Mysterious Girlfriend X 05: Memories to Be

Good stuff.

They totally tricked me with last week’s preview by leading with a shot of Oka in a (school) swimsuit.  I figured the beach episode would be a group date kind of thing, like most anime beach episodes are.  Then when Urabe and Tsubaki were in school, and they agreed to go swimming during the holidays, I was again misled.  Tsubaki narrated something to the effect of “I thought I’d get to go out with Urabe to the beach but it didn’t turn out that way…”  Right at that moment I again imagined Oka and Ueno would somehow turn up and make it a group date.  As it stands, Tsubaki was simply referring to the big delay in his plans.  I guess chances are good this “illusion” was simply due to my stupidity as a viewer, but it proved a nice surprise anyway.

I associate beach episodes with fanservice and hijinks.  Well, we definitely had the former and we definitely didn’t have the latter.  Am I just being delusionally perverted in thinking that the “scissor tanline” that Tsubaki was so excited about is really a metaphor or code for another kind of line that Urabe exposed at that moment???  No, it can’t just be me.  Tsubaki was being a very naughty boy.  And then of course Tsubaki’s promise to show it gain to Tsubaki next summer (operative condition: “if they’re still together”) takes on a whole new meaning.

And the lack of hijinks is appreciated.  The whole thing was very mundane and yet intense at the same time.  The sort of thing teenage memories are made of, which is precisely what this is supposed to lead to..the etching of teenage memories deep within Tsubaki’s skull.   Ecchi etchings of course 😉

It’s so nice to watch the fifth episode of a new anime series and still be enjoying it thoroughly~  It’s not often this happens to me these days…

~ by Haloed Bane on May 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 05: Memories to Be”

  1. like you i’m still enjoying this show greatly! I can’t wait to see what they throw at us next. I LOVE THIS COUPLE SO MUCH! haha

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