Let Us Relish: Persona 4 24 / Konna no Idol Janain?! 11

QUESTION: Where is my Ozma?!  It’s supposed to come out Saturdays and now crunchyroll says Sunday??  Oh well.

My schedule at the moment is severe, so I’ll have to be brief in talking of these shows.  Major spoilers for Persona 4 which is nearing its end.

Persona 4 24

Brilliant episode.  The revelation was divine.  I honestly never thought of that guy (!) as a possibility, and the way the crime spree turns out to have happened is twisted and very, very interesting.  But forget that, there’s something more amazing about this episode:

Yosuke Confession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember being surprised (in a good way) when I started playing the game and Yosuke seemed to be falling for Yuu.  Since I opted to go all the way with Chie (and gosh, the TV series has completely abandoned her of late) I didn’t really get to see anything like a confession scene with Yosuke.  Next episode will rock.  And I wonder, will she play a role?

Konna no Idol Janain?! 11

The School Festival is coming.  Yay?  Before the girls can even think of performing at the event, Sensei has already signed them up.  But instead of rehearsing for the it, Sensei has them practice for newspaper interviews.  The girls are clever enough to realize Sensei is avoiding the “core idol activities” because she herself is only a failed idol and doesn’t have a clue.

The show is supposed to end next week, so it looks like we’ll get the festival performance for a finale.  If the “I want to become an idol” club does a horrible job of it (considering they know nothing of singing and dancing) it might make for a really funny final episode.  The show will get a DVD release so apparently it’s doing OK, and it lasted the whole run.  Let’s hope the last episode is great.


~ by Haloed Bane on March 24, 2012.

17 Responses to “Let Us Relish: Persona 4 24 / Konna no Idol Janain?! 11”

  1. phew, finally you know and i can talk abou it wihtout spoilering you XD haha and yeah, but he still isnt the maaiiiin culprit. the one who awakened yuu’s, adachi’s and namatame’s powers was soemone else… soemone very related to Yuu’s and adachi’s persona… someone these three outsiders met first when they just entered the city…. can you deduce whoo??

    • I don’t like deducing, I like for the show to tell me, so I’ll just wait 🙂 It’ll be fun.

  2. This made me laugh a few weeks back:

    “Come to think of it, there is something I’d like to point out..how Adachi came through in the end. Incompetence, you see, is a double-edged sword. We tend to think of it as a negative thing, though. And it’s only natural, especially in the case of a police detective, where incompetence can cost human lives and so forth. But there is a positive side to incompetence. Incompetent people are very often more forgiving than others (I speak of people who are aware of their own incompetence, not the fools running around thinking they’re absolutely perfect). Could you imagine Dojima letting Yuu and co. out of the room in the same situation? Of course not. And yet Adachi did the right thing, not because it was right on a legal or procedural basis, but out of the kindness of his own bumbling incompetent heart. Life situations are often more fluid than competent people make them out to be.”

  3. Any chance you’ll give Persona 4 (the game) another go after the series is over, or have you found the adaptation comprehensive enough?

    • My console is across the Pacific Ocean now, so it’d be kinda difficult. What it’s definitely done is spur my interest into getting more games in the franchise (once I buy a newer console, if they have them on xbox for example).

      • weell they are currently makign a remake for the psps. much in the same sense as the psp-remake oif persona 3 which they did before, i guess. aparently, they added two new social links, too.

        • Interesting..

          • they announced it fairly recently, so dunnno exactly how much new content there will be; but the remake of persona 3 had the walkign aroudn reduced to a more visual-novel liek style, but itt did add many new social links (and hsifted soem of the old ones oevr to the main characters to bond some more with them), added a possiblity to save a character who does a heroic sacrifice in the original story, and added the possiblity to play with a female protagonist instead of a male one, complete with different dialogue and a female verion of the starting-persona. dunno if theyll do the same for p4p though.

            • those are very thorough modifications. good. ever played Catherine? how was that one?

              • i dont have a ps3 nor an xbox 360 so i never played catherine, but i heard its good. well i didnt expect anythign else.

              • Catherine’s not really SMT-related, but there is some relation. It’s a visual novel about adult relationships (several different endings possible) with puzzle game segments. After completing the main storyline you unlock a two-player puzzle mode.
                There are a few videos on youtube of the gameplay and the story is fairly engaging. It’s certainly an enjoyable looking game but it does depend on your price point.

                • and ugh, that was a horribly proof-read first sentence. That should read ‘Catherine’s not really SMT-related, but there are a few carry-over concepts, like a Law-Chaos alignment’.

                  • I guess in my mind Atlus = SMT. Is there a main character designer person behind these games. The art is always somewhat similar, in a good way.

    • I’ll note Xbox is probably the console that has been least likely to see future SMT releases in the past; Atlus seems to prefer working with Nintendo or Sony (presumably because the bulk of their intended audience is in Japan), but you never know.

      Persona isn’t particularly representative of the mainline SMT series, which is more concerned with exploring the intersections between cyberpunk, digital media, and ancient mythology, but if you enjoyed Persona you might want to give the Devil Survivor series (on Nintendo DS) a try.

      • The Mrs is in love with Kinect so it’ll probably be an Xbox. We’ll see, I still need to graduate and get a job first 😦

  4. […] my own, but hey this style might not be for everyone out there. I also enjoyed his final reviews of Persona 4! They were kind of funny and felt more like a conversation rather than a straight up review. You […]

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