Konna no Idol Janain?! 12: The End

Just before the big school festival performance, Sensei teaches the girls’ the true aim of an idol’s performance.  It isn’t to excite the fans or make them have a good time, it is to make each fan believe that he or she is, perhaps, liked by the idol.  The idol is supposed to nurture in fans this hopeless notion.  Sensei tells the girls that the official term for this is Mona Lisa Eye.  Just as the Mona Lisa seems to be staring at you from every angle of the room you might be standing at, the performing idol is supposed to engender the illusion that she is looking at and loving each fan in the concert hall.

If there are several idols onstage, then they should talk to each other and “reveal and expose” each other’s secrets naturally, as if they weren’t aware the fans were there.

The time comes for the performance and Sensei springs one final surprise on the group: she herself wants to perform.  The girls complain that the arrangement calls for only five people.  Aha, Sensei has that figured out already.  Umika will be an alternate and will not actually perform.

Everyone streams out and Umika is left all alone, very upset.

Here the show ends!  No actual performance of any kind.  I mean, we do get the 9nine girls performing a song (which they do at the end of every episode) but they should at least have modified this to have Sensei show up or something.  Instead, it’s just a generic song and dance.  The show ends with a whimper.  Then again, the DVDs are already being announced with extra footage so who knows?  Maybe the school festival performance is on the DVD.  This DVD business is really making me upset!!!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 3, 2012.

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