Ozma 04: Shocks

Ohh this was crammed with stuff.

When Bainas said that Mimei would keep Sam from doing anything crazy, I thought this prediction would only come true halfway, with Sam going all the way to the Theseus ship and Mimei helping him out in a jam or something.  But not, what Bainas said was right on the money: Mimei literally kept Sam from doing anything crazy.  I laughed.

The Dick flashback was cool.  Young Bainas was remarkably un-heroic back then and this sets her apart from Harlock and Emeraldas, both of whom were masters of the universe practically from birth.

What really surprised most though was Gido.  Here I was thinking the man was a faithful servant of General Danga’s, that Dick’s genetic contribution to this new clone had tamed the former, evil Gido we saw in a flashback earlier but oh no, he’s been playing his boss all along!!  This guy’s evil, and his little ploy is so simple it’s fiendish.  [One wonders, of course, just how long it would take Theseus HQ to realize Gido and Maya are not headed straight home…]

Then we get this great battle in the second half.  Zephyr over at random curiosity said that all of that technology (torpedoes, depth charges) is available today.  I’d add that this technology was available back in World War II, which I think is the ultimate inspiration for this (except for the ramming part, that’s just plain piracy).  Whenever we find torpedoes in an anime we have to keep in mind that Japanese wartime torpedoes were superb and that torpedo warfare is a hallowed art in Japan.  Anyway, for whatever reason even though this show seems to be relatively low-budget, they still found plenty of money for these scenes.  As always, the idea seems to be that Gido is nowhere near as stupid as most villains are.  He’s not a step ahead of Bainas, but he’s not a step behind her either.  We’re going to keep getting stalemates here until a sand whale shows up~

It looks like next episode Bainas will finally realize that Gido looks a lot like Dick, and Gido, well, I figure he’ll start having flashbacks of Dick’s life.  In the meantime we’ll likely reach Zone, whatever or whoever is, and things will be all set up for the finale.  If the next episode packs as much of a punch as this one, I think we’ll have a great final episode.


~ by Haloed Bane on April 7, 2012.

7 Responses to “Ozma 04: Shocks”

  1. I LOL’ed too when Minmei stopped Sam dead in his tracks. Here I thought that she was just going to be the ‘eye candy’ for a certain demographic, and she actually did something pretty useful using quick thinking.

    Like I mentioned before, I love the old school submarine warfare. It gives the combat scenes a more realistic feel.

    I want a poster of Bainas on my wall.

    • The sand is mysteriously watery and supple but yeah, I know what you mean 🙂

      As for Mimei (sneaky sneaking adding that “n” in) its a pity she’s not getting more airtime but it’s a 6 episode show and I think they’re budgeting time as well as they can all things considered.

  2. Um sorry for having my account hacked and sending out spam. I’m really sorry I added you to my contacts after emailing everyone the scans of the Leiji interview.

    • I got a few spammy mails, but I immediately realized what was going on so it’s no biggie 😀

  3. There’s just something about this series that makes me think that the submarine action is being made up as it goes along. As far as the submarine technology, I think the case can be made that since submarine warfare hasn’t been prominent since WWII that there’s no real basis for knowing what it would look like in the future.

    • I would hope that the details of the action sequences were hammered weeks and months ago but I think I get what you’re saying. Harlock action scenes have a similar flavor. As if the next scene determines the one before it, right? Hard realism has never gotten in Leiji’s way when he’s trying to show an exciting adventure.

      I think you can make the case that naval warfare as a whole hasn’t been prominent since WWII, and that it won’t ever again be (unless there’s some cataclysm). Now it’s all air, the net, and (soon, very soon) genetics.

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