That Other Aniblog Tourney

Meanwhile, at the animotherland, the Japanese are conducting their own Aniblog Tourney.  The site for the “Anime Blog Tournament” is [here].

The tourney is run by Blogmura and only Blogmura members can vote (so I guess only bloggers vote, though of course Blogmura hosts all kinds of blogs and not only anime ones).  44 blogs are currently competing in a first stage.  After the first round this will get whittled down to 32 and then it will be head-to-head matches to get to 16, 8, 4 and the final match (each of these rounds lasts a single day).

The system they’ve set up is quiet efficient.  Technically, people vote for a representative article from each blog and not for the blog itself.  The article must be relatively new (up to a week old) and on an anime-related subject.  The 22 first-round matches are arranged randomly from the pool of 44 contestants.  On the tournament page you can click on a button that automatically opens up the two articles of the competing blogs in the first match.  You read them, click on the button for the one that you like, and the site immediately brings up a second set of competing blogs.  You click on the button for the articles, read them etc etc.  You don’t have to vote in every match BTW.

I imagine you can cycle through all the matches rather quickly.

The whole thing will only last a week.  Blogmura apparently holds these “blog article competitions” all the time, and any member can set one up as long as he has at least 4 bloggers interested in competing (maximum is 256).  Anyway it’s funny that this anime one is happening just now.

I don’t much get Japanese blogs.  I tend to find Japanese anime fan homepages much more informative.  The blogs look very much geared toward “Oh, I liked this” or “I liked that” or “Look at pictures of this thing I bought.”  People might complain about the quality of English-language aniblogging, but maybe that’s because they haven’t taken a long look at the Japanese-language aniblogging scene 😉

~ by Haloed Bane on May 2, 2012.

10 Responses to “That Other Aniblog Tourney”

  1. Hmmm…a circle jerk within a circle jerk excluded from a circle jerk?

  2. Really? Very cool.

    Their setup reminds me of the Helium website, in which a gaggle of authors all write about similar topics. Then, readers compare articles on the topic, two at a time, voting for the one they like better in each pair.

    • Effective in its own way, though of course readers will always be tempted to vote for the bloggers they like regardless of the quality of the articles.

  3. I think that there should be a functionality where the participants can only see the text and pictures of a post, rather than the definitive site design or author name. They can simply vote on content with somewhat less bias. Of course, one’s writing style/voice can be apparent enough that it’s not hard to identify whose writing it is, but by that particular standard, such writing deserves votes anyway.

    • It would make it fairer, definitely. That’s actually a pretty awesome idea for a blogging competition right there. Give a subject, and have people submit posts with the names hidden…

      • Some people have really obvious writing voices, though!

        • I guess bloggers could deliberately sabotage the whole thing by writing very much in their own styles and basically hinting to their supporters who they were.

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