GE 999 Ultimate Journey Stop 6-4 ~ End

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OK, so here it is, the last bit of my overview of GE 999 Ultimate Journey, Glide Media Vol. 1.  Enjoy.

Stop Six Section Four

This section gives us a glimpse of the ongoing battle between the Great Galactic and Metanoid Fleets.

At the Milky Way’s outer edge, the League deploys the crane wing formation that Capt. Kodai devised.  The Great Yamato itself is the “spear” within the formation.  Capt. Harlock’s Arcadia has a detached, roving role, seeking and neutralizing elements of the enemy which have eluded the concentrated fire in the middle and are attacking on the Galactic wings.  We join the action right as the Arcadia has helped relieve the Bolar Fleet’s section of the wings in a particularly hard battle against the Metanoids.

Yattaran is studying the situation and his assessment is bleak.  There’s no end in sight to the battle, and it looks like it will be a super long conflict.  That being so, the Metanoids are bound to win as their endurance is that much higher.  Harlock asks what’s the attrition rate so far.  According to Yattaran, both sides have lost about 20% of their ships.  Harlock is shocked that only 20% of the enemy has been destroyed, and though he does not show it, he starts to have doubts.  A voice tells him to stand fast, that once their hearts falter the battle will be lost.  The voice (a spiritual one, mind you, not physical) is coming from the Arcadia’s main computer, from Tochiro himself.

At that moment Kei Yuki says Freia is trying to communicate with the ship all the way from Valhalla.  Harlock yells for Miime to come in.  Miime turns up just as the main screen reveals Freia.  The goddess tells report that the gods are preparing a fleet and will warp very soon in order to stop the war.  She gives the warp coordinates and asks that the Arcadia inform the Galactic units in the area to clear out before the divine fleet comes in.  Harlock orders Kei to forward the coordinates to the Mahoroba.

Harlock next asks Freia if she has any knowledge of what’s happenning on Eternal, since they can’t communicate with that planet.  Freia says that if Photon were to “act”, that the gods would sense it, but so far they haven’t felt anything.

Once Harlock is aware of the Valhalla fleet’s warp out point, he orders Maji to set full speed for the location and make sure that they arrive there before the gods.  Yattaran jokingly accuses Harlock of being curious and wanting to see the action up close.  The Captain is not into fun and games, so rather than laughing he simply explains that the gods are planning to warp out right in the middle of a great battle without really knowing what the situation on the ground is.  No matter how powerful they are, doing so is reckless and
Harlock wants to make sure the Arcadia is there to guide them when they arrive.

Yattaran disagrees.  Rushing like this will put the Arcadia in danger.  They shouldn’t meddle.  But Harlock says Brünnhilde did good for him in the past, and he needs to pay her back.  Yattaran points out that pirates don’t usually do this, if someone gives you something you take it and keep it.  Why pay it back?

The conversation is cut off when a young girl comes onto the bridge, reporting that Hiroshi, Meguru and Zero have just contacted the Arcadia, having safely arrived at Eternal.  The girl us Mayu Oyama.  Harlock’s eyes glimmer and he quips:  “I see, so Heaven, Sea and Earth are finally together!”

And here ends Stop Six.

Explanation of Harlock’s Statement

OK, so remember that Tetsuro was on his way to the planet Eternal.  Tetsuro’s name is Hoshino, literally: Star-Field.  So he is the Heaven in the statement.

Mayu has just reported that three people have arrived at Eternal.  Hiroshi is actually from the Queen Emeraldas series, and his surname is Umino, literally: Sea-Field.  So here we have our Sea.

Meguru is one Meguru Daichi, the protagonist of a 1986 GE 999 live musical called Trip to Transparent Castle.  know next to nothing of this project, but [here] is a Japanese page with images and info. [He also shows up in Arei no Kagami, with a Zero and a Mayu].  Anyway, Daichi means Great-Earth, so there you have it: Heaven, Sea and Earth.

Mayu also mentioned Zero, and this is the one and only Diver Zero.  And Harlock doesn’t mention him because, you know, if you add zero to X you just get X.  That’s basic math.

The First and Last Station – Eternal Youths

This is a coda to the volume, and deals with the three boys just mentioned.  The title is obviously a pun, yes, these youths just arrived at the planet called Eternal, but they also happen to be kids who never grow old: Diver Zero is an android, so that goes without saying, whereas Hiroshi Umino and Meguru Daichi have been exposed to the magical pixie dust of the Promethium sisters (Emeraldas and Maetel, respectively), which makes your body stops growing (that’s my theory anyway).

The ship the three youths arrive in looks like an ammonite, we’re told.  It’s called Silur [I’m guessing for the Silurian Period when ammonites thrived; Silur is the name of a ship in Hotaruna too apparently].  It lands in the eastern part of the central continent, where Eternal’s only spaceport is located.

Hiroshi and Meguru begin to argue over the fact that the place looks deserted.  Hiroshi says spaceports these days are automated, so it’s no big deal.  Meguru thinks it’s mighty odd.  Ultimately, he’s scared that they’ll be shot as intruders, since they weren’t able to contact anyone before landing.  Hiroshi is portrayed as a rambunctious boy, whereas Meguru is more thoughtful and graceful (and feminine, apparently).

Hiroshi says not to worry.  Silur was designed by the great Tochiro.  If they need to flee nobody will catch them.  Meguru gets even madder.  They’re not supposed to flee, right?  They’re supposed to join the 999ers, wherever they are.  Hiroshi looks over at Zero who’s sitting down, and asks him what he’s doing.

Zero says he’s checking the route inland, by way of his Mama Ball (this is his android mom’s remains pretty much, if you don’t know Diver Zero).  Zero finds out that the 999 is actually inside the spaceport at that moment.  The 999 is empty.  Instead, Zero determines that there is a large group of Machiners nearby, and they include war vehicles and the such.

Hiroshi is scared but happy.  He takes out a Cosmo Warrior gun, then Meguru takes out another Cosmo Warrior gun (how many of these are there again?!).  Well, Hiroshi actually explains this a bit for us, thankfully: Tetsuro’s gun is No. 4, Meguru’s is No. 3, and Hiroshi’s own is No. 0.  And all in all there are 5, so the fact that 3 of them are on Eternal is pretty marvelous.  In fact, it turns out that it was Harlock’s plan to send the kids to Eternal, because he figured Tetsuro and his lone gun could use more help (hmm…I think Maetel is enough but oh well).

Zero finally figures out the route inland and tells the others to follow him, guns in hand.  And here the volume ends.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 3, 2013.

37 Responses to “GE 999 Ultimate Journey Stop 6-4 ~ End”

  1. Hi! Any discussion of this becoming an anime film? – Thx for translating this!

    • There is a Mahoroba film, something related to this and featuring the same characters, provisionally set for 2013, but I’m guessing it won’t make it this year..

  2. So basically this is just one big leijiverse crossover

    • And that’s exactly how it’s being billed: as the project that gathers all the stuff of 60 years in one place 🙂

      • The “everything but the kitchen sink…” approach! However still waiting for the SS99 crowd to show up, the Drifting Express 000, Shima and Yuki 7, the V2 Panzer mob, plus the various other groups of youngsters out there from Hotaruna You, Drifting Princess, Highlander 0, DNA Sights 999.9 and Mars Hotel…

        But there are still a couple of volumes to go!

        BTW – anyone else a bit ticked off that Glide Media haven’t included the artwork from the Convension editions that’s been flashed around the web? Keisuke Masanaga did the character sketches and he draws a seriously cute Harlock… ;-(

        • Yes, I am seriously ticked at the absence of artwork. And now that I know it was Keisuke’s work, I’m even more ticked off.

          We know that Drifting Express 000 is somehow involved in the Mahoroba project, so it should turn up at some point. At the rate they’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised if that bee comic he did early on turns up.

          • He did write an awful lot of “Insectors” manga back in the day as well! Hotaruna You seems to tap into that (humanoid insects), and ends with the characters watching a fleet emerge from a warp field – including Yamato, Arcadia, Queen Emeraldas (and what looks like a valkerie fighter) etc in pursuit of the phantasma ships…! Looks to me as though they were watching the big dookeroo!

            • Oh yeah – there’s a bee person!

              • Millennia manga has a very memorable Insector sequence as well, IIRC.

                • Those were the ships though… his “Insectors” manga were insect-people… bit like some of the GE999 episodes.

                  Earth seems to have been populated by numerous different races in his manga over the year – insect-kinden (long before Adrian Tchaikovsky’s “Apt” novels! 😉 ); the tailed humans of “Nasca” (which I only recently discovered had a precedent in Japanese myth…) the aquatic humans of Marine Snow, SS99 et al; the mysterious pointy-eared “elite” of Danguard Ace – oh and dryads [cough] sorry – “mazone”… all of which seemed to manage bumping into each other…!! Not forgetting several alien invaders – robotic, cyborg and organic; time-travellers with seriously nasty agendas… Sheesh, it’s worse Nagai Go’s crossovers! (you start to wonder how Japan survived the 70’s, frankly… 😉 )

                  Hmmm… if Danguard Ace is now part of canon, then we also had TWO wandering planets on wildly eccentric long orbits that headed into the solar system within 20 years of each other… (anime timeline 1977 and 1999) – or, if the Danguard Ace *manga* is the canonical work, then the denoument of that story leaves it open to suggest Promete could well have been La Metal pre-awakening…!

  3. I need to find a summary of Driver Zero. It keeps popping up on my Captain Harlock tag on tumblr. Not that I’m complaining I’m all for shirtless Harlock. As a Detective Conan fan I wonder if he kicks is soccer ball shaped mom at people. Wait I just looked around on tumbler and someone posted those pictures you found of the musical!

    • Quick summary: Orphaned android gets treated like dirt by Humans, gets a real chip on his shoulder, meets Harlock, learns there’s more to life than being a whiny brat and that there’s an enemy coming that will require him to make a stand… Given it only runs to about 7 short chapters, the devil’s in the details! Kind of gets sidelined as a first (aborted) attempt to write the story that morphs into SPCH a year or so later, and a couple of elements have been recycled over the years!

      Hmm… if Diver Zero is now canon, would this mean that the partly mechanised Harlock in DZ is “our” Harlock??! That’d put the cat—->pigeons!

      Shirtless Harlock? Oh yeah… he does give Zero his jacket at one point, doesn’t he? I’m just glad we’re spared the image of those ridiculous horns on his spacesuit helmet… (which crop up in a couple of stories in the Tales of A Time gone By collection as well, IIRC, though we’re never told the mysterious spacesuited figure is Harlock… On which note if you want shirtless Harlock, the short manga you want is Technologies – a “Machinners” story from the same collection – calling Mr Fanservice and then some! 😉 However, there’s a doozy of a reveal about that tale’s Harlock!! )

  4. Question: is this all of Ultimate Journey that’s been published so far?

    • In the edition that I read, yes. There is another, older edition which I think has released a bit more of the story, but not much. Anyway, there should be another full volume coming out of the edition I have (this year I think) and I will buy it when it comes out.

      • Yeah, I just hope that this isn’t another one of those series that is left unfinished…

        • I’m very hopeful about this one. The only reason they’re delaying the final volume is to time it closer to the Mahoroba film..whenever THAT is actually coming out is anyone’s guess.

  5. They’re up to volume 4 I think of the convention-only edition. I’m just gutted the mass-market one removes the illustrations! But I think the mass market one is fewer volumes – so it might be only 2 parts, not 4. Need to check back over the thread on AlbatorSSX…

    • Yeah, the original edition has 4 volumes out, and it’s not done.
      The version I’m reading, without the images, has 2 volumes out (they’re thicker than the originals, that’s why there’s less of them) and they’ve stated that there will be 1 final volume. We’ll see..

  6. Just been on Amazon Japan – Book 2 is now available for pre-order, ships August!

    • Awesome! Just the other day I was worrying about the Mahoroba project, hoping that the second volume of this novelization would come out quickly just to prove this is alive and kicking!! I wonder if it’s available for preorder anywhere else, Amazon kills me on shipping.

    • One Japanese commenter noted that the release date being 8/29, it’s about 10 days before the Harlock film comes out. Nice timing to get the Leiji fans all excited~

      BTW, I was kind of worried that this novels were off track, but looking back I see the publishing house stated Volume Two would come out sometime in 2013, so they’re holding on to their schedule, though my impatience makes it look otherwise.

      Then again, the Mahoroba film was said to be coming out this year. Ain’t gonna happen..and it’s best that it doesn’t. Some space between CG Harlock and this project is a good thing.

      • Been a bit quiet on all of the other projects really – nothing new on Zero Desigze, Mahoroba or Marine Snow…

        But – the countdown’s on! 10 weeks to go! I figure more than enough time to marathon a Harlock retrospective… 😉 Just hope the DVD is hard on its heels!!

        • Well, unless there’s a simultaneous release abroad, you might have several more weeks to do it in :/ (Just ordered Ultimate Journey Vol. II. I’m so thrilled to have this plus the Harlock film novelization on the way!!!!) Which reminds me, I gotta start reading some of the old GE 999 novels..As soon as I’m done with Malazan 1 I’ll get on one of those. (I already have the 2nd Malazan book but I’ll take a break.)

          • I might get on with a few more novels myself… just finishing up the Cobra manga, but only 4 more volumes to go! I’ve still got 2 more versions of WSnA novelisations to get through, plus two versions of SSX…. about time I buckled down and stopped playing in the nursery reading-wise! There’s a whole shelf double stacked just with Matsumoto tie-ins really in need of reading – it’s just easier to read manga (or the photo-mooks!), and any non-furigana’d novels tend to go on the back burner…! I’m a speed reader in English and French so it’s really frustrating picking my way through a book! (And I’m totally lost without my Casio x-9600!!)

            • Oh, I have the same problem. My brain always resists a little when I’m reading Japanese. It’s an exacting process, no matter how much you study it. One of my Japanese professors told us that there was a big difference between Western Japan scholars and, say, Western French scholars. All Western scholars of things French automatically read their sources in French, no sweat. But Japan scholars will actually cheat: if they have the choice between reading the original in Japanese and an English translation, they will often read the translation, and only turn to Japanese for confirmation etc.

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