Ikki Tousen Chapter 131 Translation




This seems to be the chapter’s title, as the words are at the very top of page 1.  The chapter begins in Shibuya, as gossip of this monstrous event begins to propagate.  One person’s phone chat log reads:

1ONE – 30 minutes ago = Kan’u taken to the hospital.

you_ji – 26 minutes ago = Was it those dudes hunting for magatamas?

TamagetaOcO – 24 minutes ago = She was huge!

mikamika – 23 minutes ago = The entrance to Kantei-byo temple is all bloody (>_<)

mxOvOxm – 21 minutes ago = Seiryutou all torn up.

People are going crazy in Shibuya.  “Ka..Kan’u!?”  “Can…this be??”  Then the narrator steps in: “What is this rumor flying about?”  And after that someone else stammers: “The famous Kan’u…?!”


The three bubbles in this page are kind of a collective scream from the warrior crowd: “The unbeaten general Kan’u Unchou”  “lost”  “to a bunch of dudes in Chinatown?!”  We see word getting around to Hakugen, Gakushu, Taishiji and even Sousou.


This is one of those historical blurbs, on Chouhi Ekitoku.  Chouhi should be concerned because she’s from Kansai originally, and the magatama hunters are from the same region.


We’re back to Ryuubi’s neck of the woods.  There are still Jenga pieces strewn about from Chapter 128.  Ryuubi, Chouhi and Shokatsuryo are being told of the news.

Ryuubi starts yelling: “That’s a lie!”  “It must be some kind of mistake.”  “Kan’u…Kan’u…is not supposed to lose against anyone!”  Chouhi won’t stop snacking, and her response is quite methodical: “That’s right.”  “You’re talking about Chinatown, right?”  “Our Kan’u is off in the mountains roleplaying an ascetic monk right about now.”

The big hunking messenger says: “Bu-but…the gossip is all over the place.”

Chouhi remains unperturbed: “Nonsense, nonsense.”  “They’re mistaking her with some other big shot.”


The dude takes out his phone: “But”  “how about this?”  We see the image of something very broken.  “Is this..”  “The Seiryuu..tou?”

Ryuubi immediately gets on the phone, and hears the following message: “The number you have dialed has traveled outside of the service area or…”  Ryuubi yelps “No.”  Then the man starts dialing his phone: “I’ll try Chou’un.”  “She might know something.”

The phone rings “ring ring ring ring”, and the man reports: “She’s not picking up.”  Chouhi finally loses it: “Right now of all times?!”

Now one of the old dudes whose names and functions I neither remember nor care abou muses: “I wonder if not only Kan’u”  “but also Chou’un fell at the hands of those magatama hunters.”


“Hey baldie, you stop tripping now,” Chouhi says to him.  “There’s no way that’s what happened.”

Baldie retorts: “Today is Chou’un’s turn to take care of the bath.”  Chouhi goes “Huh?”  Baldie goes on: “Why hasn’t she come back here?”  I’m guessing baldie is counting on Chou’un’s extreme sense of responsibility.  Something has to be wrong, at any rate.

The dude that brought the message agrees: “Now that you mention it, it’s hard to believe Chou’un would skip her duty without contacting us.”  Shokatsuryo chimes in: “It’d be the first time.”  And baldie rests his case: “Exactly.  It’s far more natural to believe that something must have happened to her.”

The messenger dude is not convinced though.  “Putting the A-ranked Ganryou aside.”  “It’s tough to think that someone could beat those two Special A-ranks.”  Yes, it is tough to think of someone being able to beat both Chou’un and Kan’u…  Baldie’s response: “There” “there”, “there’s the Kansai warrior.”  “Right,” “Chouhi?”


Ryuubi turns to Chouhi: “Hm?”  Chouhi is silent so Ryuubi asks: “Wh-what is he talking about,”  “Chouhi?”

Chouhi says, or thinks: “Damn.”  Going and bringing up stuff I don’t want to remember.  That idiot.”  The bag of chips looks pretty empty, so Chouhi begins to open up: “Well.”  “Kan’u is strong.”  “She’s super strong.”  “I think she’d be grouped in the very strong class even back in Kansai.”  “There’s no doubt about it.”  “But…”

“To be honest with you…”  “It’d be tough to call her number one.”

Do you notice what the mangaka is doing here?  All of the sudden not only do we find that there’s tons of fighters over in Kansai, but we learn that apparently their fighting level is higher overall than the Kanto fighters’.  I call BS right here.  We’ve gone through 19 volumes of dudes trying to win in Kanto in order to rule the universe, and now you want us to believe a two-hour bullet train ride away there’s even tougher fighters who, for some inexplicable reason, haven’t shown up to claim what’s there until now??  Either the stakes aren’t as high over here in Tokyo and Yokohama as we thought, or Kansai fighters are morons, but obviously they’re not, so I’ll be curious to see how our mangaka gets out of this fix.


Ryuubi’s jaw drops: “Whaat?”  Chouhi just adds: “Same goes for Chou’un.”  Messenger dude says: “Unbelievable.  Those two?”  “Better than those Special A’s?”

We don’t say who loses it next but I reckon it’s Ryuubi: “He’s…” “He’s right!”  “These are Special A ranks.”  “There aren’t supposed to be people above them.”  “They’re not supposed to lose.”

Chouhi looks pained.  “We”  “didn’t know…”  “There were folks in Kansai even higher than Special A’s, huh.”  (I wonder if Chouhi is using the condescending “we” used for children and dogs as in “We like that, don’t we.”)  Ryuubi can only manage a “Huh?”


“They’re called S-ranks,” reveals Chouhi.

Haha, rank inflation.  Rank rank inflation, even.  Hehe.  First we think there’s like A’s and B’s and C’s.  Then we find out that not all A’s are equal.  And now we hear there’s S-ranks, conveniently tucked away two hours by bullet train.  Oh brother.


Scene change: Chinatown Hospital.  Soujin is sneezing: “A-choo!”  “Umm..”  “I wonder if someone’s gossiping about me.”  Kakouton is pretty pissed: “Of course they are.”  “Dammit.”

Kakouton shows her his phone: “This is your doing, right, Soujin?”  Soujin is quiet.  “And now..” “the whole world’s upside down.”  “Since I’ve seen it in the flesh I could tell it was Chouryou’s,” Kakouton comments as he stares.  “But anyone who hasn’t will look at the Seiryuutou and think it’s Kan’u’s.”


“To top it off the bystanders said you’d been super injured, so I came here all worried.”  “And you’ve only got scratches on you.”  Kakouton finishes by asking: “Just who kicked your butt?”

“Well,”  “that’s…”  Soujin struggles to find an answer, and instead we get a flashback to what happened.  We hear, but don’t see, someone speaking in the Kansai dialect: “How lucky~”  “Meeting a big shot so soon.”  “The undefeated general Special A-rank”  “Kan’u Unchou.”

Soujin is sitting on the ground.  Presumably this is right after she fooled a bunch of Kansai thugs into believing she was Kan’u.  Lies bring bad karma.  Soujin thinks: “What, again already??”  “It’s tough being Kan’u.”

Soujin stands up and holds her Seiryuutou.  “Hmph, what a reckless fool.” She thinks: “What else can I do, but pretend like before?”


Soujin starts to wield her weapon and say the famous line: “It’s been a while” “since I heard…”  But before she knows it, the Seiryuutou is taken from her hands and she’s hit with something across the face.  She falls down exposing her undies in the classic Soujin style.

Bystanders say bystander-like things: “OMG!”  “That’s awful.”  “So that’s what happens to a face when…”

Back in the here and now, Soujin tells Kakouton: “Honestly, I didn’t have time to tell who I was facing it before I was already on the floor.”  “Ummm”  “Though I think I remember the person spoke Kansai dialect.”  Kakouton says: “Huh?”


“And,” Soujin goes on, “there’s one more thing.”  “I think she said…” “she wanted the magatama.”  We get some pretty shots of Yokohama here, not that we haven’t had enough of them in this manga but…


A bench in a park.  It’s raining.  Hakufu is dead asleep on the lap of…the super Kansai mystery lady with the tanned skin and bleached hair..who’s eyeing her magatama!  And the narrator says: “And her target is…”


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  1. When is the next chapter

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