Ozma 05: Rise of the Gauge Tyrant

There were about 5 minutes of fluff in this episode (nice, dramatic stuff but in the context of a six episode series: fluff).  Because of these 5 minutes I don’t see how they can avoid rushing the finale.  Ideally we’d have 2 episodes left but oh well.


The animation and art picked up in this episode.  I bet you the last one will look as good as the first…

We learned a lot. Let’s lay it all out and fill the gaps in with educated guesses:

There are three human races to speak of.  The Originals are the ancient human race.  The Natura are the natural descendants of the Originals.  The Theseus are the Ideal Children, products of genetic experimentation on the Originals to build a super-race.

There is only Original left, and that’s Maya.  The way she’s lived until now is by cloning her own body again and again, transferring her mind each time [reminds me of that Schwarzenegger flick].  This current body of hers is very weak and it looks like she won’t be able to clone herself successfully into the next generation.

The Theseus race has degenerated, due to a natural backlash against all that genetic engineering.  Recently they have taken to kidnapping Natura and transferring their minds onto them (killing the original Natura’s mind in the process).  The mind transfer technology is probably the same that Maya uses, though the recipients are not clones at all but raw Natura bodies.  Twisted.  Thus we get Gido, a sick Theseus who has taken over Dick’s body through this process.

A lot of the information gained came via Maya’s speech at the end of the episode.  I happen to love information dumps.  If the world is rich enough, then the best thing you can do for me is have a couple of knowledgeable characters discuss its history and geography in excruciating detail [I wish Game of Thrones would do this once!].  Still, I know this isn’t considered good writing, and that you’re supposed to show and not tell.  I imagine some viewers will be upset by the lack of action at the end of the episode.

No problem though, I’m sure Ozma will give us plenty of action in the last episode.  What is Ozma?  Here’s my best guess: Ozma is a relic of the past, a Panopticon devised by the Originals to oversee the Earth and its evolution.  It looks like this:

But with Leiji gauges for eyes.  You heard it here first!!

The lowdown on the last episode, according to the website:


Everyone is astonished as Maya reveals the truth.  Meanwhile, Ozma approaches the Bardanos.  Maya has felt Ozma’s rage and she begs the others to “take her to Ozma.”  Sam and Mimei bring her on the Flukefish to Ozma’s side.  Maya must make a crucial decision that will affect the fate of mankind.  She talks with Ozma.  Just then, the Theseus Fleet under General Danga begins a general attack.  Ozma howls in anger.  What will happen to the Bardanos?  What will happen to mankind?

~ by Haloed Bane on April 14, 2012.

7 Responses to “Ozma 05: Rise of the Gauge Tyrant”

  1. I for one appreciate information dumps. Many a classic anime could benefit from a good solid information dump in non-cryptical language.

    Looking forward to what I assume will be an action packed finale.

    • Word! Information dumps should be required material.

      I hope the last episode is longer than usual. 40 minutes would be so much better than 25. I noticed that the Design section in the Ozma website has a new entry: OZMA. The entry is shaded and if you try to click on it you get a “coming soon”. This monster/machine thing better be worth it!!

  2. I figure it would be more whale shaped or i guess pill shaped but i can’t wait to see what the whole darn thing looks like.

    So Ozuma likely has something to do with terraforming and as the last human Maya can start what ever to save the planet. likely the choice is something along the lines as at the cost of what’s left of the humans or something. Namely the ideal Children who haven’t stolen new bodies.

    • I bet the choice is even simpler than that. The only way to save the planet is for Maya to die, only Maya. Or Maya and Ozma itself. The choice is whether to trust that the corrupt human beings can go at it alone, or kill them all off and save the planet by having them off of it. Something like that, I’m guessing.

  3. So much for Gido then? I thought we were going to have a Wataru Yuuki vs. Manabu moment there.

    • We might get something along those lines yet. Strictly speaking from what we’ve been told, we shouldn’t. But what writer can resist the temptation to do one of those “Now I will shoot you, but what’s this? Memories of when I was young! I remember you now! My hand shakes…I cannot kill you. Brother!!” scenes?

  4. […] As we all known, beholders are monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, also commonly known as eye tyrants.  These creatures are basically round, floating, creepy, evil things with several eyes.  Beholders show up all over the place in Japanese pop culture, though the name gets changed to avoid copyright issues.  If you’ve played Japanese games you’ve probably seen them (I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy).  In fact, the reason I started thinking of beholders was because of a scene in the Persona 4 anime [here], followed by my thoughts on Ozma [here]. […]

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