more than one sand whale, and that sand whale = Ozma.  This is not at all clear in the Japanese (for one thing, Japanese doesn’t have indefinite articles or plurals so the characters don’t speak of “an Ozma” or “a sand whale” or “sand whales”, we have no way of knowing how many of what is involved).  We’ll see if the subbers get it right though.


On this topic of translation, it’s interesting that the subbers have Sam’s surname as “Coyne” instead of the “Coin” we’ve been seeing so far in news articles.  I think Coyne looks nice in a Celtic sort of way 🙂

Maya is of course the name of Harlock’s wife.  And Mimei is a rearranged Miime (the second and the third kana syllables in Miime swapped).  By the way Mimei sports a heart-shaped slit on her back, what I would call a reverse Ardis [see here].  Cases of reverse Ardis are rare but they do exist.

The scene at the mess hall was my favorite.  The men reacted the way they naturally would 😉  The chef’s decision to add an extra two eggs on the house is straight off of Leiji’s Otoko Oidon manga, where the ramen shop chef used to do the same thing for Nobotta Oyama whenever he brought a girl to eat [which was sadly very, very seldom].  To top it off, the chef uses the Kyushu dialectal particle “bai”, an homage to Otoko Oidon and to Leiji as such, who is from that island.

The scene with the doctor is bound to fascinate Leiji fans.  When the live-action Space Battleship Yamato film came out, much was made of the fact that Dr. Sado had been genderbent in the new version.  When Leiji Matsumoto dismissed the project out of hand, I for one assumed that this change was likely one of the things he hated the most.  And yet here we have a female doctor!  And it’s the typical Matsumoto doctor mind you, with the alcoholism and the sleepy cat…  When all of a sudden an ominous piano kicks in and she looks awfully depressed I regret the fact that this show will be only 6 episodes long.

The Bardanos Captain is pretty rad and she knows it.  She evidently plays by Harlock Rules, i.e. standing in front of a hail of lasers as long as you please, even turning your back to it, because there’s no way any of it will hit you 😀  The jury is still out on her fashion sense, and I have to say I personally prefer Mimei’s outfit.  Both of the voice actresses (Kyoko Tanaka and Rie Tanaka) do great here, as well as pretty much everyone else in the episode.  Matsumoto series always gather good voice actors.

P.S. My apologies for forgetting to post a screencap of the actual protagonist.

EDIT – Here’s my translation of the teaser blurb for Episode 2, titled “Maximum Dive Depth”:

“The Bardanos somehow manages to stave off the Theseus’ surprise attack and escape from the port but now the Theseus is hot in pursuit and the drama begins.  Bardanos Captain Bainas and Theseus Commander Gido engage in a silent battle of wits.

The Bardanos stops diving as the ship temperature surpasses the 50 degree mark and Maya seems on the verge of death.  The Bardanos is down to 2 torpedoes.  There are 3 enemy ships.

What will the Captain decide to do?”

~ by Haloed Bane on March 17, 2012.

33 Responses to “Ozma 01: ohhh~”

  1. The picture the Captain is holding in the credits seems to be a major clue as the what is going on. At least between the Captain and the Harlock looking guy. Though I am trying to puzzle out the doctor’s expression in the photograph. It is obviously here…she even has a kitten in her arms. It can’t have been all tha long ago as the kids don’t look all that much younger. No more than ten years I’d guess. Five at the least to account for the Captain’s hair growth.

    • I think that’s the Captain and Sam’s older brother. Now already there’s speculation that the bad guy with the mask is none other than Sam’s older brother, but it’s difficult to determine and similarity in character designs here is no clue as to whether these people are the same or what.. It does look like the doctor is forlorn and basically the lonely angle in a love triangle with Sam’s brother and the Captain..

      Hmmmmmm….just what is going on???

  2. I can’t say I really follow the story yet, and it is kind of slow and boring at first, but when the standoff arrived, the show gave the kind of thing I want from a pirate show:


    That is, defiance against authority displayed with brash cheekiness and pomp. It’s romantic.

    I’ll keep watching.

    • I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to follow the story, right. Though from the scraps I’ve heard it obviously has to do with his older brother being missing (dead, or just missing or who knows) because of this Ozma thing. That’s all. Oh, and the Maya girl has superpowers, hehe.

  3. I didn’t realize the connection between that Miime and this Mimei. They don’t look or act the same at all! I hope Mimei doesn’t become like that when she grows up.

    I was also guessing that the captain is another version of Esmeralda based on her appearance / being a captain- is that not the case?

    • Leiji characters don’t really change at all, usually, so I think there’s little chance Mimei would grow up into Miime. They’re not even the same species, so don’t trouble yourself.

      Most comments I’ve seen online are putting her as a “Harlock” type. But Emeraldas is also a “Harlock” type, or more precisely, there is a “Harlock-Emeraldas” type and both of those characters belong to it. Honestly, Harlock and Emeraldas are two sides of the same coin, and then Capt. Bainas here is something like the whole coin?! (and her crew member is called Sam Coin, OMG, I’ve stumbled onto a conspiracy!!).

  4. Quite liked this introductory chapter. Lots of action and the setting as well as the Sand Whales reminded me a lot of “Dune”.
    Very, very nice character designs by the way. I love this 21st century Matsumoto look.

    • Very Dunish, yes. Though we won’t get any of the politics, I don’t think. This might be Dune + Akira + Last Exile or something like that..

      CDs are lovely. As soon as they release a character book i’ll get it~

  5. […] fan, and will be able to tell you about all of the references that we more than likely have missed. Check out his post here. Let them know:Share on TumblrMoreDiggEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  6. Watched for the hell of it. I’m definitely dropping this but I did like the new Emeraldas lady.

  7. I had no problem following the plot until I read the comments here, now it’s brother and photo and magic and AUGH I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

    Nice to hear about clothes with holes and Leiji-crossreferences though, I’ve only seen Interstella 5555 a few years ago.

    • Hahahaha, forget everything you read! You’re not supposed to know anything~

      Re: Interstella, Stella’s Ardis is legendary (according to the terminology I devised and only I use, she sports a malafede Ardis. If you’re interested in the etymology, “malafede” means “bad faith” in Italian, and we say of people of bad faith that they’re double-hearted. Now look up Stella’s Ardis and you’ll understand).

  8. I liked the character variety and tail conflict of this episode. The initial setup is pretty generic, and the reactions when Maya was brought back to the port didn’t help. Though, the storytelling is great and makes it easy to familiarize with the characters. No info dump and everything looks good (although I swear some of the character designs remind me of Dark Crystal).

    Will keep up with this.

    • I loved the reaction when Maya came in!! Maybe it’s the fact I grew up in a Latin culture 😀

  9. I’m going to call the guy in the mask Charlock then giggle about Harlock talking new acting jobs to pay the rent.

    • Charlock seems to be the consensus name for the character. I really need to improve my Gundam lore…
      And yes, every Harlock generation has to find a way to pay the rent 😀

      • lol I didn’t even think of the that line from arcadia of my youth. I had my head in my big book of Tezuka last night and have had star systems on the brain since then. I do favor a star cast system to make since of half the leijivires over the ring of time.
        Charlock is a little underwhelming as a leader so far.

        • I totally thought you were referring to AOMY. See, you’re so cool you do it without thinking!

          Charlock looks pretty incompetent for now, but you can’t judge a book by its cover..


    I am drunk ish right now but I’m pretty sure we named that bitch Charlock back in ’09

  11. And she was actually voiced by Ikeda and shit

  12. So is Ozma a show you can watch with a bunch of semi-drunks or is it best to watch on your own?

  13. AK’s blogging Ozma
    All’s right with the world 😀

  14. […] Animekritik is a huge Leiji Matsumoto fan, and will be able to tell you about all of the references that we more than likely have missed. Check out his post here. […]

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