Subtitles for the Harlock Super Trailer


It’s funny that you can find whole transcripts of the silliest things on 2ch, but there’s absolutely nothing on the upcoming Harlock CG film.  It took me a while, but I was able to make my own transcript of the latest (1 min. 45 sec.) trailer.  I’ve put the transcript itself at the bottom of this post for those who can read Japanese.

Anyway, I’ve translated my transcript and made subtitles of it.  I’m really tempted to upload the subbed video onto my YouTube channel, but I’m guessing it’ll immediately get taken down.  So I’m putting a link to the sub file here.  Anyone interested should be able to pair up the official video [here] with my sub file and enjoy the action.

Here’s the link to the subs.Note that the text at the bottom of the screen renders the audio, whereas the text on top renders the written words on the screen (I did not translate credits, just the interesting lines).

Harlock 1:45 Trailer Subs

P.S. In order to get this done I had to listen and relisten to the theme song, and I gotta say I’m starting to dig it 🙂


Here’s the transcript (the dots indicate dramatic pauses and nothing more):















~ by Haloed Bane on June 15, 2013.

6 Responses to “Subtitles for the Harlock Super Trailer”

  1. Got a text file? For the video-techie challenged with a lousy set of laptop speakers?? Please? {flutters eyelashes}

    • Hehe. That is actually a text file!! Just open it on Notepad or Wordpad. But if you want to see the video with the subs, I recommend just downloading VLC Player ( ). Then, open up VLC Player, go to File, and choose Advanced Open File. That will let you browse for the video (assuming you’ve DLed the trailer) and then browse for the subtitle file, so you can play both in sync.

  2. Ah… did wonder if VLC would work it’s usual magic. Will give it a go! Ta!


  3. BTW – anyone else notice there’s a shot of Yattaran wearing one of the “scarab” pendants? I think it’s this trailer – a close up standing next to Yama…

    • I did notice that!! But I think it was in a previous trailer…So, was it in Space Symphony that we see scarab pendants? (Also, one of the continents of LaMetal is called Scarab or Scarabe.)

      • Maya wears one in the sketches for AoMY… it’s even specifically illustrated, but it goes back to the GE999 movies, IIRC… (Tetsuro/Faust?) before that ISTR pendants were featured (Maetel’s father’s “heart” for one…) but not usually the skull-bearing scarabs that now proliferate.

        I love the way these keep popping up! There’s a big plot-hook in QM (tv) over twin pendants. Zero looks poignantly in one in CWZ IIRC… Not a scarab, but Daiba’s chip resides inside a locket in E/O… Wattaru’s last birthday gift to Kanna in Galaxy Railways is a small pendant…

        I guess lockets aren’t so popular as jewellery/keepsakes these days, but back in the 70’s/80’s and before, they were a way of keeping memories close to your heart (photos, locks of hair…). I rather like the aesthetic that even in the 30th century something so simple (and archaic!) can have so much meaning…

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