I Can (Not) Nominate: SaiMecha

I’m not usually considered a big mecha guy, but the fact is I was nurtured on mecha.  Two of the four shows that made me the man I am today (Mazinger Z, Ultraman, Voltron, Transformers) featured giant robots prominently.  I gattaied and ungattaied my Constructicons so much they broke.  Yeah.

If otou-san says he’s no mecha nerd, then in comparison to him I failed mecha kindergarten.  But don’t dismiss me just yet.  I might be a dropout flipping burgers at Mechadonald’s, but I still know a nice robot when I see one.   The tournament rules are totally epic and I’ll be darned if I get into SaiMoe, so here in no particular order are the nominations I submitted.

1. Evangelion Unit 05

We saw it only briefly, like a nightmare lurking in Don Quixote’s skull, but it was cool while it existed.  A pity that Code Geass‘ Knightmares are not even close to being this nightmarish (because the animators spent 90% of the mecha budget on the cockpits, evidently thinking with their cock—pit-loving minds).

2. Knight of Gold

You feel like slashing away with katanaesque speids?  Do it.  You feel like vaporizing everything with your Buster Rock?  Do it.  You feel like just hanging out with your bling?  Man, this mecha is the bling.  JUST DO IT.

3. YF-29 Durandal

I’m tempted to call bullshit on the concept of an inexhaustible supply of energy, but as a Leiji Matsumoto fan if I start demanding realism all over the place I’ll be doomed.  It’s the variable fighter of choice for kabuki actors.  ‘Nuff said.

4. Zearth

If you’re fighting to save humanity (which is what all big robots do, pretty much) then you’d better be comfortable.  The fact that you can bring your favorite chair into the cockpit is a huge plus.  Also, the only thing that can destroy this mecha is (another dimensional version of) itself, and that’s pretty darn cool.

5. Danube α1

Gattais with a robo-loli, and nobody’s nominating this?!  Lorelei!!

Maybe I belong in SaiMoe after all…

6. Shin Mazinger Z

Maybe I’m biased, but I think this is still just about the most awesome giant robot around.  What can I say about it except it’s downright godly and it knows it.

7. Gunbuster

Not the prettiest thing you ever saw, but boy does it get the job done.

8. Guren Mk-II

I have so many fond memories of this mecha…

9. Bitch Commander Panty

Don’t complain you can’t ride this mecha.  Trust me, you can totally ride this mecha.

10. Zinba (pronounciation: Jinba)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Click for full glory.

You all know what Space Battleship Yamato is.  You all know about its bad-ass wave-motion cannon.  Now imagine a giant robot that can pick up Yamato and fire it as if it were handling a nice shotgun.

That’s what Zinba does (the space battleship is called Himiko, the cannon called Trinity), and yes, he only exists in pachinko slot form at the moment, but the anime is coming.  On my nomination e-mail I wrote it down as

Zinba — Zero Desigze (forthcoming)

I know it won’t get picked up but this nomination is only a seed for next year when Zinba revolutionizes the mecha universe like Danguard did once before.  Word…to the max.

EDIT: One more Zinba pick coming up!!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 20, 2012.

21 Responses to “I Can (Not) Nominate: SaiMecha”

  1. Bitch Commander Panty is one of those inspired choices that makes me rethink everything I’ve ever known about mecha.

  2. 1. It’ll never get into the tourney, but yes a great design
    2. Blingtastic, and it comes with both Ladios AND Lachesis!
    3. Have you seen the movies? I’d still have nominated the VF-25 but I’m a victim of recency bias here (I love the 25)
    4. BIG
    5. oh man…
    6. Hehe great
    8. It’s a great derivative of ATs from VOTOMS and Shining/God Gundam from G Gundam.
    9. Sexy
    10. …

    • I love the Gurren for it’s asymmetrical arms (and sweet sweet arm of power), so, gotta bump VOTOMS up that PtW queue. G Gundam I’ll never finish though, what a joke that show is.

      Great idea with Eva 05.

    • For the record, Taniguchi directed about 9 episodes of G Gundam and also worked with Takahashi on Gasaraki, plus he likes Votoms too. That puts things in perspective, I’d hope.

  3. In process of watching those films.

    Which mecha from this list do you think will get in?

  4. I’ll be vehemently supporting Bitch Commander Panty throughout the tournament.

  5. I had no idea 10. existed and already it’s one of my favourites. Mission accomplished.

  6. I really like the (original) Guren Mk-II, so it always cause me some minor amount of annoyance to see how all the different variants/upgrades of the same tend to end up grouped together in this tournament. It’s not fair.

    That said, I will admit the Guren SEITEN (as seen pic above) is something I have come to appreciate in the context of SRW (been playing too much Z2 lately), rather than the show itself.

    As for other choices…Well, I’m a Gunbuster fan too. Always have, always will be.

    • Pardon my ignorance. I thought the pic I chose was the original Guren, not the SEITEN. For the purpose of the nomination I wrote down Guren MK-II.

      But do you think the Gunbuster is beautiful? Ghost thinks so, but I think maybe it needs a different paint scheme or something.

  7. Perhaps by Saimecha next year we’ll have some more Nagano nominations thanks to Gothicmade, but I’m hoping to see the Knight of Gold go far this year.

    • Oh yeah. I could totally have added more Nagano mecha. There are some so many wonderful ones..

  8. Bitch Commander Panty will always have my vote if that gets through (assuming it won’t face off with another GAINAX mech)

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