Mysterious Girlfriend X 12: Vile Pigs and Cute Doggies

The first thing that I noticed with this episode was we got to see quite a bit of Urabe’s eyes (usually one at a time but hey), and boy did they/it get emotional.  I’m not going to try to ascribe any deeper meaning to this…it’s just nice to see more often.

So, the big question: why don’t these two just get a room and be done with it?? [heck, Urabe’s house is always empty so they don’t even need a hotel].

I wish I had a novel answer to this question but I don’t.  Basically, Urabe is putting it off, as girls often do, because she wants to take things slowly.  It’s of course part and parcel of the hallowed and, to young men, extremely painful traditional period of courtship.  I emphasize the word “painful” here, taking Tsubaki’s lead, who really does look like he’s about to die.  I don’t blame Urabe, though.  For one thing, she’s slowly bonding and opening up to Tsubaki, and for her this takes a long time.  In addition, and pardon my frankness, there has been many a boy in the history of the world who has lost interest in a girl soon after their first night together.  There has even been, as incredible as this may sound, many a boy in the history of the world who has blamed the sudden loss of interest in the girl on the girl herself, the fact that she surrendered what he so longed for becoming after the deed a blemish in his eyes.  Which is to say, boys, and men in general, tend to be pigs.

It annoys me a bit that Tsubaki isn’t asking Urabe after her parents.  I mean, something’s odd there.  Yes, I realize the story isn’t ready to spring whatever is up with the family scene upon us yet but geez, at least have him ask something and have her brush it off.  I guess the hormones must be affecting his brain.

The dream disturbed me because it reminded me of the Room of Gaf (Guf/Gauf).  The white clones of Urabe are dead ringers for the multiple Reis.  And Tsubaki looks like Shinji, and he kinda is like Shinji, no?  I mean, unless I’m totally crazy.  Whatever, maybe I am crazy.  Let’s move on.

I really dig this Suwano girl.  She looks a bit doggish (in a good way).  In fact:

Here we have a good example of successful experimental character design.  The end result is very pleasing to the eye, but who would have dreamt crossing Hayakawa with a bloodhound could work?!  Well, somebody obviously did!  It’s a matter of experimenting, and I myself have been knocking around several such formulations recently in my own pseudo-artistic endeavors.  Anyway, if I were going to Tsubaki’s high school I’d be aiming for Suwano, ’nuff said.

As we head into the final episode next week, I really do hope we get an announcement for a second season soon.  I’m committed to suffer along with Tsubaki for as long as it takes, but for his sake I’d rather his chance came sooner rather than later 🙂

~ by Haloed Bane on June 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Mysterious Girlfriend X 12: Vile Pigs and Cute Doggies”

  1. when he touched her pillow and found out that it was soggy from i suppose her hot dreams during the night i like to imagine that she was humping that pillow between her loins instead of just sweetly sweating on it
    totally want a S2 of this as well

    • She’s a total perv, as she admits in this ep. Can Tsubaki really live up to her pent-up needs when the time comes for them to burst forth like a tropical storm? Yes, we need an S2 to find out!

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