Ikki Tousen Chapter 138 Translation



Kakouton says: “If you have business with Moutoku,”  “I think I’ll have you deal with me first.”

The narrator adds: “Will the battle turn around now that Kakouton has arrived?!”

Kakouton keeps talking: “But,”  “it’s my fist that will do the talking.”  Then he looks at Chouryou and adds: “Chouryo!”  “Keep out of this.”  Chouryou answers: “Alright, alright.”


The historical blurb focuses on Yoshitsune Minamoto and how he met Benkei.  Wikipedia talks about this incident [here].  The narrator’s lines are: “The Kyoshou warriors are in a tough battle”  “but an even larger threat approaches.”


Benkei comments: “What a…”  “grand spectacle this is.”  (She’s being sarcastic yo).

But maybe she’s not being sarcastic.  She says, “First, Lady Kyocho”  “Lord Chouryou”  “Lady Kakouen”  “and then”  “Lord Kakouton.”  “I never dreamt I would see the day that all of these great generals whose fame has reached as far as the land of Yamato”  “would be gathered together before me.”


“Heeeyyyyyy!!!”  screams Soujin.  “What’s the big idea omitting the great A-rank (self-styled) Soujin from the list?!”

And Benkei honestly replies: “”Who could you be?”

The Three Pillar Gods come around.  “It won’t do to forget us either.”  “If we let ourselves be killed with one shot”  “how can we dare look in Kan’u’s face?”


Then all the dreg soldiers start coming in like so many zombies.  “Don’t count me out.”  “I can fight.”  Kakouton looks at them and asks: “Are you guys..”  “really OK?”  And another guy says “Ye-yeah.”

Benkei can only marvel: “What kind…”  What kind…”


Benkei finishes her thought: “What kind of a man”  “is this Sousou..?!”


Benkei says: “I’m envious…”  “You guys have a leader with so much caliber.”  “I can’t help but..”


“…envy you,” Benkei ends up saying.

And Sousou on the roof just chuckles.  “Hehe”  “hehe.”


Sousou keeps chuckling:  “Hehe” x 5 here.

Then an intruder shows up, saying: “What is..”  “so funny?”

Sousou’s response: “The junior high’s next door,”  “young lady.”

Then he adds: “Are you lost?”  “Or maybe…”


Sousou says: “an assassin?”


Sousou chuckes two more times: “Hehe”  “hehe”.

Then he thinks: “A Japanese sword…”  “and an obscenely long one to boot.”  “But she doesn’t have enough space…”


And well, apparently she does.  “Uh..”  “Ugh..”


Everyone can tell down below that something has happened.

Kakouton yells: “Mo-Moutoku!”

Benkei says or more likely thinks: “Uhm..this ch’i…”  Then she yells “Leader!!”

And Kaku helpfully repeats: “Lea-der?!”


The narrator introduces us: “Yamashiro Academy – Junior High – Second Year S Rank”  “The Leader: Minamoto Kurou Yoshitsune”.

And then the tease: “Will even Sousou be killed?!”

~ by Haloed Bane on February 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Ikki Tousen Chapter 138 Translation”

  1. uh oh

  2. When the twenty one volume traslation?

  3. First i really appreciate you translating these…. Nobody had anything past 123 and i really wanted to see how the storry progressed so thank you again…. Just curious but by chance did you ever translate the remaining chapters past 138?

  4. Hi did your ever finish translations for this please? Also any translation for shin Ikkitousen or shin Ikkitousen gaiden?

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