Ozma Episode 5 Speculation

It’s very possible this has been posted in English somewhere but I haven’t seen it.  This is my translation of the little blurb for the next episode, titled The Masked Man:

“After a violent pursuit and battle, Bainas and Gido face each other.  Suddenly, Ozma appears.  The Bardanos is caught in a maelstrom formed by Ozma and gets carried away into a large, unknown space.  Sam and Mimei leave the ship on a reconnaissance mission and find the enemy stranded on a rocky area.  Sam, obsessed with rescuing Maya, ignores Mimei’s warning to stay put and ends up getting caught aboard the enemy ship.  With Sam as a hostage, Gido now calls the Bardanos captain Bainas and unveils his fearful plan.”

Well, wow.  This sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think?  I get the feeling that “unveiling his fearful plan” will involve revealing his face.  By the end of the episode the mystery of Gido will be pretty much solved.  On the other hand, it’s clear we’ll still be in the dark regarding Ozma.  I’m not surprised, since some of the promotional material for the series stated very earlier that we wouldn’t get to know what Ozma was until the very end.  This means last half of episode 6, maybe even in the last five minutes.

I am not even close to the point of speculating what this Ozma is.  If it turns out to be the spirit of the Earth or something along those lines I’ll shoot myself (metaphorically)…


~ by Haloed Bane on April 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ozma Episode 5 Speculation”

  1. Can’t wait for saturday!

    Have metaphorical gun ready AK.

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