K-on!koro K-on!nect!!!!!!! (And Vote for Me~)

I’m up for my Round 5 match of the Aniblog Tourney today at 4 pm EST.  I’ll talk a little more about this at the end of the post.

First KO is for K-On!, second KO is for getting KO’d, RO is for rope-a-dope. Really! This show caught me by surprise and rope-a-doped me into a knockout with K-On! goodness.  (You know Muhammad Ali of course?!)


OMG this show totally blew my mind!  I am so glad I decided to try out every show this season.  I’m so blogging this!!!  Check it out.

Spoilers ahead…  So there’s these 2 guys and these 3 girls and they apparently are going to start switching bodies (not on purpose but accidentally, though this one girl is obviously a lesbian and so she’s totally into switching into other girls, I’m so getting ahead of myself though!).  You have the cute girl that’s a little bit perverted, and then the classic moe babe and then the grumpy one, who’s kind of a babe too.  You know me, though, I’m all about MOE!!  I think this one is the real deal too, we’ll see.  BTW, I think I remember a couple of eighties’ movies about this subject but I think it’s still so fresh.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to switch bodies with the girl of your dreams??  I mean, his dreams?  I’m so there.

I know what you’re thinking: “She’s adorable”. Yeah, and she’s mine! (I agree with you though, she reminds me of many other favorites of mine)

And of course the fact that the art is by the K-On! guy is a definite plus.  If a series has K-On! art you have to at least give it a chance, amirite?  Actually, I think one of the girls (the one I like) looks kind of like Mugi-chan from K-On! so don’t mind me I’ll be pretending my Tsumugi dakimakura is actually Yui now.  (This is a really neat way to keep having “fresh” dakimakuras without spending a lot of money.  You just pretend they’re different characters that are sort of similar looking.  Like, once in a while I pretend my dakimakura Ryomou Shimei is actually Rei Ayanami.  Though come to think of it in this case it’s really confusing because there’s already a girl called Yui in K-On!!!  And now I’m thinking it’d be awesome if the K-On! girls crossed-over into Kokoro Connect.  Connecting is what this all about, right 😉  I bet you there’s doujin about that all over Japan now).

The dialogue is rock solid.  It’s not really heavy or anything, but it’s feel good fun and has, I don’t know, just enough spice to it.  I know people are going to start calling the dialogue stupid.  There’s always got to be haters.  I don’t care.  The truth is I don’t want a first episode to begin heavy anyway.  I’m sure we’ll get into really serious stuff later on with all the body-switching and stuff.  I hope this is like 26 episodes at least.  That would totally rock.

The first time I saw this I thought the right eye was all strange and just badly drawn for sure. But I’m thinking now that it’s like the art is trying to tell us that she’s going berserk for boobs!!

In conclusion, I guess I can say I’m glad that this comes from a light novel and not the manga, just because I always end up having this conflict whether I should read the manga when an anime comes out or no.  People always say the manga is better, I don’t know.  I think it depends on the subbers and the scanlators.  Too much of a headache.  It’s just a cartoon right?  Relax, Whiners!  Anyway, if the second half of this episode (did I mention we’ve only got the first half so far?) is as good as the first, you can count me in.  Either way, Yui is mine (both of them!), and also Tsumugi, and maybe the lesbian in this one too (I forget the name and too lazy to look it up now).  Anyway, we’ll see 😀


Some people don’t know this, but I love Moe and Shonen and Mecha.  I really do!  Not only that, I believe that all human beings and animals were created equal (by “created” I’m not being anti-evolution if you’re into the science though, I studied it too) and we should do everything to promote their happinesses till the end of time.  I like my country, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.  I think nationalism is in the past and every country has something to share.  Also, I really like the Dalai Lama (my Mom has all his books), but not in this bigoted, Buddhism kicks ass and every other religion sucks kind of way, but in a let’s learn from each tradition so we can create a world culture that’s far better than all the little cultures.  Maybe I will talk about my personal journey with the spirit world in my next post…  Oh, but I’m also a serious nihilist if you know what I mean.  I’m totally down with you nihilists.  Nietzsche lives!!  (Frodo lives too.  I admit I’m a little gay for Frodo.  I mean the actor.  Maybe I will talk about my sexual journey in another post as well, so many topics with so little time~).

Vote for me!  (Kidding, vote for Whiners too (though he doesn’t like the subs much).  It’d be cool if we could all vote for both blogs.  I just might, but don’t tell Scamp haha!!)

~ by Haloed Bane on June 26, 2012.

17 Responses to “K-on!koro K-on!nect!!!!!!! (And Vote for Me~)”

  1. AK? Is that you behind the wall of pink?

  2. A nightmare 😀

  3. Hahahaha what have I done! I do have to admit that I like the pinkness a lot. Now you have to put actual sakura blossoms into your header, along with a picture of Card Captor Sakura, who actually is truly awesome.

  4. Mother of God…

    Truly you’re the best campaigner in this contest.

  5. So it has come to this?


    • Don’t you know that kimoi and kawaii are two sides of the same coin??

      The coin, BTW, looks like this:

  6. Where’s the sakura? D:

  7. This serious exceeded my expectation! So far it seems each of the female character have their own personal problems. The sensei kind of reminded me of Okabe from stein gates

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