More on the Harlock Film Trailer

So, if you don’t know about this, read the updated scoop [here].ย  Epic wardrobe malfunction, and just before Cannes to boot, what an awful coincidence ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I refuse to read the script so please if you did read it don’t comment on it here.

However, I do want to bring up some more things from the super trailer, and I should start it off by asking once more: Does anyone have any info on the song??ย  My first thought was Linkin Park (and several others have suspected the same) but I’m not an expert on this group or others that sound similar so I don’t know..

Shot 1


So, here we see Yuki and Daiba rescuing Harlock.ย  Yes, indeed, a very Endless Odyssey vibe there…ย  And I like the fact that Daiba and Harlock resemble each other.ย  I did mention this beforehand, but it’s worth repeating.ย  Can you imagine the incredible amount of pressure Leiji and his crew must have suffered to make them look as different from each other as possible?

Shot 2


Very different vibe from most Leiji Earth governments.ย  The name is the same, as Gaia Coalition in English is an OK equivalent of Earth Federation, or the classic corrupt government of Earth in the Leijiverse, but these guys look more like a cross between Moria and Gondor than the Federation of SPCH…

Shot 3


So is that Earth (I guess that’s South America on the left and a bit of Africa on the right)?ย  It shows up a number of times, and I have to say it looks gorgeous.ย  And right after that, just look at Daiba looking at Earth:

Shot 4


You see his eyes just devouring the planet (unless, of course, there’s been a major edit here, and he’s not at all looking at what we just saw, but to me the sequence makes perfect sense as is).ย  He is mystified and awed, a bit of resistance around his mouth (like: I’m too cool for the mother planet) but dude, he’s fooling himself, he’s about to burst into tears.ย  This is awesome.

Shot 5


Does the Arcadia look the same, or has it changed since fans started hollering about it?ย  I can’t tell.

Shot 6


I’m not a mecha man at all, but there’s definitely something sexy about triple turrets.ย  Books on the IJN are always talking about the triple turrets on the Yamato etc., and I once did some serious research on why they never came up with 4 or 5 (apparently 3 is the maximum that is still stable or something along those lines, it’s an optimum arrangement design-wise).

Shot 7



Shot 8


Cool to see the same scene replicated like this, once for the “good guys” and once for the “bad guys.”ย  (What’s really neat is that just looking at this trailer, you can see how Leijiesque the whole project is).

Shot 9


The art is superb, and the animation is superb.

Shot 10


Harlock sheds a tear.ย  I just reread El Cantar de Mio Cid and so I’m very attuned to the power of a hero’s tears, and how it can reveal their strength (because they’re not afraid of exposing their weakness).

Shot 11


I’m dying to know just what’s going on in this scene (but you know what, not dying fast enough to read the script or have someone spoilt it for me!!!).

In conclusion, this trailer rocks and all evidence suggests that the film will rock.ย  Any other opinion on the matter is just silliness.


~ by Haloed Bane on May 11, 2013.

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  1. I think by the time we saw it it was to late in production to change the way the Arcadia looks. I think it will work in context of the film and from what I read on that website before all the bio stuff got pulled it sort of spends most of the time in black smoke anyway. No comment about how huge the first mate is in this film?

    • 1) Re: Arcadia, what you say makes sense but I did hear Leiji saying he was going to yell at the production people to change the way it looked, so…
      2) I did notice that about Yattaran LOL! Giant Yattaran. It works though doesn’t it!!

      • 2) … Kaoru Shintani’s probably punching the air at this point… ๐Ÿ˜‰ First time since he’s been used as a character he’s looked frikkin’ awesome! (Wonder if they’ll maintain the tradition of a Matsumoto cameo?)

  2. [quote] And I like the fact that Daiba and Harlock resemble each other [quote]

    I reserve the right to quote a very well-known fantasy film at some point after the film airs… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    However: Didn’t they always? Harlock in his teens is pretty much Daiba but with – well – a brain… ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Anime-Daiba always seems to suffer from being a terminal pillock in every incarnation…) And most of his tall dark handsome heroes/guardians have kid brothers/sons who resemble them… Harlock’s almost alone in NOT being revealed to be related to the ‘next generation’! (Mamoru/Susumu;Wattaru/Manabu;Oz tai-i/Susumu;Dantetsu/Takuma;Dick/Sam…) Harlock gets two Tadashi’s, a hyper-competent tomboy and an android!

    IIRC in the manga Mimay comments that Daiba reminds her a lot of how Harlock used to be before Tochiro died, perhaps with slightly better prospects! Maybe if he’d finished the damn manga this might have been significant…

    • That’s what I mean, in the Leijiverse Harlock and Daiba resemble each other a lot, so it’s great that they kept this in the film, even though cinema mass entertainment logic would indicate it’d be better for them to look very different so that the viewers can immediately tell them apart and not think they’re parent-child etc.

      As for Leiji cameos, we’ll have to see what Chief Engineer Maji looks like~

  3. Given how long this Harlock’s been around (according to various trailers over the last couple of years about 100 years…), it’s not beyond the possibility that “Daiba”/ “Logan” /”Yama” or-whatever-his-name-turns-out-to-be IS a descendent… (and no, I’ve not read anything confirming that… just a fangirl thought!) Hell, back before I was particularly clued up on Harlock’s various backstories, when Endless Odyssey came out for a very short time I thought they were going to reveal Daiba had been adopted…!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. [quote] So, here we see Yuki and Daiba rescuing Harlock [quote]

    Kei: Daiba- on second thoughts, run back to the ship and fetch the chocolate sauce…

    [quote] You see his eyes just devouring the planet [quote]

    …or, he’s just blundered into Kei’s obligatory and gratuitous shower scene… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sorry, sorry… it’s a slow Sunday afternoon…!

    PS: Try running the trailer with the sound off and a suitably red-blooded Jam Project number cued up instead (anything from Getter Robo works well… bonus points for featuring Ichiro Mizuki!) instead of that banal mid-American rock ballad! MUCH better!

    • OMG. (How about peanut butter too?)

      Banal Mid-American Rock Band, that’s the name of the group!! (wait, no).

      • God even if the Captain needs to get laid more I can do without the bondage.

        • “more”? this IS Harlock we’re talking about… ๐Ÿ˜‰ He really needs to get laid, full stop… ;P Though I guess it’s a hazardous endeavour when you’ve got a bounty on your head that’s enough to feed a planet for a year…! (Assuming of course you’re so clueless you don’t notice the vacuum-packed hottie manning your comms station who’s obviously carrying a torch… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  5. Hmmm… Just taken a closer look at the gallery pics… anyone else think that the Daiba wannabe looks a lot like a young Michael York?!


    I have been trying to hunt down this trailer since it was brought done but I can’t seem to find it.

    • Okay i found one:

      Well that guy that you are calling Daiba I think that is the new guy … Yama? Logan? Don’t know but the story is placed with a new character that infiltrates the Arcadia to assassinate Harlock. Other than the uncertainty about that … the animation is the most amazing I have seen :3

      • Yeah, I kinda assume he is the “Daiba” of the story, whether he is named Daiba or not. I’ll buy some champagne if it turns out there’s no Daibaness in this film ๐Ÿ™‚

        Animation is worth every penny, it seems.

        I thought they were going to screen the whole film in Cannes, but apparently it’s only 15 minutes?! oh well, better than nothing.

        • LOL! I’ll bring a glass… Though it depends how clueless blondie is if we can celebrate just yet!

          Anyone know a back way into the screening rooms…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Don’t know a backway, but considering it’s hitting Japan in September, we’ll have lots of glimpses soon enough~

      • …basically it looks as though he takes the mission that Daiba REFUSED to undertake for the Prime Minister in the manga… (possibly the real proof than manga-Daiba was actually smarter than Rin Taro’s versons… there are a handful of anime/manga heroes you DO NOT want to f*** with (once you exclude most of the cast of Hokuto no Ken…) Two of them are space pirates – the rest tend to be found in Getter machines or go by the name of Kabuto Kouji… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )[1]

        BTW – just noticed when I re-read my copy – the script pdf is exactly 99 pages long… either massive co-incidence or a sneaky little gag!

        I can appreciate they’ve localised the Daiba-expy’s name – though choosing the name of a VERY well known comic book character might backfire! (mmmm… Hugh Jackman would look pretty good in an eyepatch & scar… especially if you look at the poster for the otherwise dire Van Helsing…!) but “Yama”!!? WTF? Has the American reporting misread “Oyama” and the family tree threw up a good looking branch again (the last time was Submarine Super 99’s captain, who looks a bit like Bulge from Galaxy Railways…)??

        If so it would be a cute mythology gag, as in the Waga Seishun no Arcadia Cockpit manga, the character that becomes Tochiro’s ancestor in the film flashback is a Daiba, NOT an Oyama, IIRC… (Or it’s a stealth pun and we’ve just got a mere “mountain” as opposed to a “Big mountain” ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

        …or as usual I’m over-analysing…! Whatever. I guess he’ll always be “Daiba” to me… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        [1] Then there’s the heroines…

        • Actually I think the character named โ€œJulianโ€ replaces the name โ€œDaibaโ€ and he is the guy we see with Kei breaking out Harlockโ€ฆ I think. I donโ€™t know, I havenโ€™t read the script and refuse to as well. I only know snips โ€ฆ. though I agree completely in the sense that localizing the names are a bit stupid unless they are hard to remember. Yama or Daiba arenโ€™t that hard to remember if they only use their first names.

          And Cannes? Wow Iโ€™m impressed. Yeah I just hopes it hits me in Australia which I assume it will โ€ฆ

          And Hugh Jackman? *thumbs up*

          • Julian is Yattaran – it was on the character sheets, and the casting news on several sites shows “Logan” is blond-Daiba, even if you avoid the script!

            • Well, I’m not sure if they planned it, but Logan and Julian sound similar to my, granted, non-Anglo-Saxon ears.

          • In like two days you Aussies are getting the new Daft Punk album launch party or something (place called Wee Waa), so, yeah, I’d say Australia is cool and worthy to receive this film ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • You actually put footnotes in your comments. That’s dedication ๐Ÿ˜€ 99 page Leiji script is no coincidence. Just like how the Battle Royale book first edition was 666 pages.

          I imagine we’ll get info on why the name choices, in an official blog or something down the road. And even if we don’t, I’ll be sure to speculate. Good point about the “Daiba” in manga AOMY. I remember chuckling when I first heard that name there.

  7. If anyone wants to rample on further, since the fourm miht be going, I do have a rather old-fashioned newsgroup on my webpage:

    It should allow guest posts – so if anyone wants to try it out, give it a whirl – I can also start a spoilers thread for anyone wanting to discuss the script!

    • I tried to write something but I don’t think it went through.

      • Ah. Well it IS a bit old and skanky… I’ve had the site since about 2002 and never used the newsgroup! Worth a shot!

        BTW – anyone had news from Cannes? I gather the 15 minute teaser was airing from 2pm European time!

        • Update: Actually – it did post! First non-spam post on there in 10 years not put up by me! Must be a record… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Still waiting from news on this front. I’ll be repeated again today at noon apparently.

  8. Page 39

  9. Well, the Japanese cast have been pretty much announced, if only the two leads named so far (neither of which I’ve ever heard of but look as though they’ll at least cause some squeeing from the fangirl contingent at conventions… oooh… colour me cynical!) Drat… I’d been hoping for one of the current regulars at least (though casting BOTH Yamadera and Takemoto could have been funny… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Only name I recognise so far is Toshiyuki Morikawa – no character given yet, but plays Zero in Cosmo Warrior Zero and Captain Oyama in SS99 – my bet here would be “Ezra”? (I’ll be hoping they could maybe get Makio san for a cameo at least….? It would be so cool even if it’s one line! Hell – I’d sell my soul for Hidekatsu Shibata to show up! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    English casting will be key though – if this company is UK based we do have a wealth of VA talent that springs to mind (Hmmm… the thinking woman’s bit-o-ruff Sean Pertwee for Harlock, anyone? Or the dulcet gravelly tones of David Warner? Sir Derek Jacobi is no stranger to audio work either for one of the Gaia heirarchy…) Dream US VA casting?: that’s a no-brainer: Steven Blum (aka David Lucas) and Crispin Freeman for Harlock and Logan. Either way round will do, guys! I’m not picky! They play well off each other (also went toe to toe in Last Exile…) And damn it – Cris is well overdue to get the damn role….!

    Interesting article – I notice we finally find out the fate of the Gaiking project launched at the same convention – though given its troubled history (wasn’t it the series Toei stiffed Uncle Go on and caused him to go his own way?) I’m surprised it’s on at all! Bit worrying they seem to be thinking in terms of cashing in on older IP to use as cash cows but I guess that’s the way of the world… Not that I’m not rooting for a live action or CGI Mazinger Z every time I see a trailer for Pacific Rim, mind you…!! (Go on… you KNOW even the most jaded cynic for 3d films (myself included) will be practically drooling at the thought of a rocket punch heading straight for them…!)

    …on which last note… the Arcadia… ramming speed…heading straight for the audience in that collision shown in at least one trailer… SQQUUUEEEEE!!! Yep, that’s MY seat booked for an overpriced theatre seat watching a film in a dark room through sunglasses,what about you guys? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Wait, I actually had the feeling that they were going to hire famous people to do the English voice acting, as in, not famous voice actors, but famous actors, like they do in Disney movies and stuff. Daniel Radcliffe as Harlock, Elton John as Yattaran, etc.

      • …the three named ARE quite famous on TV and film though! They just do an awful lot of radio and audio work as well! (Sean Pertwee and John Hurt have already done VA work for CGI animation – the Warhammer 40k Ultramarines film… David Warner was the voice of Ras al Ghul on Batman animated…) Big Finish audios (the guys with the Doctor Who licence) have been fielding some big guns in the audio dramas for years so some of the best talent doesn’t cost the earth I’m guessing!

        But your suggestions are downright terrifying!! Still,as long as we don’t get David Tennant doing Harlock with a scottish accent… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Although, anything’s better than the moron they got for Harlock Saga… [shudder] or that awful GE999 dub from way back when! The old AomY dub “Vengeance of the Space Pirate” can be found occasionally and that’s not something I’d allow anyone to watch in my hearing – though the translation does it no favours…)

        Have you ever heard the Italian dub of SSX’s Harlock? Pretty bi for a straight guy… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I bought the Italian DVDs before finally getting the Japanese set, and accidentally changed tracks once… Oooh boy. And it was the scene where he’s being all solicitous to a very sick Tochiro… Unfortunate implications, much?!

      • Elton John as Yattaran? I think they’d do some Mexican-American comedian as Yattaran, such as George Lopez or Gabriel Iglesias.

        • In the tradition of him being completely incomprehensible wouldn’t “Bobcat” Goldthwait be more appropriate? [ducks and runs]

          …currently re-watching AoMY in a vain attempt not to wear out the portion of my hard drive containing the trailer…

          BTW – re: the trailer – whoever said it was Kei spinning nekkid was right! – watching the new one in higher def on the 32″ screen, it’s Kei. The scars a a bit of a giveaway!

          Honestly, 35 years of being the “girl next door” and now she has to get her kit off (and shower!) every time she shows up…! Endless Odyssey has a lot to answer for… Still, all in all I guess we should be thankful they chained Harlock up fully clothed…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • If you don’t know … my one and only “idol” is Cripsin Freeman. I would PAY to listen to Freeman (actually I did but never mind) ….

      • With you there for American VAs… ! I’m not a fan of dubs, but I’d listen to him read the phone book!

        Crispin Freeman’s gone on record IIRC saying he’d like to play Harlock – closest he’s got being Zero or the Harlock wannabe in Last Exile, Alex Rowe (talk about filing off the serial numbers!) Him or Blum, I’d love in the role – but though Blum aced Young Harlock’s snarky arrogance (he’s the only reason I’d want a US dub of Space Symphony Maetel doing!), not sure how he’d handle the sombre, world-weary older Harlock… the only other role I’ve heard him in is Spike!


    For more goodies on the news front at the foot of page 30! Links to several news sites, new pics etc. Celeban le Vert is on the track of some nice high res versions of piccies found, if I read it right!

    Toei seem to be really pushing these two actors… Getting a very strong feeling now they’re chosen for their looks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ What I’m not keen on is the way the campaign appears to be pushing an adversarial match-up between Harlock and our Daiba-expy, Yama… hmmm…. We shall see… some nice pics though!

    • I think you’re right that they’re pushing for a sexy, adversarial match-up. The adversarial is there latent in Endless Odyssey…The sexy, well, I’m not sure. It might be just and ad gimmick, I don’t think we’ll have the Capt. and Daiba/Yama coming to blows with their shirts off or anything like it.

      • Latent? Well, up until the final scene, maybe!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Adversarial would be more Harlock/Zero – though I gather this was more prominent in the game than the series… though the gaiden showcased the difference in attitudes a lot better… (I swear if Yama ends up telling Harlock he’s full of shit, there’ll be popcorn and cola everywhere as I end up punching the air…! ;P)

  11. My only concern about the movie is that it will enter into the uncanny valley….

    • I’m more concerned it’ll be too simple and happy…

      • I don’t think either of you need to worry too much… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Hmmm… I hope they do a novelisation …

        BTW – AK – your Japanese is way better than mine – is there any cultural significance attached to the use of “waga na wa…” instead of “ore/watashi wa…” used when declaring one’s name? It’s an odd shift… (though since we’ve gone from “Hito wa ore wo yobu Captain Harlock”[1] to “Ore wa Harlock” over the years, who knows?! )

        [1] Partly due to this I still suspect that in 1977 he still toyed with the whole “Harlock is / was Mamoru Kodai” thing that got dropped from Yamato… (or at least a “Dread Pirate Harlock” thing was going on! ;))

        • Waga is archaic. If you use it, it immediately sounds old-style. I think in this context it’ll remind you of swashbuckling samurai and pirates. Waga means “my”, so “waga na” is my name (“na” is the “na” in “namae”). So Waga na wa Harlock means “My name is Harlock”, whereas “Ore wa Harlock” is just “I’m Harlock.” But traditionalists like Leiji like to use “waga” a lot: wagatomo (my friend), wagakuni (my/our country).

          • [quote]traditionalists like Leiji like to use โ€œwagaโ€ a lot [quote]

            He does and he doesn’t… (well, not so much in the manga I’ve read so far… which is most of the SF and a couple of historicals!) usually it’s “ore no” (Harlock being Harlock there’s a lot of swagger…. !) it’s odd enough to stand out as a slight “tic” when I do see it/hear it… (used a lot in the songs for SPCH IIRC – especially that gorgeous theme “Waga tomo, waga inochi….” from the last episode!)

            Last time I remember “waga” being used and standing out was in the Galaxy Express 999 Andromeda hen – and the Viz translation ran with the plural (which is how I usually see it used!) It threw me then because I was used to “my friend” being tossed around but not “our friend” – probably why it stuck in my head! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Still, “waga tomo” is much more elegant tripping off the tongue than “oretachi no tomo..” – “waga na wa Harlock” however sounds far more awkward than “ore wa Harlock” – as a writer I know which I’d go with! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pity the Japanese VA isn’t delivering his lines with a bit more conviction – I’m not a big fan of either Yamadera or Takemoto, but I’d take either of them over this new guy!

            Rather off topic but reminded by mentioning historical Matsumoto – I’ve been watching the BBC’s “Da Vinci’s Demons” rcently – and dear gods do I find myself really desperate to see Tenshi no Jikusen brought to the screen… it doesn’t help that given dVD contains time-travel, I now keep expecting two mad professors, a cat girl, a killer mechanoid and a naked blonde to turn up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Yeah, I think the idea is that “waga” works best when it’s used extremely rarely. Just to add flavor. It would sound very odd for Harlock to use “waga” all the time. I think “waga” is often used in a plural sense, definitely, like “wagakuni” for “our country.” Remember that the distinction between I and We breaks down for the Japanese when the subject is close to the (national, cultural, traditional) heart/kokoro (and indeed, wagakokoro is often seen). And “waga tomo” just sounds pretty somehow. A famous Mishima play is titled “Waga tomo Hitler” (the POV character is Rohm, head of the SA, who kept wanting to believe Hitler was his friend until the day he was taken out to pave the way for SS supremacy, etc).

              I’d have loved Yamadera, but he’s simply not as photogenic, and clearly that was a factor!! All in all, I expect us to be much more satisfied with the Daiba voice actor than with the Harlock voice actor (just because, really, how can you mess up Daiba’s voice? That would imply fans care about Daiba’s voice).

              A naked blonde should always turn up in fiction, I think ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if it’s a fake blonde…especially if it’s a fake blonde?!

              • Daiba’s voice in SPCH was Akira Kamiya – one hell of a VA but damn – a double bagger!! Makio Inoue looks like a nice, inoffensive accountant or lawyer… Kei Tomiyama wasn’t a picture either – and usually photographed with a ciggy in hand! Eiji Takemoto wasn’t “pretty” as such but looks as though he could hold the attention of a certain demographic – but playing an older Harlock? Not sure it would work… his best performance is actually in Space Symphony Maetel, IMHO! I think he really nailed the few scenes Harlock got!

                I think I’ll like Yama… aging up the Daiba expy is a good idea – most of Matsumoto’s heroes are annoying punks at 14-16 (Takuma in Danguard is almost as slappable as Daiba and in some situations even more of a loose cannon…) – aging up to ‘Young Harlock’s’ age (ish) at least gives the character a chance of some depth (I hope!)

                Speaking of Young Harlock – I think it was just the skull & crossbones on the front shoulder that gave the illusion – but for a couple of frames in the trailer it did look for a moment as though Yama was wearing YH’s blue bodysuit! (Hmmm…I’ve got a copy of the character sheets from the CWZ game – Harlock in burgundy looks spectacular! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

                • I know that one article in English said it was motion capture. I don’ think it will be to far into the uncanny valley. They are really trying to push into the international film market with this.

                  • If it goes uncanny, it won’t likely be anything we haven’t seen/read before in Harlock’s previous outings, judging by everything I’ve seen or read to date – I’ve not found a single plot point or theme (or motivation) that I can’t wave a previous series or manga under someone’s nose and say “been there, done that”… even some of the visuals have a precedent – first time I saw the designs of the Arcadia with the text about it’s Dark Matter – one of the first visuals made available 3 years ago – I immediately thought of the DarQueen’s fleet – and it don’t get more uncanny that THAT surely??! )

                    [grins] Frankly, this is from the guy who gave us stream trains in space, talking dinosaurs, bee-people, ghostly tanks, evil tentacled monstrosities from the first milliseconds after the big bang, and world domination by naked dryads… how uncanny can it get?! [ducks and runs]

  12. The song being used for the movie is “Be the light” by One OK ROCK, a Japanese band. They also contributed the song “The Beginning” to the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie.

    I’m so excited for this movie. Can’t wait for when it comes to the U.S. on Blu-ray and DVD. Hopefully.

    I plan to pre-order Discotek’s release of Captain Harlock – coming out this August! Which will tide me over until the movie is released on Blu-ray/DVD.

    Right now, it’s a great time to be a Leiji fan – and being a space opera fan since I’m really enjoying Space Battleship Yamato 2199 so far. I’m especially looking forward to the last movie – since one of its episodes (episode 23) is tentatively titled “The War of a Single Man” – so possibly a homage to Captain Harlock? Since a “Captain Harlock” was supposed to play a role in the original series…

    • It’s a great time to be a Leiji fan! You got that right! I’m so tempted to nip over the Channel if the film plays in Paris… assuming there’s not a UK release theatrically. Realistically -wonder how long they’ll take to release the Japanese DVD? 009 Re:Cyborg is already out and that hit cinemas in October, so a September release might be – March ’14 – to allow a decent int’l run? Or a Christmas rush job? Then there’s merchandise…. oh boy. Anyone had a glimpse of the Harlock & Kei figures briefly online? *Gorgeous*…! And I get to add a 3rd Arcadia design to my collection!

      I’ve been dipping into Yamato 2199, but not hugely impressed by comparison to the original. Practically a pointless scene for scene remake with some truly lack-lustre character designs but some – odd – changes in places! Dessler especially suffers by comparison: He’s now a pretty-boy – voiced by Harlock’s regular VA! (I love the original Dessler – he’s truly awesome as he moves from badass adversary to badass “mess with Yamato and I’ll seal your fate”!)

      Mamoru “I’m going to be an insubordinate tw*t and refuse to run from a fight because my honour demands it” Kodai now stays behind to cover the retreat… still a prat though. Even if he was supposed to end up marauding round as Harlock… (Frankly that’s one character probably breathed a sigh of relief – on a collision course to cliche central on the “MIA older brother/father” ticket (a sure fire way to end up dead in the Leijiverse!) he ended up becoming the love-toy of a lonely space princess instead of a mutilated pirate dying of radiation sickness! ๐Ÿ˜‰ … buuuut then blew it in the sequel film! Like I said: *prat*. ) So saying, I really like the original novelisation of the first series that came out before they changed the plot – gorgeous artwork and a seriously dark take on the show! And yes… “Harlock”. Dear gods – does it ever have a Harlock! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’ll stick 2199 out to the bitter end – at least for comparison. Can’t see me ditching the original in favour though – it doesn’t appear to be doing enough that’s different to warrant it’s existence so far. If that changes in later episodes, well and good – I’ll be happy to be proved wrong! But it’s not really a Matsumoto show, so I’m not that wound up by it!

      But look at all the Leiji goodness coming our way: Harlock, Mahoroba, Marine Snow, Zero Desigze, Ultimate Journey… {tigger-bounce} Happy days!

      • Happy days indeed, people. And if I were anywhere in England I’d definitely go to Paris if that’s what it took. Being in the States, I’m assuming New York will be my nearest venue. But I wonder: if we do get a substantial cinema run internationally, would it come just a bit later than September? Or in Christmas or when??

        • Well, 009 Re:Cyborg is only just getting a small UK release, but the DVD came out last week in Japan after an October ’12 theatrical release… if that’s typical, who knows? (And in the post! Yippeee!!)

          It’s a good time to be a fan of 70’s/80’s anime full stop – I’ll finally be able to get my paws on a legal sub of Cobra’s 82 TV series, Cyborg 009 is having a bit of a resurgence, loads of classic shows are getting cheap sub only releases in the west…. (10 years too damn late for my poor brain being force-fed Japanese!) Re-boots galore… Now if only we get “Shin” Great Mazinger, I’ll die happy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Starting from episode 14 onwards is when Yamato 2199 deviates from the original series, truly becoming its own thing. I see Yamato 2199 as a really well-done space opera, not as a Leijiverse work, since it isn’t. With that in mind, I was able to enjoy Yamato 2199 for what it is currently.

        • I think that’s the proper attitude to watch it, definitely..

          • 14 is as far as I’ve been able to get (obviously… the rest isn’t out yet!) If it does go it’s own way, that will send it upwards in my estimation!)

      • the only bit of 2199 I’ve seen is the Battle of Pluto part. I have to say I never really got Mamoru being so willing to die there in the original. Harlock can be a death seeker but Mamoru is like a whole new level of stupid, or maybe just a Daiba level of stupid sometimes. I can only guess Our Harlock has nightmares where he’s Mamoru.

        I think it’s something when a 70s anime dub made him less stupid by making his reason for getting killed protecting the ship that had more crewmembers and a more experienced leader.

        Though I do think that song we see in the Harlock anime and was originally for the Yamato Harlock. I’m not sure which Tim Eldred translated interview I read it in and some were movied to a diffrent site before starblazers went down. let’s just say I’ve spent way to much time looking for bit’s of Harlock in Mamoru.

        Also Kouichi Yamadera? They get him to replace everyone he was Kodai in Resurrection. I think that when the rings of time meet Kouichi having been Harlock, Desler and Kodai will cause all of reality to be destroyed.

        • Yamadera also voiced Tochiro… (he took over most of Kei Tomiyama’s roles when he died, which is why he got Kodai…) the potential reality warping can only get worse! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since he got the Tomiyama roles that means he also could also be Sa Jogo from Starzinger! I was amused to see Yamadera turning up as part of the new voice cast for Lupin – but sadly, NOT replacing Goemon’s VA, Makio “the one true voice of Harlock” Inoue… missed opportunity,much? ;)No. He’s Zenigata, replacing the late, much missed Goro Naya.

          Then there’s Akira Kamiya: Daiba, Ichimonji Takuma, Saburo Kato (and Shiro) in Yamato… Youko Asagami voiced Selen, Yuki, Kei (in SSX)… Ultimate Journey just begs for a “who said that”? moment!!

          Of course, how to truly get reality warping would be to get Harlock, Ichimonji Dantetsu, Dick Coyne, Wattaru Yuuki, Goro Oki, Mamoru Kodai, Daiba, Manabu Yuuki, Susumu Kodai, Ichimonji Takuma, Susumu Oki and Sam Coyne all in one place… it’s a tiny gene pool, it seems!

        • “I never really got Mamoru being so willing to die there in the original”

          It’s a cultural thing, right? I mean, that’s kind of the whole thing behind Yamato historically, an insane suicide mission. We might call it stupid, but for people like Nishizaki, it’s da bomb, so to speak.

    • I heard that about “Be the Light”, but that is not the song being played in the trailers so far, evidently. I’ve listened to the “Be the Light” and none of it matches.

      • One’s a ballad, one’s a light-rock anthem for a start… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not impressed by the Japanese entry! For a franchise that gave us “Waga tomo waga inochi” “Harlock no Ballad” “Byakuya ni Hitori” “Jidai” “Book of Life” and so help me – even “Style” has its moments… neither track is making my Harlock playlist so far! Hell – the end theme to Arcadia of my Youth has dated badly but is still streets ahead! Meh…

        • Still, you can understand what they’re doing. Rather than have a Japanese band sing in Japanese (and alienate world audiences) or a foreign band singing in English (and alienate Japanese audiences) or having two bands do two versions (which would get confusing for ads and branding purposes), they choose a Japanese band singing in English. Voila.

          • Oh, I thought you meant the theme song for the movie. I don’t know the song being played in the trailers either.

            I adore the end theme to Arcadia of My Youth – I don’t think it aged that badly. I think it’s holding up well – and sounds way better as a movie theme song than “Be the light”.

            • Yeah – but AoMY sounds like a rip-off of something from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds…! But don’t get me wrong – I do love it! But “Alone in a white arctic night” kind of knocks it for 6!

          • what they are going for something more marketable to the west. Toei is really trying to brake into the international film market with this movie. Be the Light is one of those sort of love Rock songs you hear over the credits to some blockbuster movie. I think they are insane dragging the lead singer for Aerosmith didn’t get Yamato live action over here.

            • Be honest – given Aerosmith performed the end theme – you REALLY want anyone to draw comparisons between Yamato and Armageddon?!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

              Could be worse… we might have ended up with either Celine Dion or Bryan Adams…

              • Why get Bryan Adams, when we can have…STING!!! He’d be amazing, he could do all the songs, and if you change Harlock’s long lost girlfriend’s name to something more international, then just think of how fantastic it would be when that flashback scene took place. As Harlock looked into the eyes of the love of his life, Sting’s voice would all of a sudden sing in the background: Rooooxannnnee~ It’d be beautiful, it would.

                • … you’ve read that obscure Matsumoto manga where there’s a hot chick called “Maya” running a brothel, haven’t you… ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  My memory of that song is totally co-opted by the brutal but stunning “Tango de Roxanne” version from Moulin Rouge… sends shivers down my spine!

  13. Just found: IMDB have gone out on a limb with a whopper of a freudian mis-type – Apparently Haruma Miura is playing “Maya”… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Damn – I didn’t even NOTICE “Yama” was an anagram!!

    Are the writers messing with our heads, guys!? (BTW the official poster for the film is going with “Yama” so don’t expect any cross-dressing!)

  14. Looks like it got picked up in Italy

  15. [quote] By uncanny, we are referring to the actual animation itself [quote]

    Ahhh… ‘New Captain Scarlet’ levels of animation…. gotcha!

  16. For those who missed the original GFM page showing the Hot Toys prototypes:

    … even after over 2 years since the original announcement I’m not getting over “Hot toys” and “Harlock” in the same sentence anytime soon… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyone else thinking of selling their firstborn (well, if I had children…) to get these beauties? ;P

    • I think the correct bartering technique is to offer your secondborn or thirdborn first, and only if they don’t take them then whip out the firstborn. In any case, what other characters they’ll come up with..

      • I think I’d buy the lot…! but 1/6 scale is a standard 12″ figure, isn’t it? That’ll be at least ยฃ50 each, surely? I’d definitely go for Harlock, Kei and Yama, possibly Mimay…! If there’s an Arcadia as well, I’ll throw my soul into the pot!! I’ve got blue and green, plus an as yet un-sprued Deathshadow I really need to get around to building/painting…

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