Situation Room (Round of 16)

I want to thank everyone who has supported this blog in the first four rounds of the Aniblog Tourney.  Now allow me to take you on a little trip down Elm Street (as in, “Nightmare on..”).

Casecoin: “What the hell is that?!” Alberta: “It’s a landslide, sir, a galactic landslide.”

First, a graphic illustration.  Here is how my vote count measures up, round per round, against my next opponent’s <whom I will face on the 26th>.

There does not in this world exist a pastel color relaxing enough to assuage the anxiety produced by the preceding numbers.

For those not so mathematically inclined, here is an anecdotal illustration.

Recently, Dark_Sage wrote a blog policy post.  In it, he stated that:

“I will not accept requests to review a certain episode. This should go without saying.”

He then proceeds to detail what kind of requests he may take, and how.

IN CONTRAST, I never get any requests.  Check that, I do sometimes get requests for scans of Ikki Tousen chapters.  That’s about it, and the saddest thing of all is I don’t actually have the scans people ask for.

Friends of mine, German fairy tellers described it best when introducing themselves at salon parties: “The name is Grimm.”

“Dire” works just as well, I guess.  Any ideas on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

~ by Haloed Bane on June 24, 2012.

10 Responses to “Situation Room (Round of 16)”

  1. Wait are you taking requests? I’m sure I can think of something.

    • Well, that ain’t exactly the point of the…meh, whatever. Yeah, I’m open for requests.

  2. Less old school, more moe.

  3. What to do? Be proud for having made it so far with a blog heavily focused on a fairly underdog franchise and a white on black blog style. Even THAT is a traditionally strong and fairly popular blog, and it is designed and gears towards attracting readers. It was a close call after all.

    Bottom line: You are really popular. I am sure that you have lots of voters who, like me, read perhaps 10% of what you actually write due to lack of Leijiverse knowledge.

    • Thanks 🙂 Many blogs in the contest are ignoring it altogether, so campaigning as I do, plus of course the votes of a committed group of supporters, usually takes me over the edge.

      It’s funny that you mention the white on black thing. One of the gimmicks I was planning for tomorrow was turning it into a white blog (then of course turning it back after voting was done hehe). But now I’ve let the white cat out of the bag, so I won’t do it.

    • Totes with Sasa mang. I read very little of your posts since I’m way the fuck out of the loop even on current shit much less ancient leiji secrets, but man, I try. I read like a paragraph here and there, and sometimes I just outright read a whole post about a random episode of like Nazo no Kanojo X, just to see how it’s holding up for you. I just love reading this site that fucking much. I mean, you know that, since I’ve been raving that this was my favorite blog ever since 2008, but it’s never stopped being true. I don’t give a shit about “anime blogs” or “the sphere” or keeping up with anything. I just really really love a handful of blogs, which yours belongs to.

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