Ikki Tousen Chapter 135 Translation

ghost the magic dragon


We find ourselves on a train on the Keikyu-Kurihama Line.  Significance?  The heart of this line is Yokosuka City, where Kyoshou Academy is located.  So we know it’s Sousou time.

The narrator’s opener is: “Yet another warrior from Kansai appears.”

There are two kogyaru on the train, and I’ll be darned if one of them doesn’t look like Himiko (but I guess she isn’t it).  One of them is playing on her phone and the other one is painting her toenails.  Phone girl says “So today’s lucky color is 3.”  “Doesn’t that suck?”  And toenails says: “Hilarious.”

The lucky color thing has to do with some numerology thing in Japan where you add the numbers of your birthday (like, if I was born on July 26 then it’s 7+2 + 6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6.  So my lucky color number is 6, which means my main lucky color is Orange.  But then I have to go look up in a table of birth years for number six to find out which other colors are suited to me (Green, for example).

Now, these bad girls are sitting on the silver seats (reserved for the elderly).  “Excuse me,” “milady”, “since this is a priority seat” “would you please move?”  We can’t see who’s saying this, but the language is rather archaic.  It’s now phone girl’s turn to say: “Hilarious.”


And then the girls look up and they say an enormous black-robed person.  They freak out, run, or roll out of the way and the giant gently places an old man on the seat.  “Elderly sir,” “this way”.  The old man just laughs: “Ho ho.”


In the historical blurb, Shiozaki decides to totally reveal the mystery that he set up 5 seconds ago on page 2.  The figure in question is obviously linked to Musashibou Benkei.  Benkei was a warrior monk in the 12th century.  The main lesson to be derived from this is that Shiozaki is totally taking Japanese historical figures at random: Himiko, Benkei, Yagyuu…  I guess if they look cool it’s alright though…  By the way, Benkei was supposed to be 6′ 6” tall, which a thousand years ago in Japan must have been like absolute giant level.


Sousou and Kyocho are on the roof of their school again.  Sousou is so emo! (wait, did I use that word right?  I’m not sure..)


The sky begins to turn all ghost-draconic, and Kyocho says: “Something..”  “is coming.”


Scene change: Kakouton is racing on a motorbike with Soujin grabbing onto him.  Cute.

Kakouton is worried.  “That’s right,” he says.  “I’m seriously requesting a guard, immediately.”  “Bring every student we can use.”  “Moutoku is in danger.”  Moutoku=Sousou.

At the other end of the line, Kaku responds: “I know.”  “I received a mail from Seito as well.”  “I’ve already”  “raised the highest alert level.”  “I’ll be arriving at the school soon too.”


Kaku asks Kakouton: “But, what kind of people are dealing with?”  Kakouton’s answer is: “Well, that..” “is a total mistery.”  And here Soujin goes: “Ah!”

The memory is coming back to her of the attack she suffered last time when she pretended to be Kan’u.  She says: “It’s all..”  “coming back to me now.”  “Huh?” someone says (I guess Kakouton).

We we an image of Soujin on the ground.  She continues: “Uhhmm”  “I think..there were..two of them.”

“One of them was tiny, and spoke Kansai dialect.”  The other one was humongous and he had a long weapon.”

Right then, Kaku, who’s listening to Soujin’s explanation over the phone, reaches a scene of carnage.

A voice is chanting the mantra: “Nam Myojo Renge Kyo“, four times on this page.


Then four more times on this page.  This hooded giant reaches down to the dead warrior, giving us the impression he is stealing their magatamas.  Then he notices Kaku.


“A uniform?” the giant asks.  “Do you hail from Kyoshou?”  Kaku doesn’t respond, but the giant keeps going: “If so”  “allow me to ask for one thing…”

Right then two Kyoshou warriors dash forth roaring: “Woooooooooooooooo!”


“Wooooooooooo!”  Kaku sees them and calls their names: “Ousou!”  “Gyuukin!”

“Sayaaaaaaaa” yells one of them, as they charge into the giant, who’s got their backs to them.

Alas, the giant grabs one of their fists with one hand, and one of their feet with the other.

A guy goes “yelp” and then we hear the scream “Ahhhrg” as fist and foot are crushed.

Kaku looks at the scene and ponders: “He treated those two”  “like children.”

The giant addresses Kaku once more: “I have committed a rudeness.”  “One should not make a request”  “with one’s head masked.”

Then the giant pulls off the hood/robe/whatever and..


He’s a gorgeous, delicate-looking lady.  Of course.  She continues: “I am sorry but”  “I would like to ask you to call an ambulance for these people.”

Kaku just blurts out: “A wo-woman?!”

The giant declares: “I am here”  “because I must collect the head of”  “this school’s leader up on the roof.”


Kaku panics as she watches the tough lady walking toward the building where Sousou is on.  “This-this is bad.”  “From hereon out she won’t run into any warriors stronger than Ousou’s and Gyuukin’s level.”  “And up there Sousou only has Kyocho with him, and she’s not strong enough to deal with this by herself.”

“What should I do?”  Interesting that Kaku not even once thinks of actually engaging with the enemy here.  I guess she’s a realist.

Thankfully for her, three guys pop up before the building meaning to stop the Benkei lady.  The one in the middle says: “Collecting heads..”  “All of this mess…”  “It’s not at all”  “the sort of thing expected from one who has taken Buddhist vows.”  No kidding, though the Japanese do have a long history of..uhm..this kind of thing.


The man in the middle ends his speech: “If you wish to go any further..”  “you’ll need to collect the heads of us Three Pillared Gods first.”

Kaku yells: “Jokou” (that’s the dude’s name).  Benkei lady has got her bored face.  “Hmmm.”  “I am from Yamashiro Academy, high school second year, special A rank, Musashibou Benkei.”  “and I shall take those three heads with gladness.”

The narrator ends it with the line: “Overwhelming strength!!”  Agreed.

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  1. About time

  2. well you have to be patient and just thank him that he takes the time out and translate this.

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