Tomorrow’s Special Election: THAT vs Lemmas and Submodalities

The other day my blog and Analog Housou passed Round 3 of the Aniblog Tourney (Group 10).  For Round 4 I was scheduled to face the 2nd place blog in Group 12.  But then something unexpected occurred: THAT and Lemmas and Submodalities tied for 1st place.  In order to solve this situation, tomorrow there will be a special election, lasting only 24 hours instead of the usual 48, intended to figure out 1st and 2nd place in Group 12 once and for all.

Considering that their first match ended in a tie, it’s very possible that the rematch will be very close as well.  It is for this reason that I’m debating whether to endorse one of these blogs tomorrow.  My endorsement could very well tip the scale one way or another.  Quite frankly, I feel both blogs are very good at what they do.  THAT is as venerable an aniblog as they come, and Lemmas in the span of a single year has achieved stunning success.  Either one of these blogs would be a favorite against Kritik der Animationskraft, there’s no debating that.

Therefore if I am to endorse a blog it must be for Machiavellian reasons.  The endorsement must be an attempt to maximize my chances in Round 4.  As such, it might be a good idea for me to endorse the blog I feel would be hardest to beat (remember, I will be facing the loser in the special election, not the winner).  But which blog is that?  I would like to hear anyone and everyone’s opinions on this matter.  Then again, it might be good to abstain from the fray and act neutral.  It could be good for the image of my blog, after all.  Or perhaps I should endorse the blog that’s likeliest to win so as to look all wise and knowing.  Then again, I have no clue which one that would be at this point.

What do you all think?  I’d like to know.

(mind games give me a headache)

~ by Haloed Bane on June 16, 2012.

8 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Special Election: THAT vs Lemmas and Submodalities”

  1. I don’t know any of the two blogs anymore. Considering that both are doing equally well though, I suppose neither will be easy to win against and it’ll be close no matter what. So don’t worry so much 😉

    I guess I’m not helping but anyways, good luck!

    • Hmmm, so maybe the best solution would be to go back in time and erase this post?? I’ll consider it, though last time I used my time machine I kinda messed with the timeline and we ended having that whole New Coke fiasco.

      I do apologize to all the world. I seriously thought I could improve the formula 😦

  2. Lemmas and Sub… It’s too long. I’d picked snipettee

  3. Abstain unless you really like what one of these blogs do or root for any of them for personal reasons. Messing with chances is no good.

    You’ll have my vote anyway, if that’s any help 🙂

  4. I just opened my Google Reader and saw this article. I would like to write a response post but I’m terrible in doing it… just want to say that I’m really humbled to see my blog’s name in your post. Thank you and good luck in the tourney.

    • You’re welcome, and good luck today! And if you don’t win, then we’ll get to meet in the next round 🙂

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