Evangelion 3.0: (Sometimes) You Should Not Redo

I’ll open this brief impressions post with a shameless, flagrant notice, and that is that I reserve the right to totally change my opinion at some later date.  That’s how much respect I have for Anno’s vision.  Is that clear?  OK, here we go then.

eva q

I hated this.

I felt as if an Evangelion hater had concocted this film just to provide his/her posse with more ammunition.  Kaworu was lethally boring.  He really was.  In the TV series he comes in, acts really nicely toward Shinji for what feels like an brief instant, and is then crushed.  Here, we have to endure him saying practically the same BS over and over and over.   Like he was some creepy cultish figure.  And there was something off about his character design, I swear.

I spent this film, as I’ve spent each of the films in the series, clenching my teeth in the vain hopes that Asuka would not get hanged, drawn and quartered like she was in the TV series.  I wish I could happily report that she survives this film.  She does survive, but it’s not a happy report at all, when Misato (and others, but I was shocked mostly about her) has practically taken her place as far as character demolition is concerned.  What on Earth did they do to Misato?!  OMG.  Misato shouldn’t try to be Harlock, she should stay Misato.  She is now officially lame.  Scream it from the rooftops.

From about minute 1:25 I was hoping this was going to be a dream or an alternate reality, and that we’d get back on track at some point and I’d be able to skip this part if I ever did a rewatch.  I’m still kind of hoping the first scene in the final film will be of Shinji waking in a hospital etc.  The damage has been done, though.  It’s a waste of a film.

PS: It’s my 600th post 🙂

~ by Haloed Bane on May 4, 2013.

22 Responses to “Evangelion 3.0: (Sometimes) You Should Not Redo”

  1. hence the title, “You can not redo” 😛 Gainax realise they can’t redo kaworu ..

    i was so confused when i watched it. i thought i missed something in 2.0 but fuck me, the stupid 14 years time skip ? Is either i really missed something out in 2.0 or the way they did 3.0 is fucked up.

    either way, i didn’t really enjoy 3.0 as much as the previous films. Hope 4.0 would be better but they spoiled it by saying there will be fan service, i hope they mean by a lot more Eva action rather than panties and underage boobs .

    • The “next time there’ll be lots of fanservice” thing is a running gag with Eva. The joke is, they always say that, and it’s almost never true. IIRC, it was in the preview for 3.33 too, and look how that turned out. 😛

      • its been ages since i last saw eva 2.0 XD , i should probably do a rewatch of all 3 again … maybe.

        • I could have personally used more fanservice myself 🙂 At least something to look at.

          One more thing I disliked about this film. Too many people seemed to know too much about what was going on. Like, even Asuka is looking at things and saying stuff like: “Oh, I see, the Gaf door must have been left ajar so that the Eva 13 now needs to pop an S-2 in the Near Impact zone” etc etc. Darn it, it’s like the pilots knew more in this film than Ritsuko did in the original.

          And I read another blog commenting on how all the progress in the second film had been wiped out (Rei’s personality, Shinji’s guts increasing by leaps and bounds). It’s true. Anno is such a troll.

          • the moment they took out the “God killer” ship , i was like “Wut?” this isn’t Eva anymore.

          • >One more thing I disliked about this film. Too many people seemed to know too much about what was going on. Like, even Asuka is looking at things and saying stuff like: “Oh, I see, the Gaf door must have been left ajar so that the Eva 13 now needs to pop an S-2 in the Near Impact zone” etc etc. Darn it, it’s like the pilots knew more in this film than Ritsuko did in the original.

            Well, it has been fourteen years. Asuka has had more than enough time to move up the command structure and obtain a full brief.

            And if Ritsuko has broken with Gendo, she has no reason to keep any secrets. Doubly so, now that impact has actually happened.

            • In a standard organization, yes, Asuka getting a full brief after years of work makes sense. But I don’t think NERV has a “full brief” to hand out, at least not in the original series. The full brief was always strictly in Gendo’s brain.

  2. It’s clearly a poorer film from a storytelling perspective than 1.0 and 2.0. I think it’s safe to say that it’s incomplete. As far as I can understand, the original plan was to make three flims. 3.0 feels like half a movie; we’re lacking a lot of exposition from what’s happening (being Anno I wouldn’t be too sure we’re getting a lot of explanations though). Who are Wille? how have those ‘survivors’ been so changed as to be almost unrecognizable as characters? I think 4.0 has a lot, lot to of work to do in order to make this a complete viewing experience.

    Having said that, I enjoyed the animation and visuals immensely. The first half hour is a sensory overload delight. I even enjoyed (just a bit) the sense of overwhelming confusion about the current state of events. It reminded me of watching the series for the very first time oh so long ago (still have those VHS tapes somewhere). And Gendo Ikari is still the biggest loser in anime. I cannot say I hated this like you did. I do have to to watch it again though.

  3. [soothing noises] And this is why I stick with Dynamic Pro’s output if I want my head screwed with whilst deconstructing the super robot genre…! Hell, it takes just as much brain bleach to get some of the images out of your head, the characters are just as screwed up/with – but with sooo much less pain and suffering for the innocent viewer! ;-P

    Might I suggest one of the more recent Getter Robo shows instead? Might take the nasty taste away… 😉

    • Hehe. Let me finish Millennia first~ I’m so behind…

      • Get to Danguard Ace, dammit…!!! [prod] (QM – Lovely though, innit?!!)

        Lessee… DA gives us: Weird looking mechs with pseudo-religious name? Check. Insecure, whiny bratty teen pilot with serious emotional issues and a tendency to fall apart at the seams? Check. Pilot casualties? Grab a bucket and a spatula. Hard-bastard project leader (or in this case, trainer…) Cue several infirmary scenes and much bitch-slapping. Mind-raped characters? Oh, you betcha… Totally screwed up father/son relationship? Double check with knobs on…
        …back in 1977. Honestly – first time I watched it, I thought this was one of Eva’s “targets” for deconstruction! ;-P Which would be funny, since it IS a partial deconstruction… just without the pseudo-religious BS and a creator on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Oh. And it has a plot… ;P And an ending that makes sense. [1]

        …If only the studio had had the balls to set the bar for a higher age demographic… It’s so obvious the writers were trying to hit above the assigned weight category at times, you could cry…

        [1] Yep. Sorry – I’m afraid I’m one of those who watched EVA back before the internet dispelled the hype… and promptly re-sold the DVD box set!!

        • It is known that Gunbuster borrows heavily from Danguard Ace, and so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that series echoed in Evangelion as well.

          The Eva series is worth a second shot, I’d say. Though if you watched the whole thing once and didn’t like it at all, maybe it’s just not your thing. I remember it taking me about 7-8 episodes to really think it was good (which means, of course, I would have usually dropped it, but knowing the great reputation it had I stuck to it).

  4. I wasn’t particularly enamoured with it either, immediately after I’d watched it. But I have to admit it’s growing on me. Sure, we’re told almost nothing about what’s going on or why it’s happening, but what we’re not told isn’t actually relevant to the point of the movie: Shinji’s emotional journey.

    3.33 sets out to make a very simple point (“You cannot redo”), and in the final analysis I think it does it fairly well. Once you fuck up, you can never make it so it never happened. You can try to fix things, but you can never turn back time. What you have to do is own your actions, and move forward.

    I’m not so sure it works as well as a third part in a four part series. The lack of context makes it difficult for the film to work as a continuation of Rebuild’s ongoing story, and demands that 4.44 either spend a great deal of time filling in 3.33’s blanks or simply leave a lot of questions unanswered.

    It might work better as a lead-in to 4.44 than as a successor to 2.22, we can’t know yet. Shinji’s arc here is incomplete: he is destroyed, but not yet rebuilt. That gives 4.44 a nice basis to build on. I also find it interesting that this is possibly the only time in the entire franchise that Shinji can be said to have genuinely sinned. He’s fucked up before, but it’s always been easy to absolve him of responsibility because he has no understanding of what he does; in fact, understanding has been deliberately kept from him. His actions here in 3.33 are a lot harder to defend.

    I also didn’t have the problem you had with Kaworu. Actually, I’ve always liked Kaworu. In a series where Shinji suffers so much and is given so little for it, the perfect, unconditional love that Kaworu offers is practically cathartic, both for Shinji and for me. Every time, I find myself desperately wishing that Shinji could have that forever. But it’s not to be.

    I’ve never been religious, not in the slightest, but sometimes I look at Kaworu and I think I might be beginning to understand what it means to believe in a perfectly loving God.

    Also that opening action sequence in spaaaaaaaaaaace is the best fucking thing ever goddamn.

  5. I didn’t like it either. I can get the reasons why the film was like this, or the themes it used, but it sacrificed a lot of what I enjoyed in Eva to get there. Shinji is far from my favorite character and it’s really sad to see the characters degrade and lose any development the first two films built up.

    From a storytelling standpoint, 3.33 is very jarring and disconnected from its predecessors. The visual design is whacked, the Evas are ugly and Wille is dumb. Even the action isn’t very good, because it’s too confusing to follow.

    Poor Misato 😦

    • Anno is a troll, is why. Wille is dumber than dumb, it’s dumberer. Honestly, even if Anno wanted to go all wacky like this, there were better ways of doing it. Let’s just hope the last film starts from scratch or something..

  6. It’s always like this, with Evangelion and other breakthrough productions. You read about its history with the public and critic, and over and over it repeats with stunned comments rejecting it, but only ending up cementing its cult status for ages to come. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • I have to say you’re right. Eva’s track record proves it. However, I’ve always been one of those (few?) who pretty much enjoyed every twist and turn of it, and now that I find myself on the other side of the appreciation divide, well, it kind of royally sucks.

  7. I wana do a sub called space pirate captain misato.

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