Merry Xmas (+ Ikki Tousen Chapter 133 Translation)

Before I get to the Ikki Tousen, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Basically, the only anime-related thing I’m doing these days is waiting for my copy of Vol. 1 of Galaxy Express 999 Ultimate Journey.  This is a novel series, written under Leiji’s supervision, dealing with the new stage of the Leijiverse (Mahoroba etc.).  I think the novel came in three volumes initially, but it’s being republished in a two-volume edition with tons of extras, and I’ve pre-ordered Vol. 1.  I think it will start shipping in a couple of days~  Anyway, you’ll be hearing about it in this blog soon enough.  Now on to the Three fleshy (flashy? flesh-flashy?) Kingdoms.



Koukin and Hakufu are eating in Chinatown.  The restaurant is called Manpuku Hanten, most likely modeled on the real-life Manpuku Dai Hanten.

Koukin begins talking: “So..”  “when that woman called Himiko turned up”  “all of the Kansai fighters ran away?”  Hakufu is busy eating and only manages a “Yup.”

“And then,” Koukin says, “you lost consciousness…”  Hakufu says “Yup.”  Koukin asks: “While you were out of it”  “you don’t know anything that happened to you, right?”

Hakufu turns to the waitress: “Ah”  “Can I have seconds?”  Koukin shouts: “Listen to me!”


Hakufu: “Hi-chan”  “is a good person.”  “If she wasn’t…”  “Oh, Koukin, you’re not going to eat this?”  “”I’ll have it then.”  Koukin looks on helplessly, and begins to think: “Hakufu says she’s a good person”  “but there’s no way I’m buying it.”  “That killer ch’i”  “and that torn ear.”  “It just wouldn’t be like her”  “to spare Hakufu without hurting her somehow.”  “What could it be?”  “I have a really bad feeling about this…”  [This word I translate as killer ch’i, by the way, is often translated as thirst for blood, but I think my literal translation works better here]

Koukin goes up to the register and the cashier says: “The total is 35,000 yen.”  And the narrator’s words are: “Bad feeling right on target.”


This chapter’s historical blurb is on Himiko.  The blurb emphasizes how little is known about her and how the Chinese chronicles emphasize that she reportedly gained and maintained her power through sorcery and the dark arts.  Yum.


“Thank you!” say what I imagine to be the waiters off camera.  Then Hakufu stretches.  “Ahhh…”  “I ate so much.”

Three thugs are walking down the street, the same who fled when Himiko came up earlier.  The blond one says: “What the fuck!  Why did Himiko have to show up??”  His black-haired comrade’s response is: “Let’s think about food now.  I’m starving.”

Then Hakufu notices the three and points at them: “AH!!”


Hakufu: “So you guys were still prowling around, huh.”  “”Alright then.”  “This is perfect.  Let’s pick it up where we left it so I can work off my meal.”  Koukin in the background counsels helplessly: “Hold on, hold on.”

Black-haired guy says in Kansai dialect: “What should we do?”

Blondie says: “Idiot, didn’t we just get beat?  It’s time to retreat!”

Hakufu rushes toward them: “Hey you!”  And they yell: “Whoa!”  and “Here she comes!”

Then she does a flying kick on blondie (the words here are pure SFX I think, like “Ka” “Pow!”


Hakufu crashes to the floor, so I’m going to go with “Yikes!”  “Ow~”  “I have to make sure not to put too much on it..”

But it’s too late for that. “What’s wrong with my knee.”

The thugs see she can’t stand up.  One of them: “Look”  “at her.”  “It’s our chance!”


Hakufu manages to kick blackhair in or near the leg with a “Eeyah!”.  The man can tell she’s not using her full power.  Hakufu can tell too, since he’s still standing.  “Maybe..”  “I shouldn’t restrain myself this much.”


Hakufu kicks blackhair on the face, and yet the man is immovable.  Either he suddenly turned to stone..or something’s wrong with Hakufu.

Hakufu says: “What the-?”  Then she spins out of control: “Whoa”  “Wait”  What?”  “Ouch!”  She falls to the ground.  Blackhair comments: “Hm.”  “Just a girl after hall.”  His fried with the hat asks: “Hey!”  “What’s going on?”

Blackhair explains: “I can’t really tell, but this woman is totally different from the one we ran into earlier.”  “She’s got no punch at all.”

His friends are happy: “You’re not kidding?”  “Well, knowing that then..”


The thugs yell “Let’s get her!!”  Then Koukin steps in the way.  Blackhair challenges him: “Hey!”  “Herbivore..”  “Get outta our way!”

And the scene changes to a mountain region.


Messenger comes running in.  “Chief!”  “Chief!”  “Chou’un’s back!”

Ryuubi cries: “Shii-san!” (that’s what she calls Chou’un).  “ you look like that?  “Did you get beaten?”

Chou’un replies: “I’m fine.”  She pauses, the continues: “More importantly,”  “there is someone who would like to stay here for the night.


Yagyuu comes in all shy.  “Good-”  “afternoon.”

And the scene changes back to Chinatown, where Koukin has just finished demonstrating that some herbivores are tougher than others.


Koukin looks at Hakufu: “Are you OK,”  “Hakufu?”  Hakufu says: “Y-yeah.”

Koukin handles: “What just happened?”  “Why couldn’t you handle this bunch?”  She says: “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know,” she repeats.  “I just don’t have any power in me.”

“Well,” says Koukin, as Hakufu tries to stand up with a “Hmmpgh.”  “Your ribs are broken,”  “and you just ate 30,000 yen worth of food.  Makes sense.”

Koukin notices her ear.  “Ha-Hakufu!”  “Your magatama!”  “Where did it go?”  And Hakufu just says: “Huh?”

The narrator ends with a quip: “Is the magatama the reason?”  Well, duh, thanks for that, Mr. Einstein.


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