Ikki Tousen Chapter 130 Translation

I trust the post title is self-explanatory, no?  Each speech or thought bubble gets its own set of quotation marks, except the (….) bubbles which I pass over.  The section numbers refer to the pages.  Kansai girl is Yagyuu, aka Juubei.


We begin with a blurb on the background of the Muramasa swords.  Both Zanryuu and Ittouseki are Muramasa swords, i.e. made by master swordmaker Mr. Lord Muramasa Esq. Ph.D. inc.


An image of a blade swiftly cutting through bamboo.


Then we see Kansai girl is responsible for this deforestation.


More fighting.  Kansai girl keeps trying to get at Chou’un while the latter won’t even unsheathe her blade.


Even more fighting, as Kansai girl comes close to performing female circumcision on Chou’un.  That’s a no-no Kansai girl!


“Hey, hey,” says Kansai girl, “you’re just giving me the run around!”  “Why don’t you..” “use your Zanryuu?!” (Zanryuu is the particular name of Chou’un’s sword).  Chou’un isn’t talking but she thinks: “She’s fast!”


More maneuvering, more bamboo cut.


Chou’un senses something is wrong.  She thinks: “From below??” and just then we see Kansai girl throw a bunch of sharp projectile thingies at her.  Chou’un is hit…


Kansai girl says: “Hehe.”  “Hehe.”  “Are you sure you’re Kanto’s Number One?”  Chou’un is bent over and there is blood on the ground.  Kansai girl wonders: “Maybe”  “Kan’u is the strongest after all?”  “Or Kyocho?”  “Or Kakouen?”

This evidently pisses Chou’un off.  She says: “I don’t know…” “…what one measures strength with…”


Chou’un continues: “If strength is all about martial skill”  “then the people you mentioned just now should fit the bill.”  “However,”  ” that’s strictly regarding”  “martial skill.”

Chou’un still speaks but the image of a Muramasa sword.  “Martial skill is something that you can advance in through hard training”.  “It’s something that can be overcome through hard work.”

“However, there are things you cannot overcome.”  “Things you have with you since birth.”  “That’s the strength you have as a warrior.”  We see a magatama as Chou’un ends with the word “Vessel.”  And her point is well-made.  These warriors are vessels for the spirits of the warriors long ago.  There’s just so much they can do for themselves, fate has a large hand in affairs.


“If you call this strength,” Chou’un goes on, “then there is someone whose feet I cannot even reach.”

And just like that there’s a scene change.  We’re back in Chinatown staring at Hakufu’s bottom.


Hakufu is stretching lazily amid the carnage.  “”Mmmmm”  “Feels good…”  “First battle in a while…”  “I guess punches and kicks is where it’s at.”


One of the guys in the ground grunts to the other (in Kansai dialect, mind you): “Whoa, whoa, who’s the one that said ‘this idiot should be OK.?!'”  The other guy responds: “Gimme a break,”  “She looked like a big boobed boob!”

The guy keeps talking as we see Hakufu flexing her stuff.  “I mean, look at Kan’u earlier, and this big boob here..”  “You can’t judge Kanto by how it looks.”

Hakufu finally steps in, and crushes the guy’s crotch.  “Hey!  Stop calling me boob and big boobed.”  “I have a proper name and it’s Hakufu!”  The guy yells “aargh” and one of his friends yells “Ah!” as he realizes who this lady really is.  The guys keeps stammering: “This..this..can’t be…”  “What’s with you?” says another dude.  “Nah, it must be…” the first man keeps going, “With that strength and those boobs..”  “Huh?” says clueless man.  Then the first man explains: “Dumbass, don’t you know who she is.  She’s super famous over here.”  “She’s the one who beat Sousou, the Hero of Red Cliffs.”  “Whaaat??  You sure?”

Hakufu overhears all of this, and blushes.  “Fa-, fa-”  “Famous?  That should be..”


“…Ryuubi, I think.”  Then I’m guessing she senses Koukin is looking for her, because she goes “Hm?” and then we see Koukin looking for her.

“Hakufu,” he thinks.  “Where the heck did she go to?”  “Bringing her to Chinatown to celebrate her recovery was a mistake…”  Then he spots something in the distance.  “Oh!”  No way, did she start fighting already?!”  “The ribs Sousou broke haven’t even healed yet!” he says as he runs forth.


Back to the bamboo slashing.


Kansai girl slashes the tip of Chou’un’s sword off, even though it’s still sheathed.  She sees the bit of sheath on the ground and says: “What’s that?”  Then she picks up the blade and comments: “I know…” “that Ittouseki’s blade is sharp but…”

Ittouseki is Kansai girl’s own sword.


“…can it slice a Muramasa blade”  “sheath and all?”

Chou’un answers: “This sword…”  “is a fake.”  “I’m having Lord Muramasa fix my Zanryuu at the moment.”

Kansai girl thinks about the situation and then declares: “I’m off.”

She picks up her bag.  “You’re hurt.”  “And anyway there’s no point in beating someone who’s unarmed.”  “Though even if you were in tiptop shape”  “you wouldn’t be worthy of me.”


As Kansai girl is walking all of a sudden her eyepatch just falls to the ground.  There’s a trickle of blood on her cheek.  She realizes the horrible truth: “Did she get one strike in?”  “And with a fake sword!!”  “I didn’t see it.”  “If that had been a real Muramasa”  “my skull would have….”


Rather than keep going, she takes out a teaset and does a little tea ceremony.  “Mmmm,” she says, trying to relax and forget the fact that Chou’un totally showed her who was boss.  And Cho’un is looking at her like WTF.


Kansai girl apologizes to Chou’un once the tea has settled her down a bit.  “I’ll take back what I said.”  “Sorry..”  “You’re kinda strong…  I said too much.”

She sips on the tea and adds: “But..”  “about what you said.”  “About you not being able to reach even as low as someone’s feet.”  “What’s with that?”  Kansai girl is definitely intrigued about who might be this amazingly strong individual.

But of course, rather than letting us know the answer, the author decides to change back to Hakufu’s antics in Chinatown.

“Ouch ouch!”  “Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!”  Hakufu seems to be in terrible pain, probably her ribs are starting to hurt.  Her foes are looking at each other like WTF.  “What is bothering her??”  “I do-don’t know…”  The first guy says: “Hey, maybe now’s our chance, no?”  And then the other guys says “Ah!”


The dudes from Kansai rush to the attack yelling: “Let’s git her!!” in lovely lynching fashion.

And…we switch back to Chou’un’s neck of the woods.  Kansai girl is saying: “You know what?”  “Back in Kansai…”  “There is someone whose feet I can’t even reach too.”


OK, so in this page Kansai girl keeps talking but visually we’re back in Chinatown.  Kansai girl says: “You’ll have to forgive me but…”  “in this world of ours”  “no warrior is stronger than her.”

And we see what seems to be that super-tough Kansai warrior arrived at Hakufu’s, and all of the Kansai dudes are stunned and fearful.  This Kansai superstar looks actually like straight out of Shibuya, with bleached hair and tanned skin.  But maybe that’s just this shot.  We’ll see next chapter.

The last sentence in the chapter is from the narrator, so to speak: “Is this girl Kansai’s best?!


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  1. where might I find these chapters.

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