Let’s Dissect and Discuss the Official Harlock Trailer

I mean that “let’s” literally, people.  What I’ve done is split the trailer into 15 key scenes (marking the time it shows up at and with a one-sentence descriptions and a picture each).  Then anyone interested in commenting on any of the sections can just use that numbering.  I’ll post my own comments in the comment section to start things off.

1 (sec 02) – Scene from the “last great war”.


2 (sec 04) – Ships battling in the last great war.


3 (sec 08) – Pirate flag flying in the wind.


4 (sec 13) – The Arcadia.


5 (sec 19) – Harlock.


6 (sec 21) – Soldiers battling a huge structure.


7 (sec 25) – Rocket rising with lots of black smoke.


8 (sec 26) – Closeup of a combatant.


9 (sec 27) – Cosmo Dragoon-like weapon.


10 (sec 29) – Miime.


11 (sec 30) – A nude woman.


12 (sec 32) – Harlock sitting.


13 (sec 36) – Gravity saber in action.


14 (sec 40) – Title.


15 (sec 44) – Tori joins Harlock.


~ by Haloed Bane on February 8, 2013.

48 Responses to “Let’s Dissect and Discuss the Official Harlock Trailer”

  1. 1) I don’t know what’s going on here but it looks cool.

    3) I think there was a controversy about flags not being able to flap in the wind, and then Leiji having to actually explain that some kind of artificial mechanism was set in place to achieve this. I hope they won’t have to explain this in the film!!

    4) Leiji just said in Angouleme, France, that he doesn’t like the Arcadia here and he wants it closer to the original. This will be the final battle between Matsumoto and the design crew. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too fiery. I personally prefer the blue Arcadia anyway, so whatever~

    5) Looks good to me. Bigger eyes might be better..

    6) Who are these guys???

    7) Capt. Marzhin noted here: http://www.tokinowa.net/viewtopic.php?t=2555&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=315
    that this rocket has the same design as one in Diver Zero. Wow!

    8) Is this a Machiner/Mechanoid??

    10) Diver Zero-style Miime, as many have pointed out.

    11) I have wrestled with this for a long time, but after careful looking I’m going to say that is not Emeraldas, but Kei Yuki.

    12) Notice the organ-like stuff in the background? It was pointed out that it looked like the organs in Ring of the Nibelung. Then someone noticed that the word Nibelung actually pops up in some unofficial footage. From what I can gather now listening to the footage, what’s behind Harlock in this scene is a Eternal Energy Engine, designed by Nibelungs.

    14) The title is tentative, but I don’t know what else they would call it.

    15) Tori!!!

    • In DZ 7 was actually Harlock and Miime’s house as well. Interesting.

      • Don’t understand. You mean to say Diver Zero ch. 7 had Harlock and Miime’s house??

        • Sorry, I think I might have worded that wrong. I meant that the rocket in photo #7 was, according to what I have read, their house in Diver Zero. http://25.media.tumblr.com/999083783b96f94520b14f62a96a9ff6/tumblr_mga9e2JFe81s1sxwfo1_1280.jpg

          • Ah, I see I see. He calls it a house, but kind of metaphorically. It’s basically their ferry, a ship that transports them from Earth to the main ship (the Deathshadow in this case, I think). Come to think of it, maybe this is the exact function of the ship/rocket in the film: as a transport ship to and from planets..

            • Right, didn’t think of that. So it would be kind of like a mobile home? I haven’t been able to read the text (can’t read Japanese and nobody will translate it) so what I know about the series is from the images and badly-translated (by google chrome) Japanese websites.

              • I guess the word “shuttle” would be most appropriate. But Harlock calls it an apartment as well. As to Diver Zero, I do remember that the creator of the great Leijiverse Integrated Timeline was working on producing an English translation, but I’m not sure what happened to that…
                EDIT: Your tumblr is cool btw.

  2. Sorry for never uploading it. My personal life has been in a lot of confusion the past year due to job-related issues. Here’s a link.


    It’s not a true translation, folks. It’s adapted from a fairly detailed reverse-translated (read “Googleated”) summary of the first six parts I downloaded ages ago from a Japanese website. Our host a.k. helped me with a summary of the seventh and final story. I had to read in between the lines a lot, and I partially rewrote it to reflect where I think it should belong in the “proper scheme of things” (heh! toki no wa!). Anyway, there you go and again I apologize for it being so late.

    And here’s a link to the current Timeline, in case anybody missed it before.


    Hope to check back in again after all those job issues are resolved. Until then …. REM

  3. 3. Recent experiments on Mythbusters aimed at debunking the Moon landing conspiracy nuts proved flags DO move in a vacuum, iirc, So bi-dah to the nay-sayers… ;-P I just want to hear them wriggle to explain how he controls altitude with that damn wheel…!

    4. I hope he wins this battle… It’s a step too far down dark and angsty… Just give it a switchblade and I’ll die happy, sayeth I!

    11. I rather thought it was Mimay again, as it segues from her walking past to the shot in question… and if you look closely, I think the ears are tubular-ish (though it could be the angle!) which was a feature of DZ-Mimay… (Uchuu Senkan Deathshadow also, and Dessler’s daughter in that little short at the back of one of the yamato manga the title of which escapes me…)The unoffical 2min plus French trailer seems to show more of this scene, but the quality is atrocious!

    13. Dear gods, how cool is this bit? More! more!

    • 3. Good to know!

      4. They’ll probably compromise. I mean, they will not end up with the green ship just like in the original, I just don’t see that happening…but it won’t look like tree bark either.

      11. There’s definitely a scene with Miime doing a similar flip (from another angle) but I assumed it was a different one because in that other one Miime seems to be wearing some kind of bodysuit. Hmmmm….

  4. 7. Not sure if it resembles the DZ “house” (on which note – how the HELL did anyone get hold of chapter 7?? I’ve been trying to track it down for years with no luck, as the Sun Comics edition only collects 1-6!!) as in chapter 2 it’s only on one page and looks more as though the ship planted itself butt-down… 😉 But it sure as hell resembles the “Planestar” from Danguard Ace – which could also fly vertically or horizontal…

    11. Dang… I know I’ve seen a different angle of that nude bathing scene but can’t find the link. Might have been quickly removed – one or two vanished within hours of posting under “copyright” claims!

    • 7. Well, I think they’re very similar, but I’d like to see the Planestar as well.

      11. I think you’re speaking of this:

      Here you can see a blue line running down her chest (her neck as well) and even some lines for the fabric, I think she’s fully clothed.

  5. My two cents, for what its worth.

    4. I agree about the new CG Nue Arcadia. Too greebled and too many extras. The basic lines are there, but it’s way too souped up in this version.

    6 and 8. Ah, the original Lensman rears its grand head again … right down to the space axes. The actual books – not the anime. Can’t get away from the great-great-granddaddy of ALL space operas. I’ve read them all – the anime doesn’t even come close to doing them proper justice. Maybe this will. Legend of Galactic Heroes was the only other anime to get that part of the old novels right.

    7. Straight out of DZ chapter 2.

    10. Definitely the DZ Mimay, although a bit more elfin. Desslar’s daughter was named “Jura,” if I recall correctly – and they book look alike. There’s another link for you. Then again, this was M-san’s “stock” character type for alien women back then. He even drew Starsha that way at one point (she shows up that way again in the PS game, I think). Look at the alien women in the SBD manga short, and you’ll see what I mean.

    11. You might be thinking of the nude sleeping scene with Emeraldas at the start of Episode 3 of the OAV series. My vote for this being Kei. She’s one of the few Leijiverse heroines we haven’t seen nekkid yet, so it’s about her time. The hair length and color are a close match, too.

    12. So Harlock now has a pipe organ aboard the Arcadia – or Eternal whatever-it-is? A bit too moody and morose. Harlock may be dark, but he’s not Captain Nemo. Somebody’s mixing up their stories, I think.

    You oughtta break down the other trailer, too.

    • 4. Maybe the idea is that it bursts out of that shell, like at the right moment?!

      6-8. Could you elaborate? Like, I looked up the Lensmen and saw the space axes (and I see these guys here have axes)…but is there any other connection you know of?

      12. Pipe organs should be the rigueur aboard spaceships, honestly 😉

      Which other trailer? There’s a couple, AFAIK. But they’re quite longer and, cough cough, I don’t think they’re supposed to be shown about or anything.

  6. 11. Oops! Forgot about Kei’s bathing scene in Endless Odyssey. How could I forget that? =)

    • I was thinking it was Kei in some sort of Zero-g bath.

      • Most likely at this point, yes. What confuses is that it was Emeraldas who was in a similar scene in the QE OVA, and that it’s Miime we see doing a similar flip (but clothed) in other footage for this film. Is everyone taking zero-g baths now? Will Yattaran?

      • But Kei’s hair in all the trailers so far – official and less so, has been about shoulder-length or a little longer… this looks longer! (And no, I wasn’t thinking of the QE OVA – this was only last week and I’ve not watched it in years, it’s not a favourite – I much prefer the manga.. Shame some of the best bits ended up retooled in WSNA…)

        Yattaran in a zero G skinny dip? Thank you SOOO much. I now need to scrub my brain… now if it was Harlock… 😉 We haven’t had that treat since the flashback in SPCH…:) (Frankie-boy in GF doesn’t count and honestly, Waaay too skinny! )

        • Brilliant observation, you’re totally right. The hair seems too long. But then what, does this match Miime’s hair in the trailers? I’m not sure.

          Re: Yattaran would be awesome in a zero-G bath. What you do is you place all of his toys strategically so they’re flying about in front of the important places… The question is: will an aircraft carrier be required or just a little biplane 😀

          GF Harlock is very skinny, this is true.

  7. Actually I really like the knew Arcadia. If I remember correctly, the new Arcadia contains dark matter which leaks out and creates an organic ship.

    Also that is definately Kei Yuki. THe link you posted from Toki shows the new Kei (which by the way I’m LOVING the re-designs) hair cut which is the same length as the naked woman. Also I really don’t think Leiji would allow Emeraldas to be treating like the other females.

    Perhaps the organ (if it is) will take the place of the ocarina. Or perhaps it is Tochiro (highly unlikely).

    Also some are answered by this movie here: http://tv-france-japon.com/portfolio-items/trailer-albator-capitain-harlock-2013-animation/

    • Actually the more I watch this – the more it feels like a remake of the “sequel” EO.

      • As long as they don’t go into a 30 minute discussion into quantum physics and the nature of our fears etc, I’m happy.

        • Even better, get a translator who understands what’s being diiscussed! “Blank” my tushie… The bloody number’s up there on the screen!

    • Actually ….. if you go stupid with the prongs like here: http://traitpourtrait.canalblog.com/albums/crea_perso___photos___albator___festi__animation_annecy_06_2011/photos/76324085-dscf3536.html I will have to take back the comment on the ship. Love the oozing organic ship – not a ridiculously spiky one. I think they need to make the rear “pirate ship” part to be bigger and grander.

      Otherwise it comes off looking like the builder is a lunatic with a childish imagination. Less sharpy – more smarty! :3

    • The vid you linked to is the one where someone talks about the organ pipe thing being a Nibelung engine..

      I like the organic thing with the ship too, but they should dial it back a notch. Halfway between the original and what they have now would be great.

    • Actually, it’s KEI who usually doesn’t get treated the same as other Matsumoto ladies! Em’s had her kit off several times in manga and anime both (including a blatant wardrobe malfunction in Waga Seishun no Arcadia), whereas Kei – always the ‘girl next door’ until Rin Taro decided to open E/O with a gratuitous wardrobe non-existance shot… 😉 – has otherwise kept her clothes on – if you count bikinis as clothes…!

      IIRC of the major characters only Selen and Lisa Kirino (from Queen Millenia and Danguard Ace respectively) have managed to avoid Miss Fanservice awards – though I still have most of Starzinger to watch, so Aurora might join this exclusive club 😉

  8. Seen the new trailer yet?

    • I did, I did!! I want to see the whole thing already~

      • It just keeps getting better… !!

        Slightly Off-topic – did anyone else catch the news re: it looking as if someone’s picked up Zero Desigze for a series? If it follows through (and ISTR there’s been at least one new series planned that never materialised…) we’ve got:

        CGI Harlock film
        The ‘Mahoroba’ film
        Zero Desigze
        And a new “Marine Snow” series/film (not quite sure which…) to look forward to. Does it get much better than this?! (Dear Santa: a V2 Panzer OAV… pwetty pweeeeease? 😉 )

        • I had missed this latest development, but I read up on it now. So it looks like Desigze is being picked up by an untested company trying to break out into the world. My guess is that after OZMA, none of the regular studios want to go anywhere near Desigze. Oh well. Let’s hope these guys really get into it and come up with something really cool.

    • Anyone know who got the voice roles yet??

      • I don’t know myself. What do you guys think? I thought Harlock’s voice sounded just a tad underwhelming on this trailer, but I’m not complaining.

  9. Just in case no-one’s been over to AlbatorSSX yet…



    Password for the trailer: BOARDARCADIA

    ….gallery is AWESOME. And the figures…. OMGOMGOMG…. Someone pick me up off the ceiling!!!

    • …Erm… quick caveat. Whilst the script on the site is obviously HIGHLY spoiler laden, so is the gallery…!

    • I hadn’t seen this at all!! Thanks. Did you read the script??

      • In my lunch break…. !! And now I’ve got to do the keyboard equivalent of duct-taping my mouth shut for the next year unless someone else reads it so I can compare notes!

        I can at least say that it seems to draw images and plot points from: Great Pirate Harlock, Space Battleship Deathshadow, the SPCH manga, Diver Zero, Nibelung no Yubiwa and (one of my personal favourite shout-outs so far) – Danguard Ace! One image possibly also nods to Queen Millennia/Space Symphony Maetel…

        Also rips huge amounts from Endless Odyssey and there’s a case for a shout-out to SSX as well… I even sense a nod to Firefly/Serenity and a more than passing homage to Warhammer 40K… ;/ Or I could just be reading too much into it!

        Also nicely plays with Matsumoto’s Toki no Wa themes very nicely, and possibly one of the best efforts to play with Leiji-san’s continuity since Galaxy Railways. Playing “spot the reference” will be huge fun! Though I suspect this film could split fanboy opinion rather like marmite… 😉

        It leaves it wide open for a sequel/series – which I understood to be in the works… if so, if the script is accurate, it could well be a great start… as long as it doesn’t go the way of Waga Seishun no Arcadia leading into SSX…!

        Personally, I’m REALLY looking forward to this now. I still have a couple of reservations, but overall, I’m loving it.

        Hmmm…maybe we should move this over to the forum?

        • I read the very end. Looks like it’s going to be a real tearjerker.

          • …but also hopeful, I thought. Hell, I’ll watch the series if they make it!

            Frankly if there wasn’t a precedent on Matsumoto’s back catalogue for the ending, I’d suspect the writer of the script to be channeling the ghost of Richard Carpenter! 😉 Especially given how playful – and I don’t necessarily mean “in a fun way…” they are with the mythology of past Harlock stories – I’m especially thinking of Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood, which was a textbook example of weaving disparate tales together – (even managing to ADD to Robin Hood mythos thanks to Mark Ryan’s taciturn Nasir…)

            Yikes: there’s one particular episode I daren’t name, but if you’ve read the script and know the show, you’ll know what I mean… 😉

            PS: To save googling, for the non-GB readers (and youngsters!) – Richard Carpenter was one of the best writers of family TV in British broadcasting in the 70’s and 80’s – best known for Robin of Sherwood (noted for some eye-openingly audacious ho-yay for a Saturday teatime! 😉 ), but also gave us Catweasel, The Ghosts of Motley Hall, The Adventures of Black Beauty, Smuggler, and a delightfully risque version of Dick Turpin (again in a children’s TV slot no less!!) amongst others. Personally I think he’d have had a ball if anyone HAD given him the stories and gotten him to write a Harlock script! ;P

            • Well, H, it’s a great sign that you’re psyched up about it, and it gives credit to the strategy of releasing the script like that, to drum up interest. Now we just need to see what the response is from Cannes. If there’s a good buzz there it’ll do wonders for the project and really put the international showings on solid ground..

              • According to AlbatorSSX、the site’s now down and was put up “by mistake”, being intended for possible distributors… Ahem. Well, perhaps, but given that it probably drummed up some positive fan hype, I don’t think they should shoot the perp!! 😉

                It’s a shame its up against a whole raft of darker/edgier comic book films this year though – that could sink it internationally.

                On the bright side it’s not – as I originally feared, given the tentative release dates – now up against a live action Space Cobra film – now in development hell it seems – which for Harlock, is probably a good thing…

                I mean – Harlock – brooding dipso with only an alien bird (and Tori-san.. 😉 ) for company, not much of a ladies man, surrounded by deformed midgets – up against the OTHER badass space pirate with dead loved-ones issues, beloved by the French, who’s surrounded by beautiful gun toting babes with a maximum clothing allowance somewhat south of the Olympic women’s beach volleyball squad… Oh, and has a blaster for a gorram ARM and gets laid practically every episode… Oh.And totally ripped… unlike a certain skinny-assed Austrian… Hmmmm… Tough call…? 😉

                • What’s weird is that ANN mentioned the site and everything. Is this the Harlock equivalent of a well-executed wardrobe malfunction??

                  And by your comments I gather then that there is no epic Harlock-Kei Yuki love scene in the transcript?! Pity..

                  • Ah come on – you know damn well I can’t answer THAT one!! Spoilers!! (If you ever cave in and want a copy of the script however…)

                    And yes…’well-executed cock-up’ did come to mind!

          • Better a tearjerker than a lived happily ever after ending~

        • I don’t think the rabbits are running the forum any longer, so it might go kaput at any point 😦

          I’ve made the solemn decision not to read the script. It does look like this might play in int’l theaters, let’s hope!!!

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