Lupin III new series 01

Two big caveats:

1) I don’t know much about Lupin.  I’ve already read a bunch of blog posts with exactly this kind of confession at the beginning so I know it gets tiring, but still, it’s worth stating.  This is a long and venerable franchise and I don’t have the context for it.  I’ve watched a couple of films and remember very little of them.

2) The other side of this coin is that the reason for me checking this out is that REDLINE‘s Koike is in it, nothing else.

Onto to the review.  Long story short, I was unimpressed.  I blame this on the writing.  If it had been half as long it’d have been better.  I kept looking at my watch hoping it would end.

The dialogue was dull and uninteresting.  This is a shame because the voice actors did well and the characters looked good.  And I do agree with those who think Fujiko was far too naked in this.  By the end of the episode I was bored of looking at her nakedness.  I don’t think this is supposed to happen.  It can’t be what they’re going for.

Now, this could be one of those deals where a different writer pens each episode, and we might end up with some amazing eps and some really dull ones.  If it’s the same exact person writing each time then I probably won’t watch the whole series.

I usually prefer to keep silent rather than give out negative reviews like this one, but I don’t want people to wonder how come I didn’t give it a try with Koike being in it and I being a redlineophile and all.  Well, now you know what I’m thinking :/

~ by Haloed Bane on April 5, 2012.

13 Responses to “Lupin III new series 01”

  1. That’s a good point about the nakedness. Less is more and all that.

    I didn’t realize the director was the same guy who made Redline, but now that I think about it the style is very similar. He did a much better job in the movie with the amount that clothes were worn. 🙂

    • The styles are similar. Redline was a mega project so we can’t really expect this to look like that, but the problem is I thought the storytelling was weak. The guy who did most of the writing for Redline isn’t in this, but anyway, who knows? This is obviously gonna be episodic like Dantalian so some episode stories might be really good.

  2. After the OP I fell asleep. The style was disorienting and the narration dull and uninteresting. I woke up without any desire to rewatch the episode.

  3. To me it was quite the opossite, I was really impressed by the animation, the art style, the aesthetics and the music. And also by Fujiko!. I dont know about the writing… I ve read many episodes of the manga. There are really good ones, and those just generic, like this episode. But that manga was from 1967, and I guess it was good at that time. Maybe this anime doesnt need to be that faithful to the manga, at least in the story. But I´m really looking forward for more Lupin & Fujiko!

  4. Haven’t watched much Lupin, but having loved Redline, I might check this out to see it what its about.

  5. It’s pure Lupin, as far as I can tell. Thieves thieving in fancy ways.

  6. Watched a lot of Lupin in my day. This new show feels more like a imitation, a pastiche or even a characture than the real thing – but we’ll have to see how later episodes are played. And the thing with Fujiko back in the day was that you wanted to see her naked, but rarely did. That particular tease was one of the standard running gags of the franchise. One excellent scene in the Mamo movie showed how this could be played with great effect – the one with the boxing glove (!) – and has since become one the classic scenes of anime. Maybe this new Lupin show will get better as it goes, like a lot of anime does. We’ll just have to wait and see

    • The point was made on another blog that nakedness is much more abundant in the Lupin manga, so that this is not a degeneration of the old anime but a return to the manga roots. I haven’t read any of these comics so I wouldn’t know either way..

  7. I agree that this episode was rather dull and uninteresting but honestly that’s where the Lupin specials come into factor for me. because some of those are awesome yet we have a few duds. I’m hoping for some awesome episodes later on

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