Aku no Hana 01

Finally, something watchable!!


P.S. Are people complaining that the character designs are ugly or something?!  Boy, am I glad I didn’t put my picture up on the blog or what!!

P.P.S. Been working weekends and stuff, but this one should be the last for a while.  So hopefully I’ll be able to watch shows and stuff soon, and I promise I’ll finish that translation of the Matsumoto interview…

~ by Haloed Bane on April 6, 2013.

11 Responses to “Aku no Hana 01”

  1. Yep, the anime looks wonderful so far. Since I expected the whole season would be bad, I am positively surprised.

    • And Shingeki no Kyojin is supposed to be good, so that’ll two~

      • Well there is Yamato 2199. That started its weekly run on the 7th.

        • So it’s actually going to be weekly from here on out then?

          • As far as we know. It is possible it could be a split cour show, but there is no offical word on that. Until they say, we think it will got for the next 26 weeks until about October 6th.

            • Oh, that’s very nice. Gee, all of a sudden I have like 7 shows I need to watch.

              • With the recent update on when the last two theater releases are, it is confirmed that Yamato 2199 will be weekly for all 26 episodes, ending on October 6th. The theater releases were sped up by a month each, so that Chapter 6 will be out in June and Chapter 7 out in August, the BD coming in July and September respectively. So it will end last on TV…by about week and a half.

                • So is anyone subbing the tv episodes now? I have seen nothing.

                  • That I am uncertain about. I know the episode from the BD are avalible on the internet (cause everything is at somepoint). Those have subtitles. I think I saw someone was subbing the TV version of those same episodes, but I can’t recall who, or if it was just a RAW so people could see the small differences.

                    I know a Youtube group was putting the BD version of the episodes up under the title of New Star Blazers or Star Blazers 2199. Those removed the OP song (probably to evade copyright stuff) and crafted their own changing OP using The ALFEE version for the classic song from the 2009 Yamato: Resurrection film. Those are subtitled. I think they also hid the idea that it was the new show by putting the litle preview picture as a shot of the original show.

  2. Gargantia is looking good too. The production values are superb (well at least the first episode!).

    • The pics I’ve seen make it look lovely indeed, but I do worry it might be a one or two episode thing. Studios should really take a page from Jesus in this regard (Jn. 2:10).

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