Darkness Returns (re: Aniblog Tourney)

I’ve switched to my old black, as the pinkness was actually starting to grow on me (and I was worried it was a tumor).  I must say the pinkness helped as my vote total almost doubled from last round, and even though technically I lost, I managed to get the 5th highest vote total in the Round of 16, so I actually kind of totally did enough to pass and was only denied by circumstances beyond my control.  Winning~

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me throughout the Tourney.  I congratulate Whiners.pro and wish Dark_Sage the best in the upcoming struggle.


~ by Haloed Bane on June 28, 2012.

11 Responses to “Darkness Returns (re: Aniblog Tourney)”

  1. I’ll just have to win the whole damn thing. Then it’d be like you got second place overall. I mean, technically, right?

    • Absolutely. If you win then I can just say that I was the Jedi Master, and you were the dark apprentice that stabbed me in the back and went all the way to build a death star. I’m dead and buried, but I still get to do cameos as a ghost.

  2. Damn AK, well I’m totally proud of how far you made it!!!

    • Hehe. That’s almost word for word what my wife said.

      • Clearly Digibro is your second wife. Also, by that logic, I am the mistress… Thinking about it, you really should watch Bakemonogatari! 😀 It’s the only good harem show – the harem show to end all harem shows.

        • I was gonna tell him to watch it myself, but I think he already tried it before? I couldn’t remember.

          • I wrote this back in 2009: “After having gained so many recommendations to watch Bakemonogatari, and after having actually watched the first two episodes and enjoyed them, I must regretfully let the series go. It’s a game of priorities here on out, and what must be jettisoned must be jettisoned etc.”

            I’ll see if I can pick it up again this July…

  3. I welcome the darkness back. The saddest thing is we’ll never find out what you might have come up with for the Final!

  4. A shame you didn’t keep going but you made it far which is awesome. I’m glad the pink is gone. It was starting to grow on me oddly enough but the familiar darkness is more welcome! XD

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