Mysterious Girlfriend X 06: Spit Sisters

When Tsubaki runs into Oka, we get the composition “two scoops of ice cream x Oka’s blouse”, which looks to me like a counterpart to the one last episode of “scissors x Urabe’s bikini”.

Oka is a little devil, isn’t she?  I love the way she’s trying to become a Spit Inquisitor’s apprentice under Urabe, and how she uses common sense to enhance her determination (or maybe even determine outright) what her “sempai” is thinking (I mean honestly, did she really need to taste Urabe’s saliva to figure it out?).  At first I thought that Oka was totally obsessed with either Urabe or Tsubaki.  Now I’m starting to feel that she isn’t obsessed with either.  Rather, she’s “obsessed” with observing and enjoying the more curious aspects of life, in other words, she’s a bonne vivante.  That’s actually a really healthy thing, I think.

The scene with Hayakawa on the bridge left me wondering: do these kids have each other’s phone numbers?  Or is it that the neighborhood is so small?  I wonder because Hayakawa simply said they could do it another time.  It strikes me as odd that they would have each other’s numbers, but at the same time if the neighborhood is that small why didn’t they run into each other earlier?  Ot was she just simply saving face and making light of the rejection, ready to run off and never see Tsubaki again?

After that conversation, in a very subtle manner, Tsubaki gets a bit of a revenge on Urabe…though strictly speaking, he doesn’t intend to so, so the words “subtle” and “revenge” are kinda wrong here but I’m looking at things from a grander, godlike perspective 😀  That is, Tsubaki’s explanation of his feelings for Urabe are a bit loose, a bit wanting (“Oh, I regretted having failed with Hayakawa, but I’ll stick with you now, don’t worry”).  This is not the best explanation of things he could have done, is it?  It reminds us of the way Urabe explained giving her saliva to another guy, while Tsubaki just stood there and suffered.  Both Tsubaki’s and Urabe’s explanations are full of innocence, so as I said, revenge doesn’t really work well to describe the phenomenon, but the fact is they are hurting each other a bit each episode.

I guess that’s what young relationships are all about :/

Like always, a gorgeous episode.  Can’t wait for the next!

~ by Haloed Bane on May 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 06: Spit Sisters”

  1. Those look delicious.

  2. Tsubaki may have lingering feelings for Hayakawa, which evidently surfaced when they met. These feelings should’ve been erased long ago because of Urabe’s intrusion to his life, but him, the lack of interaction and reciprocation with Urabe seemed to reignite these feelings. Sure, Urabe can affirm to the fact that they’re a couple, but Tsubaki, being the normal adolescent boy that he is, thinks that it isn’t enough. He might even think that a normal, role-model girl like Hayakawa is better than Urabe!

    Ah, youth…

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