Vote for Me as I Continue to Expose Terrifying Conspiracies

My Round 3 match at the Aniblog Tourney is super close and there are only 5 hours or so left.  If you like this blog and haven’t voted yet please do!!  Heck, even if you don’t like this blog but are curious as to what antics I’ll be up to in the next round, vote for me!!  Remember, only your continued support makes possible the quality paranormal (as in: definitely not normal) research that Kritik der Animationskraft is known for, research that leads to posts like the one that follows:

As we all known, beholders are monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, also commonly known as eye tyrants.  These creatures are basically round, floating, creepy, evil things with several eyes.  Beholders show up all over the place in Japanese pop culture, though the name gets changed to avoid copyright issues.  If you’ve played Japanese games you’ve probably seen them (I’m looking at you, Final Fantasy).  In fact, the reason I started thinking of beholders was because of a scene in the Persona 4 anime [here], followed by my thoughts on Ozma [here].

Beholders can hide very well and obviously never miss a thing.  There are several types of beholder, including the powerful elder orb variety.  All of them are magical and at least some beholders are capable of teleportation.  They can also be very sneaky and hard to find.  The home of the beholders in many settings of D&D is the Far Realm, a dimension that is strongly based on Lovecraft’s works.

Now things start to get freaky.  The D&D Far Realm is the antithesis to our universe, and people traveling there go mad with horror.  The Leijiverse, that is, Leiji Matsumoto‘s metaverse of stories, has something just like this: the realm of the Noo.  I won’t go into the Noo, but I can tell you that they are the main foe in the Endless Odyssey series, which is indeed very Lovecraftian.  Most of the information we have about the Noo comes from episode 3, minutes 15:00 through 21:00 (if you have a chance, read the first couple of pages of the Leijiverse Integrated Timeline for a good summary of the Noo and their weird universe).

Here comes the smashing revelation.  If you freeze the screen right around minute 17:00 of episode 3 of Endless Odyssey, during a scene when Daiba is being harassed by mysterious Noo entities, you catch a glimpse of what to my eyes can only be described as a beholder rising from the ground.  This is right after a great skull (which morphs into his face) has menaced him.  I’ll save you the trouble:

Recap: the skull/face, obviously a magical illusion, confronts Daiba.  Harlock shoots and destroys it (not directly, of course, but inasmuch as by his gunfire he disturbs whatever is creating the illusion).  The illusion crumbles and we see something rising from the ground.  Something with stalks and eyes coming out of them.  A magic-user, a beholder.

I believe there is a rationale for the positing of beholders in the Leijiverse, as disturbing as the possibility is.  Consider that so much of what occurs in the Leijiverse is available to us.  We see images in videos as well as in books, almost as if there were a number of observers watching everything and recording it for our sakes.  These observers would apparently be able to watch without being seen, and teleport from one “scene” to another so as to follow events as they transpired from more than one point of view.

But what do the Noo beholders want with us?!  I don’t know…yet, but I’ll try to figure it out…

~ by Haloed Bane on June 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “Vote for Me as I Continue to Expose Terrifying Conspiracies”

  1. Beholders in the Leijiverse?

    Wonders never cease. Good luck in round 3.

    • Thanks, road.

      As for beholders, don’t take my word for it. Watch this video from minute 4 (tried to cue it but it’s not working).

      If that isn’t a beholder, or two or three, I’d like to know what is.

  2. Leijitimize myself? B-But I’m afraid…

    • Forget your fears and put the MANLY back in woMANLY. Let Maetel and Emeraldas show the way:

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