Ozma 06: END

This finale makes the series a must watch for Leijiverse fans.  I think others will enjoy the six-episode series, the submarine battles and the little twists and turns.  But I’m supremely biased so don’t take my word for it.  On to the spoilers!!

The Nitty Gritty

I’ll explain what the whole deal with Maya was as best as I understood it.  See if you agree with me.

Humanity (with the Ideal Children at the top) has ruined the planet.  Maya cares for the planet and is distressed at its present condition.  At the same time, however, she herself is a human being and she cherishes humanity.

Ozma is able to save the planet by fixing the ecosystem that humanity has ruined.  This would be an easy choice for Maya to accept except for the fact that she knows that the Ideal Children would not survive in the new, harsher environment.  She is torn between her love for humanity and her love for the planet.

The problem is solved when Maya realizes (better yet: remembers) that the Ideal Children are not the only humans on the planet.  The Natura, including the pirates for example, are far sturdier and brave and they could survive.  Therefore Maya can have Ozma implement the new ecosystem without fearing that all humanity will perish.  I’m glad Leiji was able to get his message across without making the story too silly.

I complained very early on that the art for the enemies in this series was terrible, relatively speaking when compared to that of the pirates.  I realize now that this was actually a deliberate way to show how far these Ideal Children had decayed!

One of the best scenes in this episode is Danga’s death.  The raw sun, the source of all life, kills what’s left of him.  Think about this in connection with the Japanese and their relationship with the sun…

What is Ozma?!

It seems that there is actually a biological component to the beast, it’s not all machine like most of us thought.  It was probably an ancient creature that was enhanced and even plated with machinery (inside and out).  It has a whale’s tail but something of a crustacean body.  You can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye on the official anime site, where the Ozma Design section still reads: COMING SOON.

Sam is Useless

Well, he did give Maya a ride to Ozma.  Oh wait no, Mimei actually did that.  OK, he’s totally useless then.

Gido, Dick and Bainas

Clearly the best scene in the episode, maybe the entire show.  The direction of the scene, artistically speaking, is perfect.  The music is great, and I love the idea of the black spaces as the door/wall between Dick and Bainas.  We could have predicted that the “Dick” in Gido would have come to the surface near the end (not only is this a classic trope, but the second season of Galaxy Railways has a similar incident), but what he ends up doing with that awareness is pretty unexpected.  The word might actually be crazy, as Dick/Gido ends up attacking the “good guy” in the story, even if it’s for a good cause.  On the other hand, it was Dick’s destiny to strike Ozma with the Monokeros.  He achieved his dream in the end and helped the creature settle down a bit, thus saving the world.  Good stuff!

Final Word

If this is what the Matsumoto machine can come up with a small budget on the spur of the moment [when did we learn of this project, 3-4 months before it came out?] then imagine what Zero Desigze will look like!  Imagine what the Mahoroba film will look like!!  Imagine, finally, what the CG Harlock film, which supposedly has a record-breaking budget, will look like!!!

In short, it’s a great time to be a Leiji fan.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 21, 2012.

43 Responses to “Ozma 06: END”

  1. Must admit that I think this OVA would have benefited from a couple more chapters to give us a better feel for the background story and characters.

    And Sam was absolutely awful as a main protagonist. Thankfully we had Bainas to keep things interesting characterwise.

    • With careful rearranging, I think one more episode would have been more than enough, but yeah. Anyway, be grateful it had a proper ending, the last 6 episode Leiji show I watched totally didn’t!

      Here’s the deal with Sam. Leiji likes to have a character who represents us viewers. And Leiji is logical enough to realize that most of us aren’t very heroic, and that we would actually suck if we were in an anime. So this character which shares our perspective sucks a lot.

      Now, this kind of character is not really the protagonist at all!! The protagonists are the heroes (Bainas, Dick), and you’re supposed to realize that gradually as your eyes go from Sam (who is you) to the heroic people around him.

      The problem of course is that in a 6 episode show this strategy fails completely, because you don’t have time to make the switch. Thus Sam fails. In Captain Harlock, however, Tadashi Daiba plays the Sam role and it plays beautifully, as gradually your focus shifts from him to Harlock himself. But that’s a 42 episode series…

      • I sware you can’t be a young male protagainst in a Leiji work unless you are ten and that’s because Testuro is mostly static. There is never any roome for a teen to come into his own.

        • I think you’re supposed to think that the teen comes into his own after the story has ended. You’re totally right though.

          • “the teen comes into his own after the story has ended.”

            Or before it began. I get kind of an endless cycle feel to his work. Like Sam is the too young version of Dick. We never see the version in between — the one where the boy matures into a man. Instead we have different facets of the same person (not literally, but it feels that way).

            • True, true. Dick is already there, Sam is not even close, and nobody is getting there (unless maybe Mimei? She seemed to be growing into heroine role at a good pace).

      • I think Maya was the protagonist. It was her story from start to finish. It is just that she wasn’t the perspective character.

        • But it was also the story of Dick and Bainas’ tragic love too, right? From beginning to end pretty much. And I found that much more compelling. But I see your point too.

  2. Gee, what did you expect? We’re lucky Sam hasn’t forged the One Ring or something 😛

    Now, that’s a solid ending. Oh! And it’s not only Dick. He, and Maya, and Danga (ok, he won me over, a cool bad guy) – three characters meet their destiny, fulfil their missions – and look absolutely stunning at that. The rest – well, the rest will go on…

    A good time indeed!

    • True, Tadashi Daiba in Harlock Saga was 10 times more fail in the same number of episodes. Wow.

      Wouldn’t it be cool if they decided to do another 6 episodes later on? I’d watch it~

      • Any time! I’d really like to learn more about the doc.

        • Oh yeah! What’s up with the doc?? She had a backstory I’m sure. We should get at least a half-hour special, or a manga one-shot or something…

          Maybe they’ll come out with an artbook talking in more detail about the world and stuff. I’ll buy it if it’s not ridiculously expensive..

  3. Great ending to a better-than-expected show. I wish it could have been longer, too, but that’s what budgets are for.

    As for Sam, he’s a typical Daiba-type. He runs around and yells a lot, tends to screw things up more than he does things, doesn’t understand his girlfriend (when Daiba-types have one – though she does him), and that’s about it. He’s there to learn, not actually DO – to help stir up the pot, so we can see the other characters shine. Maybe he did learn something, and maybe he can fill his brother DIck’s rather large shoes in the new world. Who knows?

    Another fine show from M-san that stands head-and-shoulders above most of what’s being made these days. Looking forward to his next anime.

    • Couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

      • I agree with yamiangie, Sam will never come into his own. Let’s put it this way: the young male protagonist in the Leijiverse can grow up (Manabu) but he’ll never mature. While they are idolizing their dads and elder brothers, they won’t come up to anything. There was a time I had hopes for Daiba, exactly because he never looked up to Captain Harlock the same way Manabu did to his dad, but it seems that the poor soul is destined to walk throuh his Arcadia groundhog day forever.

        It’s easier for Tetsuro, as there’s been never any role models for him. He had the best chances, i’d say, but oops, he’s ten again, and now, looks like, forever.

  4. This final episode was perfect to me. I really love Bainas and Dick scene (aka. Emeraldas, aka. masked Harlock) and the musicalization of the episode. It’s just me or it’s teh first time that Leiji do a perfectly hopeful end with a message for humanity.

    I cried, and cried a lot.

    • I must admit the Dick-Bainas scene really got to me. The music was a big part of that.

      Leiji is really, really concerned about the world situation right now and he firmly believes that the ultimate solution involves space travel (Stephen Hawking agrees IIRC). I guess this ending stresses the first part of the equation. Then again, since we don’t actually have an Ozma to help us out, so Leiji might still be thinking of space exploration as he wrote this.

      • Of course him recently earthquake experience of the last year do a lot. It’s true that we haven’t and Ozma and no way to a space massively travel, at this moment we are the IC and the natura trying to survive on a planet with global warming, wars, and more earhtquakes, but this kind of anime is kinda inspirational and this is the specialty of Leiji

  5. Always nice to find fellow Matsumoto fans!

    Strip out the op/ed titles and recaps/previews and you’ve got a nice little 2 hour film… Although I’d been initially hoping for a revamp (a la Submarine Super 99) of the 60’s Denkou Ozma manga, I can well believe this was a hold over from the 80’s – in tone and style it does remind me a lot of shorts like Arei no Kagami or St Elmo (and even a bit of Marine Snow…). Short, and sweet.

    I personally wanted to see a lot more exploration of the moral questions raised by the ICs downloading themselves into stolen bodies – a longer series might have been able to raise the horror and sadness of that in a way that gets glossed over a bit here (honestly, Dick – winner of the 2012 SPCH look-alike contest – could well look the way he does a short-cut to viewers hearts here – we see _Harlock_, and as a result it cuts deeper when he (like Yuuki Wataru before him) can’t rise above what’s happened to him and triumph – notice the blood pouring over his unseen right eye in that last scene, just as we saw Wataru’s before *his* not-as-final-as-we-first-thought suicidal charge…)

    Anyone else wonder if that mask was what kept Dick’s memories/soul in check? If the eyes are the windows to the soul it raises a question or two… (and he regained control after it was shattered – if that was a look of horror on his face just before he fell…

    OTOH it also reminds me of a little of Captain Dan’s mask in Danguard Ace, which would have been closer to the time Leiji claims he was first putting this together…! (and proof that if you look like Harlock and you’re NOT Harlock, you might as well put your affairs in order! Leiji’s version of the One Steve Rule I guess !! )

    • Funny thing is if it had actually been a 2 hr film, it would have been more popular I think. People were complaining about the short episode number from the beginning, even though yes, it’s really the length of a full-length film.

      I agree 100% with you on Dick’s looks as a shortcut to people’s hearts. Excellent way to put it, and true!! And of course I was totally thinking of Wataru from Galaxy Railways when watching this. But was Dick bleeding? I can’t remember now.

      Someone (Mandel I think) pointed out to me this mask resemblance to Danguard. I haven’t seen any Danguard, I really should. I kinda thought it was Gido’s way of denying at some psychological level the fact that he had stolen another man’s body.

      One caveat to the One Harlock Rule: if you’re a predecessor of Harlock’s (e.g. Gun Frontier Harlock) then you may survive 🙂

      • Dick was bleeding, yes – if you look closely in the close-ups of his face… it’s kind of in soft-focus though. That whole scene’s heartbreaking – but not overdone – brief, simple, and a masterclass in understatement. Perfect. More writers should take note of this, IMHO…

        Danguard (the anime at least) is an odd beast – horribly cartoonish, but more fun than a lot of 70’s Mazinger wannabes (most of which are wince-inducingly bad…)… amusingly there’s not a sniff of a giant robot in the manga until the final pages – I suspect Matsumoto wasn’t a fan of the genre… (Makio Inoue and Kei Tomiyama both turn up in guest spots in the anime, which is a nice bonus!) However I can’t really go into details without spoilers – and whilst the points in question might be obvious to Leiji fans, but really shouldn’t be ruined for someone who hasn’t seen ’em! But it’s another example of a series focusing on the wrong character (IMO Dan’s the real hero of the first 30+ episodes…!!)

        I like the idea that the mask indicates some kind of denial – makes a great deal of sense – we obviously expect Dick to be horrified by having an unwelcome lodger – but equally I suspect finding yourself looking in the mirror into a face that isn’t your own – and seeing the face of your victim staring back at you – would be equally disturbing… I should have spotted that – I posited a similar response in a character of mine who’d stolen another man’s body in a story written about 7-8 years ago… d’oh!

        Survivability of the look-alikes – given all that sand and stocking-tops on display I should of course give an honourable mention to Sellock Maybach from V2 Panzer – and boy does Ozuma make me ache to see THAT animated! (Maybach also seems to suffer far less than most Harlock-types – go figure! Maybe he’s another ancestor? )


        • You’re absolutely right. He’s bleeding from his right eye, therefore on the way to losing it and becoming a Harlock. And the tear from the left hand might be symbolic of a scar.

          I rewatched this today. Remember when Bainas hesitates to fire the Monokeros, and she has a flashback of Dick. I actually think now maybe she didn’t want to fire it because this was Dick’s destiny, and firing this weapon would mean accepting that Dick was gone and she would never see him again. And she got her wish! If the Monokeros had fired, if it was set so anyone could fire it, then Dick wouldn’t have stuck around. He’d have gone as far away as possible and Bainas wouldn’t have even known…

          This scene is up there with all of the epic Leijiverse ones like the firing squad scene in AOMY, the Harlock-Lafresia duel in SPCH, the duel between Maetel, Emeraldas and Promethium in Space Symphony etc etc etc etc.

          Serlock, Serlock. I guess he’s more of a parallel character or a cousin or something. V2 Panzer takes place in the 2980s, right around Endless Odyssey time I guess. Though of course the story’s all different 🙂

          • From the onscreen dates (Irita’s father’s monument…) E/O would have to take place in about 3070+… though since the Cosmo Dragoon is marked up patented 2979 this makes Harlock over 100! (Although you could allow for the time-dilation effects of extended space travel… ) the only on-screen character age given is Doctor Zero, given as 60-something – exactly ten years older than in the original character profiles for SPCH from the 70’s! (from publicity materials…) (Kei’s age is given as “unknown” IIRC in E/O – she’s 16 in SPCH…)

            Best to assume – like every other adaptation between media – that screen and paper bear little relation to each other in terms of canonicity – the alternative is drooling insanity… Especially with Harlock

            I thought V2 is set at the beginning of the 21st century?? “21 seiki hajime no koto da…” on the 1st page! Or is my understanding waaay off base??

            I think I’ll re-watch Ozuma right through from start to finish next week now I have it all… A chance to see if I missed any little nuances that make sense once you’ve seen the last part! (remember The Blue Rose episode of Galaxy Railways II ?- just re-watch the series opener for series 1 with THAT in mind… or the (unfairly ridiculed) hot springs episode in series 1 knowing what’s just about to happen… there’s always *something* in a Matsumoto story!)

            • According to Mandel’s research for the Leijiverse Integrated Timeline the date in Irita’s monument is wrong (or rather, it’s nonexistent and made up for some reason by translators). Apparently the date they were going for was 2999. If Mandel reads this thread hopefully he’ll elaborate.

              Ultimately you’re right, though. We can’t be too picky 😀

              Your understanding of the lines in V2 is perfectly correct. I remember I started reading and assumed it was early 21st century. But at some point during the manga it was stated that the year was 2987, so then I assumed that the lines in the first page related to the beginning of the dystopian era, but that the story actually took place later. That’s how I remember it and wrote it down. But I just looked through it now and can’t find the later date. Maybe I made it up… I’ll look more closely later to see if I can find it.

              Unfairly ridiculed? Hot springs episode in GR is one of my favorites~

              • … still has to be about 30 years prior to the action though given Irita’s only about 10 – with grey hair I was assuming 40-something at the time the story opens…! But unless the entire plaque was re-drawn for the US release (haven’t got the JP release to compare so stand ready to be corrected!), it’s clearly on screen IIRC, not in the subtitles…

                However I don’t have Rin Taro down as a man who makes mistakes like that… his choices of imagery are VERY deliberate – the guy knows exactly what he’s doing: there are scenes in SPCH that are so reminiscent of illustrations Matsumoto did for the Japanese translations of CL Moore’s Northwest Smith stories (wherein the character design we now know and love for Harlock (Diver Zero version onwards! ) is first seen as Smith – who’s a direct inspiration for Harlock if I’ve ever seen one…!) that I can’t believe for one moment they’re coincidental…

                In E/O, there are so many dating/story inconsistencies (and visual echoes of SSX…) that my guess he’s deliberately set out to mess with viewers heads! Honestly – even the date for the gun patent contradicts the series (and the manga!) since in the series Tochiro dies in 2970, and the manga also kicks off in 2977, not post 2979… though Matsumoto frankly just seems to have forgotten what he put in where by the time the cosmo dragoon is shown in the GE999 manga (IIRC the SPCH TV series makes a couple of cock-ups datewise at the beginning – it could all just be an elaborate in-joke!)

                Re: Hot springs… mine too. It’s the one I always watch now thinking “you absolute *bastards*…” (the writers, that is…!)

                Blimey – is there a generic thread to move to?? ;-P

                • You can sign up for a fresh leijiverse thread (including sub-thread on Ozma) here:


                  Iskra and I started discussion of Ozma there the other day…

                  As for EO, I’d have to look for the video and watch it again. I can’t remember the scenes and the dates and what not…I agree with you, though, these guys are deliberate. Though Leiji doesn’t let consistency get in the way of whatever may please him.

  6. Found the V2 Panzer date. It’s on the last page of Chapter 4. It says the exact time at which the bike race is starting and the first datum is the date “2987 in the Western calendar ( i.e. the Gregorian one we use)”.

    • So it is…! Can’t he ever keep it straight?? Or is it just the episodic format that doesn’t lend itself to proof-reading what he’s already done?! (Or as you suggest the prologue is talking about the beginning of the whole Mars debacle…)

      Nope. Not going to worry about it. It’s Matsumoto – that way lies madness…! (Kind of like UNIT dating in Doctor Who fandom thanks to a production snafu back in the early 80’s…!)

      • Since this manga first came out in 1988, I bet you he was writing the chapter in 1987 and thought: hey, let’s make it 1000 years from now, coz that’s why I always do 😀

        I think chances are quite good he messed up with the first page talking about the early 21st century, but in any case you can harmonize it the way I did and it works OK: there was a great period of lawlessness in the 21st century and since then we’re in a post-apocalyptic era..

  7. The bleeding thing – WOW! I didn’t notice it either, but it’s there. Makes the Wataru Yuuki parallel even stronger. Thanks god Dick chose to say goodbye to Bainas rather than his little brother.

    Amasing how many characters got their wish in this episode. A question: had Gido had a chance to get to the Monokeros at the same moment – wouldn’t he do exactly the same thing?

    Helen Fayle: allow me to say that a couple of years ago I stumbled across the threads on Mania forums where you and some other guys discussed SPCH, GE999, Galaxy Railways, etc. etc. Your comments were most insightful and amusing – great food for thought and consumed hungrily 🙂 Thank you for those! I’d rather you elaborated on the Blue Rose, though that’s another story…

    • Hehe. Sam sucks.

      Gido..you mean Gido’s consciousness in control? I imagine he might have bidden his time and tried to take over the new world. Remember, his body is a healthy Naturan body, so he’s not going to just perish like most of his Ideal Children companions.

      • Yeah, you’re right, he’s no Danga… It was just something about the body language. I don’t know how to explain really.

        Btw, some Harlocks kick the bucket too. The proto Harlock, the Great Harlock…

        • I wonder if Leiji has Capt. Harlock’s death scene written and drawn in a drawer somewhere. I wonder if we’ll ever see that. Probably not.

          • I think he might… but OTOH, I never want to see it!

            There was some speculation when E/O first came out that this might be the end of Harlock – especially as we got only 3-4 eps at a time and it seemed to be heading that way! (thankfully turned out not to be true!)

            I can’t see it being Harlock settling down a la Antares on a quiet backwater, somehow… ;-(

      • Biggest waste of space since Tadashi Daiba failed to get kicked out of the nearest airlock (three chances blown so far…)?? Though whilst the Matsumoto ouvre still includes SSX and the folly that was Revi-chan he’s got a way to go to the bottom of the heap! (Looks very much like Susumu from SS99 – but Susumu was actually useful! ) Hell – not even Daiba got slapped around by a girl nearly his own age (great restraint on Kei’s part if you ask me )

        • Kei Yuki is such a sweet thing, though. She’d never slap him.

          Revi is pretty darn useless, though I guess she’s supposed to be, I mean, she’s a little girl..

    • Hi Iskra… Yep, funnily enough I was just thinking I’d had some lengthy conversations with Peter & co back in the day online! That was a few years ago now I think! Some of my opinions might have changed a bit since then in light of new information…

      Re: THe Blue Rose episode in GR II… Well it’s been a while since I watched it, but Wataru’s actions in that seem to have weighed on him heavily – and I had a strong impression (but I could be mis-remembering – might have to re-watch!) that this episode was just prior to his shore leave to Tabito which gets interupted by the mission where he ends up going head to head with a spaceship coming out of a wormhole (with the predictable disasterous consequences…) Guilt-ridden need to expiate a sin, perhaps?? If I’m right about the timing, that calls all of his later actions into question – something Lawrence does (though without really being specific IIRC…) There’s a tendency to assume Lawrence is just an even more cynical version of Bruce re: grandstanding lone-man heroics – but I do wonder if perhaps in hindsight, Lawrence is the only one who took off the rose-tinted glasses and saw Wataru’s attempt at self-sacrifice for what it really was… he certainly doesn’t pull his punches!

      • I didn’t get the impression that the Blue Rose episode happened immediately before – and I thought Wataru was the man who could take the burden and live with it, unlike the sweet boy Manabu, for whom the earthquake happened so conveniently. But you make me realize I need a rewatch! And boy, it’d be good to get to the forum! I am lost in these comments 😀

  8. The only thing I really don’t like about this is that there are more questions at then end of the show than there are at the beginning of the show. Very few questions from the beginning were answered without springing forth another three questions by the end.

    Resolved was what happened to Dick. Resolved was sort of who Maya was. Resolved was more oe less what the ships can do. Resolved more or less is what Ozuma was. Sort of resolved was what the Ideal Children were (but then that resolution doesn’t make sense entirely…but then Matsumoto generally favors normal human over anything else).

    Questions that popped up: Why was Ozuma built? Why does that conflict entirley with the idea of the creation of the Ideal Children? Why did Dick have any clue about what to do to Ozuma in the first place…and why set so the weapon can only be unlocked by his DNA? Why is Sam basically useless the entire show, yet we follow him like he’s the main character/hero of the story? Why is it that Maya needs to bond with Ozuma at all…that seems like a rather odd design choice for a human creation. Why spend a thousand years as a clone of a clone of a clone that is not an Ideal Child just to make a choice over nature verse the planet? How is she not an Ideal Child if she’s a clone of herself in her own body? What will happen after Ozuma starts releasing the life it gathered? Just how is it converting matter anyway? The Zone is greener, but what about the surface? What about water and the supposed problem with the Sun? Or was whatever happened temporary and the Sun is more or less back to normal? How will Bainas and the other live? In the Zone? Or will they just go home afterwards and let Ozuma’s body do its thing? With the other remaining human(oids) try to stop this process now that Ozuma can’t shoot them? Where is the Space Forces (as if this is the typical Matsumoto Earth, the space stuff is around somewhere)? Where is Harlock?…no that is not a real question.

    Closest thing I can think of in regards to Ozuma itself, in terms of other Matsumoto touched series is the Cosmo Clearner D from Yamato. We never really got to see it work on planet, only that it removes radiation. But by the time we see earth again, it is blue and green as oppose to Mars red and cratered. There is life on the surface, and not just human life either. The Wildlife of Africa, for example, still exists on Earth post-Gamilon planet bombing and the use of the Cosmo Cleaner. (though in the American version is was called the Cosmo DNA.) Thus one can assume that either the humans repopulated the animals afterwards, either with DNA samples or zoo life they kept in the underground cities, or the Cosmo Cleaner is a terriformng device, not unlike the Genesis Device from Star Trek.

    • You bring up tons of excellent questions, and ones I’ve seen all over the net. I’ve been seeing lots of criticism in the show, a lot of it warranted, online recently. I feel I have answers to many of these questions, but they deserve their own post. Expect one very, very soon 🙂

    • –Questions that popped up: Why was Ozuma built?

      –Why does that conflict entirley with the idea of the creation of the Ideal Children?

      It doesn’t, really – perhaps it’s a back-up plan – plus the ICs are a way to save humanity – Ozuma is there to protect the biosphere (and presumably repopulate it)

      –Why did Dick have any clue about what to do to Ozuma in the first place…

      Didn’t he find the vehicle stash in the first place and rebuild the Monokeros?? Presumably he found some info around??

      —and why set so the weapon can only be unlocked by his DNA?

      Safety device? Or accidentally happens during his building/refurb of the device??

      —Why is Sam basically useless the entire show, yet we follow him like he’s the main character/hero of the story?

      He’s a link between the characters and events though, isn’t he? His brother is a pivotal character both in body and “soul” – he finds Maya, brings her to where she needs to be, he’s the catalyst for all the following events, given that we are dropped in media res into this!

      — Why is it that Maya needs to bond with Ozuma at all…that seems like a rather odd design choice for a human creation.

      Not really – it was a common device in 70’s anime/manga – humanising the technological is a pretty standard trope (Nagai Go takes it to extreme lengths but Leiji uses it a few times (Tochiro, anyone??)) Often it’s a way making a machine more powerful – whether you rationalise that as giving it a soul, a conscience or simply creating a gestalt entity greater than either could be alone. YMMV. Reminded me a bit of X-Bomber’s denoument, but then that show ripped off Matsumoto in soooo many ways!

      —Why spend a thousand years as a clone of a clone of a clone that is not an Ideal Child just to make a choice over nature verse the planet?

      I think this is answered elsewhere, but the 1000 year queen element is a classic Matsumoto trope.

      — How is she not an Ideal Child if she’s a clone of herself in her own body?

      From the sub I gathered the ICs were genetically modified – but Maya isn’t. Presumably their clones will have specific genetic markers.

      As for the unanswered questions in the story – well, in a way we’ve just seen the prologue (or an epilogue depending on your point of view) – from here on in a new story begins, and Ozuma as a story is done. Turn the page, move on. (Endings are *hard* – finding the right point to walk away from a story is the hardest part of writing IMO. A writer being able to walk away from a story at ALL is something you should applaud, given the glut of naff sequels/bloated multi-volume series in the current fantasy/SF market!!)

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