Mysterious Girlfriend X 03: Flowing Flowers

This episode was a masterpiece.

How moe is Tsubaki?!  He’s hilarious.  He turns out to be a good protagonist in his own wacky way.  He doesn’t have an assertive, radiant personality because that’s not what this is about.  This is starting to feel like a shojo anime, where Tsubaki is the clueless, essentially pure-hearted shojo heroine and Urabe plays the mysterious and super-sexy lad.

Deer-caught-in-the-headlights-Tsubaki strikes again.

It doesn’t hurt that Tsubaki means “camellia” in Japanese, as Urabe pointed out earlier.  Now, in this case Tsubaki is a surname, but it also happens to be a personal name mostly used by women (though some men are called Tsubaki).  To add to the ambiguity, Tsubaki’s first name is Akira, which is most often a man’s given name but is also used by women.  There aren’t many names in Japanese that can be used both by men and women, and even fewer that can be used as family names as well.  These naming choices are very, very good.  Akira Tsubaki is a great name for this character.

Tsubaki is constantly referring to Urabe’s “yodare”, which means “drool”.  But the actual word for “spit” is “tsuba”, and in fact, there is a rarely used variant of “tsuba”: “tsubaki”.  So the dude’s name actually means “spit” as well as “camellia” [these words aren’t written in exactly the same way but they sound the same!].  He is destined for Urabe, in other words.  And of course since Urabe is very aware of her spit and its powers, this might have actually played a role in Tsubaki’s selection.

Because I had all of this stuff floating around in my head it’s no surprise that as soon as I caught the brown-haired guy staring, my Shojo-Battle siren sounded!  We’re headed for trouble.  Sweet, delicious trouble.

The first opponent is often easy to defeat. But where there's one, there will be others... And of course the first one usually hangs around for a second chance to attack.

Of course Ogata’s in the football team, of course!

Marvelous control of the skirt and the wind all over the episode again, and it turns out to be really important.  Urabe hasn’t been wearing panties all day so as be in a tense, excited mood with which to test the prospective boyfriend Ogata and her current one, Tsubaki.  As I write this it sounds really silly to me, but it’s all worked out so logically we can only nod along with Tsubaki as Urabe explains it to him.

The subs I watched were great, but they underplayed Urabe’s rejection of Ogata a bit, by missing a key adverbial phrase.  She says “I don’t think you’ll be able to be my boyfriend for all eternity.”

Anyway, the final scene pretty much confirms a lot of what I said with the epic shojo background:

And then Tsubaki gets his fanservice.  Amazing.  Really looking forward to next episode now and more rivals!!


~ by Haloed Bane on April 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 03: Flowing Flowers”

  1. Oh man, that’s a solid take on Tsubaki. It might explain why he feels different from your classic male lead? At least it feels that way to me.

    And “Tsubaki” as literally a Japanese word for “spit,” that’s amazing. Cheers!

    • I knew Tsubaki was a flower but had forgotten which one. So when I went to the dictionary I saw the entry for “tsuba” (spit) next to it and noticed the variant “tsubaki” and went OMG~

  2. […] let’s look at them in a bit more depth. Akira’s full name was covered in detail by animekritik back for episode 3, including the wonderful discovery that “Tsubaki” is a homophone in Japanese for […]

  3. […] let’s look at them in a bit more depth. Akira’s full name was covered in detail by animekritik back for episode 3, including the wonderful discovery that “Tsubaki” is a homophone in Japanese for […]

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