Vote Kritik der Animationskraft

Today since 8 o’clock pm GMT time and for 48 hours thereafter, I am having a match in the Aniblog Tourney (my match is the first one on this page here) versus NewAnimeThursday, run by the artistically talented BeldenOtaku.  Please check out both of our blogs and choose one, but be sure to vote!  Here’s a post to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me or want to know me better, and amuse those of you who know me well and possibly better than you’d like.

Animekritik's Bull comes with all of these features.

For some personal info and my views on anime, read: 50 Questions, Answered.

If you want to know which of my posts you shouldn’t read, this is a lifesaver: Advice for New Readers.

If you just want me to cut the bull and guide you to some posts actual anime, first, please be more respectful to my mascot.  Second, go to the sidebar, scroll down until you see the TAGS section, and find a title you like.  I’ve written extensively on such classics as Gunbuster, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Space Pirate Captain Harlock.  Also, more recently, Macross Frontier, Persona 4 and the gorgeous REDLINE.

Truth be told, some customers are only satisfied with nudity.  For those hard to please “readers”, I offer [this] and [this] and [this] and [this] and [this], oh, and let’s throw in a little bit of [this] for good measure.  IF FEMALE NUDITY OFFENDS YOU SKIP THESE PLEASE.

Hold on, I’ve just realized something.  My readers will have to forgive me as I can’t for the life of me find any male nudity on this blog.  I’m really tempted to just post a pic right here but that would be flat-out pandering.  I love catering to you readers, but pandering tends to backfire.

Hmm..let’s see.  The last thing I’ve watched with real male nudity in it was the HBO saga Game of Thrones.  There’s great hope in some quarters that Renly Baratheon (King Renly, to his supporters) will reveal some thing this season, though so far he hasn’t.  But friends, Theon Greyjoy isn’t bad either.

OK, I’ve written a mini-post appropriate for an aniblog (you don’t even need to have seen Game of Thrones) so this is NOT pandering.  [enjoy]  IF MALE NUDITY OFFENDS YOU SKIP THIS PLEASE.

Now vote vote vote!

~ by Haloed Bane on April 23, 2012.

34 Responses to “Vote Kritik der Animationskraft”

  1. it’s NewAnimeThursday :3
    Good luck to you in the tourney!

  2. I’m ready! 😀

    It’s so fascinating. Except for your blog, I do not know a single one of the “level 3” blogs, and there are SO MANY of them. Out of the 16 “level 1” blogs I know 10, and there are some of them where I seriously wonder what they are doing there. Out of the “level 6” blogs I know 17 and the same goes for them. Animeblogging has a quantity over quality problem, huh? It now seems reasonably why this is one out of only two blogs I am still reading.

    • PS. Actually it is 3 blogs. But that doesn’t make it any better…

    • I have over 60 anime blogs on my feed which feels like a lot but yup, there are so many blogs I didn’t even know existed.

      On the tourney seeding, the results of the last tourney evidently count for a lot. (And I wasn’t in it last time).

      Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Unterstützung~

      • I feel for you guys. I mean, this “quantity over quality” aspect of blogging is a really serious problem, considering quantity-based blogs are a dime a dozen (this includes the exceptions, like episodic bloggers, but that doesn’t really help). It’s hard not to get discouraged when you know some other blogger has already beat you to the punch with a ton of posts that doesn’t even have much meaning.

        And good luck on the tourney. I’m ineligible for participating, so that means I’m not voting for anybody or any other blog.

        • One of the aims of the tourney is to get more than just the participants voting!!

          Hmm, there’s so much that goes into making a good blog. Some people do both quantity and quality (We Remember Love, for one), others post very infrequently but when they do it’s great (Baka-Raptor, for one). Some go for high quantity and low quality, and some go for low quantity and low quality. And of course ultimately what I consider quality might not agree with your opinion, etc etc.

          One thing’s for sure: it’s good there are a lot of blogs because it means we all have a chance of finding at least a few blogs we like 🙂

          Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen!

  3. Good luck, a.k.!

    • Thanks, iskra.
      (and I just ran out of German things to say…oops)

      • Die Zeit wird nicht verraten Ihre Träume~

        • Deswegen muss Ihre Träume nicht die Zeit verraten.

          I bet you there’s like 3 things wrong with this sentence but you get the drift.

          • Guys, your grammar is making me cringe. 😀 Now seriously, where do you get these sentences from? O.o They seem so random?

            On another side note, thinking about it, I am almost never confronted with any male nudity (especially not genitals) except in real life. We are culturally not used to it, so I think you are perfectly OK with not showing any.
            However, if you are interested I could start a rant on how porn manga for women work differently than for men.

            • We’re trying to reproduce a Matsumoto quote: Time will not betray your dream. Therefore your dream must not betray time.

              I piece my German via Google, so if there are problems with it please complain to them 😀

            • Re: male nudity, it is rare in America too. I know I can get away with not having it, but once every 500 posts or so can’t hurt either~

              Women see things differently, I know. I don’t claim to understand it, of course, but I do know that I don’t know…kind of a Socratic thing.

            • It’s more like Inner German, you know. I am really sorry if it offends the ear though! But how possibly could this simple sentence go wrong? 😀

  4. The only German phrase I know is: “Hören Sie die Kinder der Nacht? Was für Musik sie machen!” So that and a “best of luck!” will have to do.

    • Thanks! Children of the night make music?? Sounds like a horror film..

      • The Werner Herzog remake of Nosferatu. Worth watching!

        • Guess who’s coming to my school to speak tomorrow at 4 pm?

          • Hahaha Did you just give away your university? With that said, if you ever come to the One Big City in the same state, you should meet up with me. 😀

            • Gah, you live right next door practically. I’ll keep it in mind, though mind you, I’m done next month and am frantically trying to find employment anywhere in the country. If you hear of something translation related etc do let me know. I would not be averse to living in the One Big City.

              [for those who don’t know, the One Big City is Mordor]

              • Well, I don’t actually live in Mordor 😉 I just go there a lot (long-distance relationships do that to you), but with finals coming up next time probably won’t be before mid-May. It seems we will likely miss each other. 😦

                But good luck on your job search! Keep me/us posted as to where you are going. I doubt I will be able to help you out since I am doing something science-y, but I’ll be there for moral support 😀

                • I see, I see. Hopefully something will kick in during the next 7 days. I’m optimistic enough to pretend I sense that it’ll happen 🙂

          • !!! If you’re saying what I think you are saying, that is just … WOW.

  5. I like your posts about Leijiverse, good sir. Following this blog now.

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