Mysterious Girlfriend X 02: Pervy Critters

The cutest scene you ever saw, and yet if it were people doing it you'd walk away in disgust.

There are about 1.3 trillion shots of Urabe going up and down the stairs in this episode.  Not only that, but you have Tsubaki sit down on the floor and then look up etc etc.  It’s one scene after another that’s ripe for panty-flashing.  The “camera” focuses on the legs in every shot, begging for anything at all and yet it never comes.  Do check it, it’s a marvel [not] to see.  Skirt fluttering in the wind left and right and up and down and still nothing.  This anti-panty-shot is an artificial phenomenon, an offense to applied geometry and the reality of angles.  By right we should be seeing something here.

Urabe gets mad, though, the scissors come out and it’s open season on cotton bunnies [world’s most unpredictable prey].

Basically, we get a willful lack of fanservice throughout the regular portions of the episode punctuated by a few scenes of ecchi-sensory overload.  It’s rather weird.  My best guess is that what we see of this mysterious girl is all coming from Tsubaki’s POV.  Tsubaki is actually a rather innocent boy, and he’s not on the lookout for flashes the way other, pervier boys his age are.  Therefore we don’t see the undies often because Tsubaki wouldn’t “see” them even if he were at the right angle.


When Urabe gets her scissors out, all of a sudden Tsubaki can catch glimpses of underwear he’d miss if he batted an eyelid, but he doesn’t, because he is not batting an eyelid, period.

The biggest question I have right now, and I know I sound like I’m begging people who read the manga to spoil things for me but please don’t, is whether Urabe will turn out to have some kind of dark past.  I think it’s terribly hard for a writer to resist the temptation to explain away an extremely peculiar character in terms of some horror in the past.  After all, it both a) makes for a good story and b) feeds into modern society’s consensus on the etiology of “weirdness” in people (=traumatic past).

It’d be kind of refreshing if Urabe didn’t have a terrible past and had turned out this way due to a positive development, not some terrible incident.  We’ll see.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 17, 2012.

8 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 02: Pervy Critters”

  1. Absolute denial of fanservice is the new mysterious beams of light/strategically place fog.

  2. Basically, we get a willful lack of fanservice throughout the regular portions of the episode punctuated by a few scenes of ecchi-sensory overload.

    I actually had every intention of writing about this phenomenon, since it felt like it was being bashed into my head with all the knee- and stair-shots, but of course you beat me to the punch. I saw it a bit differently though. I felt like maybe once Tsubaki saw his first glimpse he was itching for some more, but being almost supernaturally denied. Anyone who wears a doll on her head during dream-sex and has the power to read thoughts through saliva could conceivably have the ability to deny pantyshots, no?

    • Exactly. It’s not only a willful denial, but they literally want to slap you in the face with it, up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs.

      I like your theory. This Urabe is mysterious indeed.

  3. I view the hidden fanservice the same way I view her hidden eyes. When it flashes across the screen it’s all the more satisfying because it’s not around all the time.

  4. I think it employs the needs vs wants equation here. Tsubaki NEEDS to get his eyes away from the pair of panties because it might cost him what Urabe can cut, but he WANTS to look at said pair of panties because he thinks it’s his privilege as his boyfriend to do so. Then again, Urabe has already given consent to Tsubaki in regards to looking, so…

    Also, I hope not to spoil, but as someone who reads the paperback, what you’re thinking about the manga is wrong, so you can rest easy.

    • Good way to look at it, of course. This might be Tsubaki not seeing it because he’s scared of seeing it (and not only because Urabe is so darn scary, but because, let’s face it, girls can be scary when they’re angry anyway). Hmmm…

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