Mysterious Girlfriend X 04: Oka-y? (Danger Approaches!)

The shojoness gets amped in this episode as a sophisticated opponent enters the scene, Miss Oka.  Not only is she into Urabe, but she’s also dating Tsubaki’s boyfriend Ueno, dramatically increasing the potential for mayhem.  As of the end of this episode she has more knowledge than anyone else in the show.  There are four major facts in play:

a) Tsubaki and Urabe are dating

b) Oka and Ueno are dating

c) Urabe has a spititual [my coinage] connection with Tsubaki

d) Urabe has a spititual connection with Oka

Urabe knows a + c + d, but she’s yet to know b.  Tsubaki knows a + b + c, but he has no clue about d.  Ueno knows only b.  Oka knows all four.  And they say knowledge is power!  Top that off with her wondrous bento-preparing abilities (much prized in the Japanese isles) and you have a really fearsome character.

I love Tsubaki’s dreams.  They’re so demented and innocent at the same time.

Next episode is going to rock, I can feel it.  Kudos to the writers for letting the show go at just the right pace.  I mean, if the story is good, there’s no need to race ahead or whatever.  Even if this is just 13 episodes, if each episode is good, it just means the second season will be green-lit all the faster.  I’d rather have a stroll through this tale and wait for a second season than get taken on one of those rushed tours where you see everything, technically, but you can’t remember a thing.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 29, 2012.

10 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 04: Oka-y? (Danger Approaches!)”

  1. “Spititual,” good lord, I’m going to crib that.

    I can’t remember too well, but doesn’t Urabe know b) as well? If I’m correct, Tsubaki should have told her in episode 3 when talking about the kiss.

    Will let you know for sure once I rewatch the episode!

  2. I’ll cry if this series is only 12-13 episodes. I think a full 24-26 would suit it best~ But if a S2 would be in the works I could accept that as well. As long as this quality keeps going like you mentioned.

    This episode was amazing and I honestly couldn’t stop picturing a foursome between the characters XD Or at least some hot yuri action XD

    There’s so much to think about when it comes to Tsubaki’s dreams I love it!

  3. Not really meant to spoil, but Oka IS fearsome indeed. I basically connect her to the fact that she willing accepts the facts presented to her, mysterious or otherwise. Maybe this is why she can “connect” to Urabe’s mysterious bond of drool?

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