Ozma 3: Rockin’

This episode was great.  It had about 7-8 episodes of development in it, with the story coming a whole lot clearer (and hitting a lot of good points for the Leiji fans).  Even the visuals were much much better 🙂

So it seems we have a planet with two groups of people: the Natura and the Theseus.  The Natura, as the name implies, are all natural people, the regular folk.  The Theseus are the cloned, Ideal Children.  Apparently the Theseus’ genetic pool is starting to break down from too much cloning so they’re starting to take in more Natura people and experiment on them to renew their race. (I assume, but I guess we haven’t been told it’s true, that long, long ago the Theseus ultimately descended from Natura and they’re not really separate species but divergent groups).

The Bardanos pirates, for their part, are Natura people who are hunting that mysterious sand whale, Ozma.  Moby Dick, basically, as the captain is obsessed with the whale (I’m guessing because she blames her lover’s disappearance on the beast, her lover being Sam’s older brother).  But it would seem that all is not what it seems, Sam’s brother might have been captured by the Theseus as part of the Natura experimentation and Gido might carry his genes).  And to boot Maya, who is apparently the latest, best result of this Theseus Natura-experimentation, is able to summon Ozma, and at the same time is a thousand years old so she can’t be a result of Theseus experimentation, maybe only partly.

Is it all clear to you now?  Hehe.


1. That Captain Bainas drinks wine of course reminds us of Harlock.  In the Leijiverse villains drink from wine glasses too, but they fill them with human blood first.  Let’s hope Bainas isn’t drinking human blood.  Wait, check that.  It’d actually be cool if that were the case.

2.  If Maya is a thousand years old, and she’s a queen to the Theseus, then does that make her a Millennial Queen?

3. It’s interesting that the Bardanos crew member that riles Sam up is called Soryu.  Officially so far his name has not been given any kanji but the only real “Soryu” in Japanese is the “Blue Dragon” an aircraft carrier in World War II (and its namesake in the submarine force today).  And of course the most famous Soryu in anime is Evangelion‘s Asuka.

4. Bainas reaction to the fight was very different from how I expect Harlock’s would have been.  Though maybe that’s because the Arcadia weren’t as unruly.

5. The Domino Diet vote was interesting.  Danga (I think that’s the dissenting commander’s name, that is, Gido’s boss) opposed the use of Natura to revitalize the Theseus genetic pool.  He strikes me, in Harry Potter term, as one of the Death Eater types that are very concerned for the purity of their race.  He doesn’t want anything to do with Natura genes.  The parliament voted against him and for the bill, though.

6. The deal with Gido seems to be this: Gido was an old (or ill, or both) Theseus commander.  He picked Sam’s brother (who had been captured) to provide genetic material for him to be reborn.  So the Gido we see with the mask today is probably a mixture of the old Gido (the Theseus man) and Sam’s brother.  The mask might hide some imperfection on his face (since this Natura experimentation is new).

7. Zone.  Actually, in Endless Orbit SSX Zone is the name of Harlock’s nemesis.

P.S. This is my 500th post~

EDIT: Elaborating on the Soryu deal, it turns out there have been 3 generations of Soryu in Japan.  Thefirst generation was a ship for the Emperor’s use in the Meiji era in the 19th century.  The second one was the famous aircraft carrier prewar and during the war.  The third is a JMSDF submarine, just commissioned in 2009.  See [here].

~ by Haloed Bane on March 31, 2012.

22 Responses to “Ozma 3: Rockin’”

  1. Good review! Great sinopsis, very clear, and good tidbits too!
    It seems we get a lot of plot development. I didnt watch the episode yet, but I m looking forward to it after reading this.
    I should say that ep 02 it wasnt that bad for me. It reminds me of those movies about submarines, centered around the battle, tha cat and mouse game, the suspense. An I think it was good at that. Also, the feeling was really like Matsumoto Battlefield manga, and some Yamato episodes, all about the battle. Off course, the graphics were bad. specially the Theseus crew, but it was watchable. I really like the mechanical designs for this series, they reminds me those of kawamori in ao no ro kugo. they have tha mix of retro and modern at the same time.

    Great Blog, Keep it up!

    • Thanks~

      The Theseus crew was terrible in ep 2, huh. They’re better in ep 03. Watch it, you’ll love it!

      I’m just reading your site now, I can’t believe that REDLINE dude is doing the Lupin character designs and directing the animation!! That’s gonna absolutely rock. Really looking forward to this series. And it starts next week?!

  2. Nice episode. I was a bit afraid after the last episode that it would be hard to fit a coherent story together without rushing things, but they did a really good job of developing the plot in this one.

    Ozma looked suspiciously mechanical. I’m getting a vibe of where this might be going.

    I noticed the ‘Soryu’ too. The guy’s redheadedness only added to me noticing it.

    • Ozma is definitely some sort of machine. I read an interview somewhere that said we won’t know what Ozma is until the last episode so we’ll have to wait..and speculate.. I bet you Sam’s old brother, or his ghost, or a clone of his, is piloting that Ozma thing.

      I hadn’t noticed the redheadedness but yes!

  3. Matsumoto seems to like using World War II names. In Cosmo Warrius Zero he had the ship as Hiryu, Soryu’s near sistership (and prepetual carrier division partner)

  4. Funny how you didn’t like episode two that much, but loved this one. I thought two was quite allright and this was hilaribad. For example, there’s no indication what they were voting about except that it’s something about Maya and the result is bad. Too much ~WHOO OMINOUS~ for my taste. Then there’s the scene where Maya gets captured. Maya and Sam are constantly shouting each other’s name and it does nothing. Also there’s a rainbow at night. And the bar brawl should have been between Sam and the other guy, there was no reason for the others to join in other than lol bar brawl, and then they didn’t even show it. Also I didn’t really notice bad animation in ep2, but here the “brawl” was beyond lazy, and when Maya got captured there were a few scenes where it looked like someone was holding a picture of Sam’s scooter on a stick and waved it around.

    tl;dr: Maybe it could have been good if they had some more episodes to have time for proper development. As it is I won’t watch more.

    • I thought the vote was crystal clear: whether to engage in Natura experimentation or not (for the survival of the Theseus race). I could be wrong.

      If you haven’t seen a rainbow at night (in your dreams at least) then you’re just not a dreamer. It’s supposed to signify something magical and mysterious.

      “when Maya got captured there were a few scenes where it looked like someone was holding a picture of Sam’s scooter on a stick and waved it around.”

      Yup, some horrible scenes here, and in all the episodes so far. If they were going to try to cut costs they could have hired ME! I need a job, and I would do my best and hopefully that would have been “good” enough~

  5. All the developments this episode were great for continuing interest. I’m still kind of confused about Maya, she’s an odd character in her actions and also the attention she’s receiving from the Captain. I can understand why Sam sees Maya as a damsel in distress, but it’s more confusing that Bainas would want to keep her aboard. Pondering motives makes this more fun I suppose.

    And 500 posts! Good job.

    • Thanks.

      You’re totally right. Sam’s thinking with his genitals, which happens to the best of boys (and men), but what about Bainas? It’s pretty irresponsible of her to carry on like this…. Then again, there is a Harlock tradition of allowing just any refugee on a ship and not really investigating them first. It’s a pirate thang~

  6. Couldn’t finish the episode. Dropping this show. I blame Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    • “Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you. Blame it on the rain, raiayayinn”

      Milli Vanilli just came to mind when I saw your comment. Please tell me you know who Milli Vanilli is!!

  7. I do sort of find myself to not really care about this like with Cosmo Warrior Zero and this doesn’t have two of LA’s sexiest Voice Actors Crispin Freeman(Zero) and Steve Blum(Harlock), to keep me going.

    I’m pulling for Brain swap with Gido and Sam’s brother.

    Also I’m getting Last Exile vibes from the Ozma and Maya. I’m sort of disappointed that the Ozma is a ship and not some creature.
    Huh Freeman and Blum did were in the dub of that too. Damn to bad this is unlikey to see a U.S. licence. Freeman makes a great not Harlock if him playing Alex Row in Last Exile is any evidence.

    • On the Japanese voice acting front, it’s sad not to see Koichi Yamadera here.. He’ll be in the new Lupin thing coming up though.

  8. Man oh man do I agree with ya on the animation! MUCH BETTER! My dad when he first watched episode 2 said that he noticed nothing and thus his Leiji studies continued that night….
    Moving on, I knew instantly somehow from the beginning that Sam’s older brother was Gido. (Instinct or an experienced Leiji fan?) I also knew that he was no doubt the former love interest of Bainas. When my dad saw THIS episode and I read him your blog post and told him about that, he said:
    “So is Matsumoto trying to make up for the fact that he didn’t put Harlock and Emeraldas together in the first place?”
    I didn’t say anything. XD
    On that note, we both want to thank you for pointing out things we missed and the map part (I loved that! :D). In the meantime, I’m off to watch Herlock Saga again!

    • Thanks~ Matsumoto might be putting an Emeraldas and a Harlock together on this one, but he seems to have made sure they won’t have a happy ending :/ Isn’t it exciting to see what will happen next episode? I hope it’s as good as the last..

  9. Of course I’m excited! 😉 My dad is too! He’s eager to know what Ozma is and what will happen. But there was another question that came to mind earlier after he asked about the Harlock-Emeraldas thing. Didn’t he already try that with Manabu and Louise? If you think about it, Manabu was pretty Harlock-esque and Louise had quite a temper like Emeraldas…..
    Just a thought. But nonetheless, what do you think Ozma is? That didn’t look like an animal to me when my dad and I saw it.

    • Looks like a machine of some sort.
      I’m sorry, but Manabu is no Harlock, and Louise, pleaaase 😀

  10. I’d say Sam and Mimei are more like Manabu and Louise type.

    As to the captains, this time I’m not at all tempted to look for any analogies with Harlock and Emeraldas somehow. I guess it’s
    watching/looking through too much Matsumoto anime/manga telling – I mean I’ve stopped thinking “this guy is tall and lean, and has bushy hair – perhaps I can get more insights into Harlock’s character/situation” a while ago… Now it’s more like “it’s a Matsumoto series so there must be a tall and lean guy, probably with some face defects”.

    Which is a pity really. The images that used to be so unique are melting into generic types now… That’s the evil of cloning 🙂

    • Hahaha. Yeah. No, you’re right. A person outside looking into the Leijiverse is bound to see more significance in the resemblances between characters, but once you’ve seen enough you realize Leiji does truly only draw about 7 or 8 different characters, so there’s bound to be a lot of resemblance.

      Re: Manabu and Louis (I’m very ambivalent about calling her Louise, though that’s more appropriate, I like the male form for some reason) I don’t remember Manabu ever being really smitten with someone else (or even Louis for that matter). That seems to be the difference..

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