Ikki Tousen Chapter 137 Translation



The narrator says: “Kyocho!  Stop Benkei in her tracks!!”  Hmm…easier said than done.

Benkei looks at her opponent and says: “That attire..that fine physique…”  “It would seem to be Special-A rank Lady Kyocho.”  Really, Kyocho is a special-A?  Wow.


Benkei keeps going: “Nothing would please me more than testing myself against you”  “but my target right now is up there.”  “Let me through.”

Kyocho asks: “Why”  “do you want Mou-kun?”  She starts walking down the steps.  “I..”  “don’t have any reason to fight you.”  “However,”  “I won’t let you”  “touch Mou-kun.”


Historical blurb: Kyocho, Kakouton and Kakouen.  These are three of Sousou (or Cao Cao)’s most loyal warriors.  Written in large we see the message: “We will resolutely oppose”  “anyone who threatens Moutoku’s life.”


Benkei then begins her attack, asking: “Then”  “let me ask you…”


Benkei’s question: “Is Sousou Moutoku, head of Kyoshou Academy”  “worth risking one’s life for?”

On the sidelines, Kaku comments: “She’s..stopped her!”


But Kyocho starts to falter, grunting “Ugh”, and Kaku helpfully (not!) describes the situation: “She’s getting pushed!”

Benkei is taunting at this point: “Is Sousou”  “that great of a leader?”

“And,” “does that kind of person truly exist?”  That is, Benkei is getting rather nihilistic on us.  She questions whether anyone in this world is actually worth risking our lives over.

Kyocho just grunts: “Gh.”


Kyocho looks exhausted.  “Uh..”  “Ugh..”  Eventually she stops Benkei’s leg and manages to raise herself with a moan: “MMggh.”  Benkei’s comment: “Worthy of Kyocho.”


And then Benkei just spears her, or naginatans her, as you please.  The reason is, as she says, that “You are the first person to ever stop my heel-drop”.  Heel-drop, I guess that’s what that attack was, huh.  “How bold you are…”

To which Kyocho replies, as expected, “Gah”  “Gogohhg”.

Benkei probably thinks about finishing her off, but says instead: “We should probably end our business at the proper place after all”.  I.e. Kyocho gets to live.  “Well then…” she says, as she starts climbing the stairs.


Myosai Kakouen shows up.


Kakouen says: “I will not”  “let you go”  “any further.”

And Kaku yells “Kakouen!”  Kaku, get a life please.  Benkei just goes “Hmph.”


Dude shows up at the top of the stairs.  “Oh boy”, he says.  “I’m still recovering…”  “Hell, I’m just on the way back from the hospital!”

And Kaku yells “Chouryou!”  [I admit I gotta thank Kaku for once, I had forgotten dude’s name.]

Don’t tell anyone, but Kyocho starts getting up.  Benkei comments: “Thirty defenders…”  “The Three Pillar Gods…”  “And now you guys..”  “Why are you all putting your lives on the line for your leader?”

Then Benkei reflects further: “No, the question is how able a main is Sousou”  “to move all of these people like this?!”


Flying motorbike yay!!


Flying motorbike omg no!!!


Kakouton speaks: “Leader this, ability that.”  “Will you stop asking stupid things?!”  “Moutoku is our pal and that’s what’s up.”  “Are you dumb or something?”

The narrator says: “Kakouton roars!”

Then Kakouton grins and adds: “You’ll pay a lot”  “for my bike!”

~ by Haloed Bane on February 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “Ikki Tousen Chapter 137 Translation”

  1. You know, Ikki Tousen fascinates me. On the one hand, it’s this hyper-complex, nigh-hard-sci-fi retelling of the RotTK with meditations on the nature of fate and reincarnation, and on the other it’s unashamed porn.

    I think it’s probably one of mankind’s greatest achievements 😀

  2. yeeeeeeeeeah

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