Ikki Tousen Chapter 136 Translation



Narrator’s blurb: “The night of the assault on Kyoshou”.

That is, we’ll get to see what was happening with the Seito people while Benkei was doing her thing.

Bath.  Ryuubi is fast asleep, while near her Chouhi is practically screaming: “Be…”  “Benkei?!”


Historical blurb on the Five Generals under Cao Cao / Sousou.  There’s also a teaser: “The Three Pillar Gods that tormented Kan’u are now in Benkei’s way.”


Yagyuu responds to Chouhi’s question from page 1: “Yup.”  Chouhi then says: “By Benkei you mean”  “the one they say is almost as strong as the S-Rank with no limits?”  By S-Rank with no limits, I imagine she means Himiko.

“Right,” says Yagyuu.  “We played rock-paper-scissors.”  “I was only able to get a hold of Ben and Yosshi before they all went off to Tokyo.”  “I mean, I needed someone to reserve my share till I got there.”

OK, this is cryptic to me but here’s my interpretation: Yagyuu had tests on that day so she knew she was going to miss being on that train to Tokyo to hunt the Eastern warriors.  She was able to get a hold of Ben (i.e. Benkei) and Yosshi (see below) and had them play rock-paper-scissors.  Presumably, if she won (and I imagine she did) then they promised her they would keep someone for her to hunt when she arrived.  So the possibility is now open that if Benkei actually reaches Sousou, she won’t actually fight him but secure him for Yagyuu to have a go at him later.  (But maybe all of this is wrong).

Chouhi’s not out of her shock yet: “Yo-Yosshi?”  “You don’t mean Yoshitsune, do you?”  “Yup” is all Yagyuu responds.  Minamoto no Yoshitsune was Benkei’s lord, so here for once we have to Kansai warriors who are actually related historically.


Chouhi says: “But..”  “We didn’t know anything about who these Eastern expedition guys were until now.”  Yagyuu responds: “That’s what I’m saying.”  “I myself only know those two.”  That is, she knows Benkei and Yoshitsune are involved, but nobody else.

Chouhi starts thinking: “Yoshitsune and Benkei…”  “Those two are beasts.”  “This is big trouble.”

Yagyuu for her part sighs “Ahh..”  “I wonder what Ben and co. are doing now…”


Three Pillar Gods vs. Benkei.


Benkei stops them with a “Ha.”  Guy thinks “She’s strong.”  Then guy rushes in “Seaagggh!!”


Someone is thinking here, and the way the sequence is laid out it’s like both the Gods and the narrator agree with this description.  It starts with: “Her physique far excelling Kyocho’s..”  “and her power, which is on another level altogether,”  “make her extraordinarily strong.”  “However..”

Here a guy grunts by the way: “Ugh.”




“That size…” says one of the Gods.  And we figure he’ll say “will prove fatal” but then his ploy fails and he goes flying so he just says “Huh?”

And yet the narrator ends the sentence for him: “will prove fatal.”  So, the lesson is that the Three Pillar Gods might have their confidences shaken, but that ultimately she is vulnerable because of her size, just as they thought.


“Hakkakimonsoubattandenkou!”  It’s the abdominal attack of doom.


Benkei is not dead.


At the Kyoshou roof, Kyocho stands up and starts walking.  Sousou asks her “Where are you going?  “Kyocho.”

Kyocho is quiet, but then she says “Mou-kun,”  “you stay here.”


Kaku says: “He d-did it…”

One of the Gods says: “Perfect hit.”

Then the one who hit her says: “This is the kind of power”  “that made even Kan’u crumble from a single hit.”

He keeps talking as Benkei scrambles to get up: “Your tanden”  “is already finished.”  Tanden refers to the lower abdomen, the source of power in Japanese zen, sumo etc.


Benkei is well enough to speak: “Mmm…”  “You’re certainly Sousou’s generals.”  “You are very well trained.”


Benkei goes on: “However,”  “it’s not enough to make the blood run cold.”

The God who hit her thinks “Im..” “Impossible.”

Benkei then says: “You never even graced a single of my organs.”  Ouch.


Benkei recites the Vajrasattva Tantric mantra as she unveils her weapon.  She uses it three times:

“Om vajrasattva samaya manu palaya.”

“Om vajrasattva samaya manu palaya.”

“Om vajrasattva samaya manu palaya.”

The God goes “ugh” in anticipation, as Benkei steps on the ground and recites again:

“Om vajrasattva samaya manu palaya.”

The weapon is finally revealed: a gorgeous naginata.  The God recognizes its bearer: “Musashibou Benkei.”  Yes, Benkei was famous for his naginata.


Then the God says “Is she…a monster?’


The Lotus Sutra mantra twice: “Namu myoho renge kyo, namu myoho renge kyo.”


“Namu myoho renge kyo, namu myoho renge kyo.”  So Benkei beats them with esoteric Tantrism and then sends them to the other side with the friendlier Lotus Sutra.


Kaku is about to go insane: “She’s just killed the Three Pillars…”  “Two A-ranks and one B-ranks, instantaneously…”  And then she urinates on herself.  This will rank among the classic moments of this manga (I said classic, not classy).  I’m not dissing Kaku, mind you.  I’d have done more than pee myself in my case~

Benkei is praying for the deceased, repeating the Lotus Sutra mantra four times.  In the meantime, Kaku’s mind keeps racing: “This difference in power..”  “is like a whole other dimension.”  “If we have such a gap between us and Kansai…”


Kaku finishes her thoughts: “…then it’s only a matter of time before everyone in Kyoshou..”  “no, in all of Kantou, gets massacred.”

We can see from her phone that she was actually about to send an SMS to their rivals over in Nanyou Academy.  Actually, when we see a panel that focuses on the “TO:” line in the message, the full line reads: “Nanyou Academy Sonsaku Hakufu.”  The message reads: “We request your assistance immed” and it breaks off, because she’s just peed herself and is in a state of total shock.

This is a very good scene, wow.  I mean, Sousou’s strategist about to call enemy no. 1 Hakufu.  Super dramatic!


And then Kyocho shows up, and the narrator says: “Kyoshou’s last standing tower, Kyocho meets the challenge!”

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