Results of the Secret World Kritikfan Tournament

Unbeknownst to everyone but myself, a year-long tournament took place to determine which country had the strongest Kritik der Animationskraft fandom.  The tournament just ended today, so now it’s time for me to announce the results.  Drum roll please!

ritsu drums

And yes, the United States of America won, with a larger score than the next nine countries combined.  It seems an unwritten rule that America wins everything, so I’m not surprised.  After all, my blog is a thing too.  Thanks to all the Americans for their support.  Next time someone tells you Americans have no class, just tell them about these results.

Top 18.

Top 18.

France arrives in second place.  The Leiji is strong with this one.  And look, Italy is third.  The Leiji is strong with this one too.  But I’m quite stunned seeing Canada here!  7,000 hits from Canada is equivalent to 3.5 million in most other countries (because of the population density, look it up) which means this blog is a huge hit over there.  One theory is that in fact all of those hits are coming from young Americans who cross the border just so they can read Kritik der Animationskraft while buzzed.

The U.K. is super classy, so I’m not surprised at it being in fifth position.

Filipinos in sixth love anime and love to talk about anime, so again no surprise.  Thais in eighth love anime and they’re just net fiends in general, so yeah.

I don’t know about Mexico in seventh, maybe it’s retired Americans reading Kritik der Animationskraft from Puerto Vallarta or Cancun or Acapulco?

Let me skip over to Japan.  Oh brother.  Eleventh?  Really, Japan?  This is a blog about Japanese cartoons and you can only manage eleventh??  Disappointed.

Did your country make it into the top 18?

~ by Haloed Bane on February 25, 2013.

10 Responses to “Results of the Secret World Kritikfan Tournament”

  1. But of course!

  2. While the U.S at no.1 for an english language blog is not surprising, i must admit seeing Italy and Canada so high was.

    Old school anime is or was surprisingly big in Mexico so it’s not much of a surprise that you’ve gotten so many hits from there.

    • It’s a pity the Spanish-speaking Leiji fandom is so scattered. I know there’s tons of Mexicans and Argentinians into it, not to mention other countries. There should be an international El Leijiverso forum or something.

  3. No Spanish forum, but there is a small Russian one that I found today. They had a thread about you.

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