Ikki Tousen Chapter 132 Translation



“Assaulted by the fighters from Kansai…”  “Evil hands creep up on Hakufu…”

There is a blurb on this page about the King of Na gold seal, reinforcing the connection between ancient Japan and China.


The Kansai girl Yagyuu has finished her tea and is tidying up at the moment.  “Well then” “I’ll go home.”

Chou’un goes: “Huh?” and Yagyuu responds: “I told you already!”  “I’m not fighting handicapped people.”  “I mean…”  “If I’m going up against someone amazing like you”  “I’d like it to be a fair battle.”


“But,”  “when the time comes you’ll die for sure.”  Yagyuu reaches into her pocket.  “Hm?”  “Hm?”  “Wait.”  “What?”  She reaches into her bag.  “Hm?”  “Hmm?”  “No way!”  Now he turns around to Chou’un: “Uhmm..” “Could you”  “lend me some money?”


Yokohama.  Koukin is running in the rain, yelling “Hakufu!”  “Hakufuu!”


Koukin stops, and complains: “Dammit.”  “I’m stumped.”  “Where did she run off to?”  And then he says: “Ah!”  “Haku…”

What’s left him speechless is Hakufu still asleep on a bench, with the super Kansai warrior woman of doom totally taking advantage of her (or maybe Hakufu is dying and this lady is resuscitating her, I’m not sure).


Koukin rather impolitely interrupts: “Umm” “Ahh…”


The Kansai woman leaves off kissing and stands up.


Kansai mystery woman finally speaks (in standard Japanese BTW): “You’d better look after her properly.”  “She’s your precious girlfriend, isn’t she?”  “Fighting such a big crowd injured like this..”  “Her ribs are cracked.”  “Please look after her.”  Now, while she is saying all of this, Koukin is thinking (or maybe it’s the birds thinking, as the unbubbled text begins right next to them): “What is going on?”  “A hallucination?”  “This ch’i force,”  “this terrible unearthly presence…”


Koukin thinks in bubbles and mumbles outside of them.  He thinks: “It’s totally clear..”  “But no.”  “Was it my mistake?”  And he mumbles: “Ahh.”  “Uhhmm.”

So Koukin, I’m guessing, is stunned that this woman was Frenching his favorite cousin, and he’s actually delusional enough to believe maybe he misunderstood what he just saw.

Scene change to Yagyuu, who’s undressing as she tries to find some cash.  “Nope”  “Nope”  “Ugh”  “I’ve looked everywhere.”


“I dropped my wallet somewhere.”  “This sucks.”  “Whhoooa”, she says, as she discovers a 100-yen coin tucked in her panties.  Chou’un has had enough: “Uhmm..”  “It’s not much but you can have what I have on me…”

And Yagyuu sprouts a tail.  There’s no other way to describe it, and don’t ask me what it means.


“Really?” asks Yagyuu.  “Yes,” says Chou’un.  “Wow!  Thank you!”  Yagyuu is so ecstatic she hugs Chou’un.  “I’m saved!”  “I just arrived in Tokyo today and haven’t even looked for a place to stay”.  The Kansai dialect seems to have dropped off here.  It’s very odd.

“Today?” questions Chou’un.  And then it would seem she reflects on matters out loud, because Yagyuu can hear here.  “If I remember right..”  “Ganryou’s ear-cutting incident happened two or three days ago.”  Yagyuu comments as she buttons her shirt up: “What?”  “Ear cutting?”  What the heck’s that?”

“So it wasn’t you then,” reasons Chou’un, “But then, who on Earth..?”


Scene change.  Hakufu mumbles in her sleep: “Hmnbggh.”  Koukin notices: “Ah, Hakufu!”  Then the Kansai woman puts something in Koukin’s hand and says: “This”  “please return it to her.”


As she hands whatever it is over, she comments: “I already got something better”  “so I have no need for this.”  She turns her back and says: “Goodbye,”  “Little Shuuyu.”  And Koukin, whose full name is Shuuyu Koukin, goes: “Ah!”  He wants to stop her from going but only manages: “Uhhmm”  “Uhhmm.”

He begins to open his hand to look at the thing, and says: “Why did that person know my name..?”


Koukin realizes he’s holding a bloody ear with a magatama stuck in it.  He screams like a child “Eeeeeeeeek”, and of course Hakufu wakes up.  That’s how loud he is.  He’s dropped the ear on the ground and is staring at it: “What’s…this?!”  Then he notices Hakufu getting up: “Ha..Hakufu?!”


Koukin looks at Hakufu and says: “This isn’t Hakufu’s.”  “But then..”  “who does it belong to?!”

Hakufu is still groggy: “Hmnvfgg.”  “Koukin?”

Koukin grabs her rather dramatically: “Are you alright, Hakufu??”  “Did they do…something to you??”  Hakufu stares at him blindly: “Ahh.”  “Uhhmm.”

Then she remembers something.  “Oh”  “Oh yeah.  Where’s that girl?”  And Koukin goes: “Huh?”

“Hi-chan,” declares Hakufu.  “Koukin repeats dumbly: “Hi..?”  “Hi-chan saved me, you know,” Hakufu explains.  “You didn’t see her?”


Koukin manages to say: “So, that woman”  “her name is Hi-chan, huh.”  Hakufu says: “Yup.”  That’s the nickname I gave her just now, anyway.”  “Her name is Himiko”  “and so I call her Hi-chan.”

And then the narrator cues the drumroll and says: “The top fighter from Kansai is named “Himiko”!!”


So, I guess ideally just as the Kanto warriors all have spirits from the Chinese warriors of the Three Kingdoms era, the Kansai warriors would have spirits from Japanese warriors of the corresponding period in Japan.  The problem is that there aren’t enough named and known Japanese historical figures (let alone actual warriors) from so far back in Japan.  Japanese recorded history begins in earnest centuries after the Three Kingdoms period in China. So the mangaka has decided to simply make the Kansai warriors represent “cool people from Japanese history”, not confined to warriors and not confined to particular era.

We’ve already run into Yagyuu Mitsuyoshi, nicknamed “Juubei”, who was a 17th century samurai.  Now we’re facing Himiko, a semi-legendary queen in the third century.  Himiko is an excellent choice because she’s actually from the Three Kingdoms period, and her people had business with Sousou’s empire back then (so you already have a possible plotline set up).  But of course, she wasn’t a fighter as such.  And Yagyuu was a fighter but born over a millennium later.  Again, the mangaka is doing what he can with what he’s got.  I’ll be very curious to see how Himiko relates to Sousou and what her relationship, if any, is to Yagyuu’s character.

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