Evangelion’s Razor Edge Not So Sharp (+ Thank You)

First off, thank you to everyone who voted in my match at the Aniblog Tourney.  I passed the first round and will have my next match on May 8th.

On to the post.

The Schick + Evangelion campaign [website here] is going all out for the chic and the shock.  Although it dazzles the eye initially, so far I find it to be quite poorly thought up.

There are three promo videos.  You can check them out on the Schick Japan‘s YouTube channel [here] or on the site, though the Java wouldn’t work for me there.  I actually thought of doing translations of the three vids until I realized that a) translations are already available (MAL etc.) and b) anyway the scripts are horribly insipid.  They are absolute tripe.  Basically someone took recycled Eva footage and made a Schick sell without any regard whatsoever for the anime franchise.  Fail.

Then there are the actual razors.  Basically, each of the pilots that could actually use a razor (sorry Shinji) has been assigned one.  Thus:

Ayanami: Hydro

Quattro: Mari

Asuka: Protector

Now, let me start with the last one.  This paragraph contains a SPOILER BTW.  The Protector is supposed to protect your skin from getting cut.  Are they going for irony here??  I guess it’s possible, but I think it’d be more effective to do something other than have Asuka, who was ultimately slashed the worst of all of them, represent the Protector.

Ayanami would have been better, since she’s so protective of certain people…  Instead, she gets the Hydro, which is supposed to hydrate your face and reduce friction.  Hmmm…I guess she’s a cool cat most of the time, though her Eva likes to go berserk every so often.  I don’t know.  Certainly nothing in the Schick site explains to us why Ayanami should be assigned the Hydro (if you click on the image it takes to a product page with no Eva stuff).  I almost suspect someone simply noticed her hair was blue and thought it went well with the image of water.

Mari gets the Quattro, named after its four-blade system.  The Quattro also reduces friction.  Heck, by now it’s pretty clear assigning Eva pilots to razor blades is hard, maybe impossible, to do in a meaningful way.  I’ll throw Schick a lifeboat here: the 05 unit which Mari controlled in the last film had four legs.  Four legs → four blades.  Bleh.  This is bad.

It can’t get worse, can it?  Yes it can!  Below the three pilots we get pics of Kaji and Gendo, the men at the heart of this shaving campaign.

Why is Kaji shaving with a Hydro??  Shouldn’t he be using a Protector?!  As it stands both Kaji and Gendo are using Ayanami’s product!!  Aha, I know.  This is another case of Asuka getting shafted.  Do you notice the picture that I opened the post up with?  That’s actually a shifting image that goes back and forth between Asuka, Mari and Ayanami.  But when you open the site the first time, the first pilot featured is always Ayanami.

Poor Asuka, so hard for her to catch a break.



~ by Haloed Bane on April 25, 2012.

7 Responses to “Evangelion’s Razor Edge Not So Sharp (+ Thank You)”

  1. Maybe Asuka got the right product assigned to her? A few months ago I made a feeble attempt at escaping Gillette’s worldwide domination and sampled Schick’s products. The so called Protector did not nothing of the sort and actually left my skin rather red and irritated.

    • Hahahahahahaha!!!! Oh man, I’ve been there. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to flee Gillette too. The loss of blood isn’t worth it. Hmmm…maybe Schick knows what they’re doing after all..

  2. “Basically someone took recycled Eva footage and made a Schick sell without any regard whatsoever for the anime franchise.”

    Seems about par the course for most Evangelion endorsements. Rebuild of Anno’s Wallet indeed. I suppose there’s always straight razor shaving if you want to escape the ever recurring cost of cartridge refills…

    • Yes, yes, this is normal, but I guess when they stick to coffee cans with the one flavor you notice less how horribly underutilized the actual plot and character of the show is.

      I had my wife actually shave me the old style a couple of times recently. It is indeed superior and so soothing, like being at a nice barber’s. Back in Japan I used to get massages with it so I guess I’ve got to convice the mrs. to throw in that as well…

  3. Any news on the next movie?

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