My Dream Game: Leijiverse MMORPG

As some of you know, these days I’m really into MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role-playing games).  Yesterday while on the bus I came up with an idea for a Leijiverse MMORPG.  Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome?  Yes, it would.

My conception takes off of the new Mahoroba Film Project, specifically, the notion of an epic final showdown between the evil Metanoids and a combined multi-species freedom fleet, a Leijiversal Ragnarok.  That premise already gives us our two factions for the game: Metanoid Army and Free Fleet.  As is usual in MMORPGs, the first thing when you play the game will be to choose a faction.

Next you must choose a species and a class (or profession).

Available Species:

1. Earthling – Basically your typical game’s Human character.

2. Cyborg – A partly-mechanized Earthling.  Ideally, you’d be able to pick which part of your body was mechanized, and depending on the choice you’d get a bonus (e.g. if you mechanize your arms, Strength goes up).

3. LaMetalian – Specifically, this is a flesh-and-blood LaMetalian.  As a species bonus, I think characters of this species should be able to revive more quickly from death than other characters (since LaMetalians are so long-lived).

4. Mechanoid – By this I mean a fully mechanized LaMetalian.  I imagine these would have an Endurance/Stamina bonus.

NOTE: I do realize that there are LaMetalian cyborgs in the Leijiverse (e.g. Commander Leopard) as well as Earth-born Metanoids (e.g. Count Mecha), but we don’t need to bring all of these possibilities in!

5. Gamilas – Do these blue guys need any introduction 🙂  For the life of me I can’t think of what would be a good species bonus for Gamilas characters.  Help!

6. Mazone – This species would only be playable in the female gender.  I think Mazone could have a certain substantial bonus when playing in natural areas, and a bit of a penalty when playing in hi-tech locales.  As if they fed from the soil…

7. Nibelung – Although de facto there are only two Nibelungs running around in the Leijiverse (Miime and her brother Alberich) there are remnants of their race locked away in a black hole.  One of the main premises of this game would be that Alberich manages to bring his people back.  I’m not sure what bonus would be good for them, though.

8. Metanoid – Well of course, we must have actual Metanoids.  I view this species as having a certain ability to adapt to the environment or put it to good use.  There must be some bonus in there.  Either that or we could just make them have the ability to explode their Helium-3 hearts to defeat the enemy (but then give them a long time penalty before they can revive, say).

Classes would be faction-specific, like in SWTOR.

Free Fleet Classes:

1. Space Pirate – Capable of using gravity sabers as well as all sorts of firearms, this would be a formidable opponent.

2. Fleet Officer – I’m modeling this class on people like Kiruta and Zero (Earth Federation), Leopard (LaMetal Space Panzers) and so on.

3. SDF Agent – This member of the Galaxy Railways Space Defense Forces would be at ease fighting as well as traveling in battle trains!

4. Angel Witch – There are undeniable magical elements in the Leijiverse.  For example, some species can create apparitions (Mazone, the Noo), some characters can manipulate time (Ryuzu, Maetel maybe) and so on.  This class would tap into that side of things.

5. Cosmo Warrior – Of course, this Cosmo Warrior would start out as an apprentice, but eventually s/he could turn into the most fearsome damage-dealer in the entire game!

Metanoid Classes:

1. Squad Leader – Your basic Metanoid soldier is quite a handful for his enemies, but to make this much more appealing I would make this a triple-person class.  That is, when you play a Metanoid Squad you’re actually playing one regular character (the leader) with two soldiers (essentially, combat pets).

2. Metanoid Knight – The elite knights are based on Helmazaria and Helmatia.  I’m thinking gravity saber duels with the space pirates!

3. Mechadoctor – The name is a fancy way of describing a class of Mechanoid-manufacturing scientist-types.  As a Mechadoctor you would be able to summon Mechanoids to your aid.

4. Shade – Shades would be the spies of the game, kind of like the rogues or thieves in other games.  I see the Mazone being good at this.

5. Dark Witch – The Metanoid faction equivalent of the Angel Witch.

Species/Faction/Class Mixes:

I’d be more liberal here than many other games.  In this conflict, the species are very split.  For example, you can have Alberich-aligned Nibelungs fighting for the Metanoids, and pro-Miime Nibelungs fighting in the Free Fleet.  The LaMetalians (both regular and Mechanoid) could be split between Promethium supporters and Maetel supporters, thus belonging to different factions.  The same could be the case for the Gamilas and the Mazone.

I see Humans being able to play every class except the two Witches.  I see Metanoids only playing on the Metanoid Army side.  Other than that I see each species being able to play about half of the classes in the game, split more or less evenly across the two factions.

Game Zones:

Free Fleet players would start in Technologia, whereas Metanoid Army players would begin aboard a Phantasma-class starship orbiting Metabloody.

Besides Technologia and Metabloody, other important planets would be Destiny, Heavy Melder and LaMetal (at the time of Adieu Galaxy Express 999).  Places like Venus, Pluto and a ruined Iscandar would be good too.  I think Titan, the absolutely lawless planet, would be great as a warzone~  Also, Nuruva the formless planet from Galaxy Express 999 could be very challenging as well.  The possibilies here are endless.

An important part of the storyline would be finding out gradually that Earth, which has been destroyed, is pretty much the most important place in the universe and the key to the entire conflict.  The Free Fleet’s objective will be to somehow transcend time and bring the planet back.


On average each character should be spending about 3/4 of the time on planetary zones.  This aspect of the game would play out like a regular RPG, say WOW.  But 1/4 of the game would be played aboard battleships and space trains, and here I would push for group play.  The way it would work is this: to operate a ship you need 4 essential crew members:  Navigator, Gunner, Engineer, Medic.  The Navigator would steer the ship, the Gunner would fire various kinds of guns, the Engineer would keep it in shape during combat (plus control power and divert it for the use of special cannons) and the Medic would keep the crew in shape (the ship’s ability to fight would decrease rapidly if Medics didn’t treat the countless wounded non-playing characters).

As a starting character in the game you wouldn’t have the skills to work aboard a spaceship.  Eventually, however you’d be able to choose a primary specialization and a secondary specialization.  For example, my Human Space Pirate could have a primary spec as Gunner and secondary as Engineer.  Of course, I wouldn’t penalize players who’d rather play alone or can’t find anyone to play with.  You would be able to hire crew members (non-playing computer characters, of course) but I would really push for group play here.

Group Dynamic:

We’d need to retool the traditional group dynamic in MMORPGs.  These games usually have three roles in a group: DPS (damage-dealers), healers and tanks (damage-takers).  I’ve always thought the notion of a tank doesn’t make much sense.  If I’m a stupid creature and I’m being attacked by a group of guys, I’ll probably take out the one who’s hurting me the most first (that’d be the DPS).  If I’m a more sophisticated creature, I’d take out the healer first.  But why on Earth would I take out the guy who’s just standing there with a big shield begging for my attention?!  I’d take him out last.

Anyway, the Leijiverse doesn’t really support this kind of role division either, so it totally needs to go.  I’m not sure what to replace it with, though.

Special Unlocks:

Around level 25 or 30 a player would be able to own a combat pet.  The pet would depend on your faction.  Free Fleeters would receive a robot pet (something like Analyzer or Battlyzer).  I’d call it the Appetizer.  Get it?  Ap-pet-izer.  Anyway, Metanoid Army players would get an Evil Maetel Clone.  Yes, I realize getting a Maetel clone is ten times cooler than getting a Leiji R2D2 but hey, it’s one way to redress the imbalance since I think most people would prefer to play on the Free Fleet side at the start.

Free Fleet players reaching the maximum level could unlock a new class: Valkyrie.  Metanoid Army players reaching the maximum level could unlock a new species: Noo.



~ by Haloed Bane on June 5, 2012.

9 Responses to “My Dream Game: Leijiverse MMORPG”

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  2. Gamilas: high techology development.

    While Gamilas was not able to overcome the Inscandarian technologucal advantage of Yamato easily in the first series, they came up will all kinds of new technology in their efforts to take down that one ship. From Wave Motion Guns (Dessler Cannons) to matter/energy transporters (for ships, planes and mines). to all kinds of things just to get that one Earth ship.

    By the third series they have surpassed Yamato in technology in most areas. Yamato’s advantage tends to be luck and skill rather than tech at this point. The Galman ships are huge next to Yamato and Dessler’s Cannons are more powerful than the Wave Motion Gun. Plus they have huge missiles that can destroy planets and aggrivate stars to nova.

    Also they seem to be able to rebuild, militarily, very quickly. Even more quickly thatn the Humans.

    As is the case with most aliens in Yamato…they are just blue humans. Dessler can later breath in space and have his cape wave in a vaccum.

    • Got it, Gamilas would get a tech boost. They would have a natural advantage with any abilities or weaponry requiring technologies and gadgets.

      Character customization would be a bit boring for the Gamilas though huh. Blue skin, take it or leave it. The Mazone would be in a similar bind. But I guess those looking for infinite variation can opt for Humans.

      • Well, there are variations of blue (light blue, violet-blue, darker blue) Plus the pink Earth tone Second class citizens. Or even the Bee People skin (rare). Gamilus would have variable hair color, as I think we’ve seen all Earth colors for them. Dessler likes his female bodyguards to be blonde for example. Bald would even be a viable option. Even facial hair is a viable option.

        • Pink second class citizens? Is this in the 3rd season? I don’t remember it from the first two. Also, I don’t know the Bee People, but they sound intriguing to say the least..

          But yeah, definitely ample moustaches and varied hair styles should be available.

          • The guys on Pluto Base are another species that are basically second class citizens of the Gamilus Empire.
            The Bee People are in the 16th Episode of the First Series. They are sort of subjects/slaves of the Empire.

  3. What about a Free Trader class for your Free Fleet? Or for everybody, for that matter? The ever-present space merchants, who always seem to know what’s going on, are decent enough in a fight (although lacking in heavy firepower), and can deal with just about everything save the supernatural? There are plenty of traders and merchants in the Leijiverse. Think of them as kinda between a Space Pirate and a Fleet Officer – a balanced mix of both, but not particularly strong in any save those dealing with their own profession. For example, they’d have a better tech rating than your average Fleet Officer (after all, they have to fix up their own stuff) but not as good a hand-to-hand combat rating as a Space Pirate. Come to think of it, this might be a good “start class” in almost any race category for someone who wants a good, balanced mix in all ratings.

    • Very interesting, I could see how this class would appeal to many. I mean, it would be very complicated to set up, but listen me out: the Trader begins as a neutral character on Heavy Melder. Initially s/he tries to stay away from the factions but by level 10 or so an attack on Heavy Melder forces him/her to choose: Free Fleet or Metanoid…

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