Space Symphony Maetel 02

The defensive system around the LaMetalian capital of Neo Miyu is so efficient, once it’s activated, that it just brings into relief how centralized the administration is.  Maetel has to declare herself acting queen to get the Mechanoid operatives to switch the shield on!  And when a second larger wave of meteors is spotted, the Mechanoids insist that Promethium’s orders are needed to activate it even though the queen is nowhere to be found.

These scenes easily lead us to the conclusion that there has been a disruption of the very fabric of LaMetalian governance.  What we see here is not an absolute monarchy where whatever the ruler says goes (as it used to be in the past).  If it were, then Maetel would have much more power at this point as the heir apparent and with the monarch presumed dead.  What we see here is more of a fascist state ruled by a personality, Promethium.  In short: the rule seems to be, not “the Queen must order the high-level shield activated” but “Promethium must order the high-level shield activated”.  And of course this difference resides to a large extent in the fact that this planet has been literally built from scratch (mechanically speaking) by Promethium.  The capital used to be Miyu, it’s now Neo Miyu.  Promethium is the founder and the foundation, not a mere successor.  Everyone keeps talking of “LaMetal” still but we are definitely witnessing the birth of a new entity: the “Machine Empire”.

[For all we know Promethium’s hold on the planet is so pervasive that the notion of her “giving an order to activate something” might simply be a euphemism for herself activating that thing.  The command structure might be nothing but a façade in this centralized, mechanized world.]

And then just like that Queen Promethium is back!  Notice how upset Commander Leopard is at the turn of events.  Clearly his attack on the 999 and Maetel wasn’t based on loyalty to Promethium.  Whatever his motivations, it seems he doesn’t mind the surface of the planet burning under a million meteors.  He was just getting ready to sit back and watch it all happen…

After that, we get a profusion of mysteries: mysterious duelist, mysterious feline, mysterious nude lady in vat!!

The duelist at least is pretty easy to figure out.  Her ability with the gravity saber, her orange hair, her ever-so haughty tone of speech.  She can only be Emeraldas, who as a space pirate is pretty much the diametrical opposite of Promethium and the system the latter has created.  Maetel gives Emeraldas enough to depart with some confidence.  Maetel says: “You are not the one I must beat.”  And I say with the Romans, “A word to the wise is sufficient.”  But of course Maetel could be totally lying.  We will see.

Nazca and his new-found friend Rampa run around and end up at the coronation slash memory transfer ceremony.  Another question: is this really an accident?  That cat was certainly placed in the right place and the right time…  This coronation ceremony is a bit of a joke, though.  First Nazca barges in, and Promethium treats him like some detestable cousin she’d rather keep confined.  Then Leopard and his lieutenant Burnbarrel barge in, and chide Nazca for barging in.  With all these men barging in (and note, this is supposed to be a matriarchal society) what is so sacred about this coronation?!  I guess we are meant to laugh it off.

One thing we do get here is confirmation that Promethium’s letter to lure Maetel home was a great big joke as well.  The coronation ceremony is supposed to dehumanize Maetel, we don’t know how exactly.  Everyone stands around while Nazca pulls all the cables out and then gawks at his naked benefactress.  Yes, it’s a silly scene, but there’s something psychologically appealing to it.  Everyone (Leopard, Burnbarrel, Nazca and probably even Promethium herself) are quite curious just to see what will happen to Maetel when you pull her plugs like that, and of course so are we~

~ by Haloed Bane on May 4, 2012.

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  1. creepy Cat i miss Mi-kun

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