Harlock Film: More More More!

OK, first off, new footage from the film (thanks due to CPZ at tokinowa):

I believe we have our first sighting of Yattaran at 1:06, no?  Super.  Plus I agree with everyone who says the military dude looks strikingly like Irita from Endless Odyssey.  And OMG Miime is totally rocking this.  If this plays in a single theater anywhere on the continental U.S. I’ll be there (I might even be persuaded to do Alaska, weather permitting).

Second, here’s my translation of a description of the story I found on the 2ch film thread.  This seems 100% legit:

“Will a space plunderer become the savior of the world?

A war hero has revealed himself as a pirate and raised the flag of rebellion against his government.

What is the truth that the man who received orders to assassinate space pirate Captain Harlock saw?

In the distant future, or maybe it was in the distant past…

In an age where Humans had reached the farthest corners of the galaxy, there were no longer any frontiers in which to expand, and those without a place began to war over the right to return home, to Earth.

The trump card to win this war: the four Deathshadow-class space battleships.  The fourth ship had for her captain a man named Harlock.

However, Harlock, dubbed a hero, disappeared when the war ended.

And when he appeared again, the ship he commanded had a gigantic skull etched on the bow.  He raised the flag of rebellion against his government and was reviled as a space pirate.

Why did Harlock disappear only to reappear as a pirate?  What is his objective?

And now…a plan to assassinate him has been put into operation!!”


A very Harlockesque plot, like grafting the background of Arcadia of my Youth (Harlock as an Earth captain) onto the setting of original SPCH (Harlock as pirate against Earth govt.) and eliminating all reference to invading aliens (Illumidas, Mazone).  An oblique, well-placed reference to the Metanoids would be cool, though, because it would immediately link the film to the upcoming Mahoroba one.

~ by Haloed Bane on February 3, 2013.

9 Responses to “Harlock Film: More More More!”

  1. Looks absolutely awesome. I hope I can catch it somewhere up here in Scandinavia. If not, I look forward to your review of the film directly from the ‘Anchorage Sci-Fi Film Festival’.

    • Well, considering that it’s totally geared toward an international audience I guess we both have at least some chance of seeing it. I think the reviews from Cannes in May (or lack of them, if people are unimpressed) might play a big role in how much theater exposure this gets out of Japan. I bet you they’ll at least do Paris, though. It might be nice for you head down there around Christmas time, no?

  2. I thought Harlock was supposed to be German?
    This trailer makes the movie look kinda sad…

    • I don’t get the criticism 🙂 Yes, he is most definitely of German extraction (we don’t know if Germany even exists at this point, so that’s all we can say). Earth Federation seems to have a common world language, which in this trailer is represented by English. A sensible choice I think.

      • You’re right, I forgot about that. I would think though, that, although there is a common language, it would be maintained among people from that region. Also, if the Earth was to switch to a world language, anybody who spoke German originally would still have an accent, and (assuming there is not a lot of immigration/emigration) the generations to come will probably also have a slight german accent, because most of the people around them would also have a slight accent. Does that make sense?
        I’m not complaining, though.

        • It’s possible there would be an accent, true. Think about it this way, though. If they decided to make Harlock have a noticeable German accent when speaking English, then they’d have to have Yattaran and co. use a Japanese accent when they speak English. Do we want that? No 😉

          • RIght.
            I’m also kind of hoping that the movie will explore Harlock and Miime’s relationship a little more than the anime or manga (“anime” and “manga” in a plural sense) did.

            • That’d be nice, though Leiji might want to hold on to the fiction that their relationship is 100% platonic because Harlock is a one-woman man and his woman died already (Maya). But I say they’re totally a couple~

              • I agree…
                Their actions toward each other, while subtle, suggest a non-platonic (if only emotionally) relationship. Also, the SPCH series suggested that some people involved in the production didn’t agree with Leiji’s view either.

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