Subbed Harlock Trailer

The latest Harlock film trailer seems to be turning up in more and more YouTube channels, and the number of people wondering what the heck all of these interesting characters are saying continues to grow, so I’ve gone ahead and uploaded my subbed version.  I hope it doesn’t get taken down immediately (if anyone could confirm whether it’s accessible I’d much appreciate it). The film needs as much exposure as we can give it.


EDIT: Just realized someone hardcoded my subs and uploaded the video days ago. Wish they had credited me or linked to me but oh well 🙂

~ by Haloed Bane on June 18, 2013.

29 Responses to “Subbed Harlock Trailer”

  1. Trailer still up. Thanks for the translation too.

    • Great, thanks. It seems like this one’s going to stick~

      • Fingers crossed! I’d love this to be a success… the more publicity the better!

        • Absolutely, Listen, I know I’m not supposed to do this, but yesterday I spent quite a bit of time reading the venomous threads over at 2ch. I’m starting to think that a big source of animosity is the phrase “This film is geared toward international audiences.” I think the phrase, or something to the effect that the project creators had international audiences ALSO in mind when they were working on this (Wow, it’s 2013, Japan has finally realized it’s part of a world with 200+ other countries, and there are folks complaining), turns up in some promotional material, not sure. Anyway, people in 2ch keep repeating it as if it were a horrible confession. So anything in the film that they don’t like they blame on this “international focus”. I mean, you had a guy (it’s gotta be a guy, I swear) complaining that the character designs looked too foreign. (OMG, because, you know, Captain Harlock is supposed to look utterly Japanese, and Miime, well…). People complain about Kei Yuki’s look, I think ultimately on the same ground. (Though I haven’t heard anyone complain about Yuki Mori’s new design in 2199, even though it’s as radically different from the original as Kei’s is. I guess because the new Mori is moe, and moe is OK.)

          The fact is that little things like having the assassin character be named Yama, for example, reveal this is a Japanese work. I mean, Yama is the lord of death in Japan for crying out loud.

          But publicity is very important, because international success is going to be a key component. I think they should have subbed this latest trailer upon release, honestly. People in Italy and France will go to see this no matter what, I know. But if you have a British company working on the dubbing, I wish Tokyo would give them the additional task of subbing anything released in Japanese. Sure, the trailer looks great, but if I can’t understand a word they’re saying, what’s stopping me from thinking it’s the latest PlayStation game or worse, that it will never ever see the light of day outside Japan??

          One last thing, on the voice actors. I realize that Miura and Oguri were brought in to increase sales among a younger demographic. Well, I fully expect them to do their part. I want to see them doing interviews where they regale us with stories of how they loved Harlock as kids, and all that stuff. (I’ll sub the interviews if they show up~). Though it worries me that in the trailers we don’t ever really get to hear Yama/Miura’s voice, huh.

          • Kei does look kind of foreign; when I first saw her I thought “Farah Fawcett but more Asian.” Honestly, though, I think that most characters in the Leijiverse besides Captain Harlock and Tochiro aren’t fully Japanese or fully European.

            • [quote] Kei does look kind of foreign [quote]

              …well since when does a dark-haired Japanese couple have a blonde daughter anyway!? (Apart from those raising Lar-Metallian cuckoos to be 1000-year queens, obviously! )

              You’ll note in Endless Odyssey her Space Patrol profile briefly on screen when she’s arrested lists her as age and origin unknown, IIRC…;)

              • My theory is that Kei Yuki is a Miraizer, ultimately descended from Miraizer Ban and a woman named Kei Yuki who was Japanese, but between then (20th century) and now all sorts of nationalities could have been mixed in.

            • Farah Fawcett, that’s exactly right!!

              But the question is this: does this look to you like a violation of the original conception in order to please foreigners?? Or put another way, does the original character design for the, cough cough, BLOND Kei Yuki, scream “Japanese” to you?

              And EO’s blue-eyed Kei for good measure:

              On top of which you’re right: the fully Japanese characters in the Leijiverse tend to be the chibi ones, like Yattaran and Tochiro.

              • What she screams to me is “mixed race.”

              • Farah? More Cheryl Ladd I thought…!

                You do know that Kazuo Komatsubara did a cover for one of the SSX novels (that makes its way onto a couple of other pieces of merchandise…) that has Harlock, Tochiro and Emeraldas posing in classic Charlie’s Angels style? Couldn’t stop giggling when I saw that one.Especially the post Harlock’s in!

          • I do think GFM should be pushing this more than they are – their website is VERY light on material – but that’s true for all the properties they’re pushing – can’t help thinking they might be a bit new to the business? Though perhaps we might see some action once they’ve cast/recorded some of it… they might be avoiding subbing to ensure that it’s clear that it WILL be dubbed? (some people – frowns over at her other half busy watching a download of Boston/Chicago game 3…) refuse to “read” film or tv and avoid like the plague!

            The lack of English (or French!) publicity so far is a bit disappointing… only 3 months to release, you’d think there’d be more – but press weren’t allowed into the promo screening, so all very quiet – bit worrying really – they need to get this moved up a notch or two – what comments ARE being touted around online are often accompanied by descriptions of the TV series! NOT great news for selling this to a modern audience!!

            Even the Japanese site is a bit lacklustre – actors confirmed but only two casting matchups? No character profiles yet?

            I’ve not read any Japanese sites – my reading being confined to anything I can pick through with my Casio X-word! but what I’ve heard reported just makes me want to smack heads together! You can’t spend 30million dollars on this and just aim for the geek contingent!

            That way lies certain failure, and if I read the signs correctly, Toei are counting on this to blaze the way to doing the same to other older shows – so suck it up, Japan – I want Photo-real CGI Mazinger Z. With a 3D Rocket punch heading straight for me!! (Eww… photo-realistic shower scenes of Ashura?? excuse me. Brain bleach…) ;-P

            The character designs are ALL to die for in a post-Komatsubara world! Kei’s not just taken a level in bad-ass and looks as hot as hell. Her upgrade isn’t even sudden – she’s moved over the years from perky tomboy (SPCH); graceful, gentle and showing a feminine fire to move her up a kind of younger, sparkier version of Maya (SSX); Captain Yuuki of E/O – adult, teasing, and quietly competent… now she’s gone all-on action girl playing 2-gun mojo in a suit that even Erin Grey would have struggled to get into! 😉 she’s a bloody pirate – about time she looked the part!

            Harlock’s never looked better (photo-realistic – oh yeah, baby!! ) Bad-ass brooding and occasionally vulnerable… sadly continues the 00’s trend of surgically separating him from his rather dry, snarky sense of humour – but hopefully that’s just the trailers? And since when has he been Japane… {beat} oh wait… Yamato… Diver Zero… 😉

            Yama – well, we’ve seen scruffy smudge-faced innocent, (is it just me who wants to scrub his face with a tissue??) wistful dreamer, a bit of determined action-… and tasked with killing a guy even gods are afraid of… 😉 We’ll see… Kind of Young Harlock crossed with Daiba is the vibe I’m getting from the visuals. A bit brash, a lot out of his depth, but heart in the right place… ? Kid’s got a lot to prove! Cleans up nice though, looking at the scenes of him in Alliance uniform…

            Mimay – a lovely fusion of several looks she’s had over the years – a bit of Nibelung, a big dollop of Diver Zero’s flute-eared pixie, graceful, delicate and alien. Works for me. And Yattaran— OMG *Yattaran*! For once we’re seeing a guy who could be second in command of the Arcadia – hell yeah!! The Tochiro analogue seen in the AlbatorSSX forum picture grabs – well, if you have to make the little guy look like a real human, it’s not a bad look to go for – and you get Tori-san – so quit yer bitchin’, Japan!!

            The Arcadia looks amazing – even with silly dangling bits. The interiors we’ve seen are awesome – can’t wait for the full tour…!

            Honestly – there are bits I’m probably not going to agree with in this. One or two missing/played down elements… (but with only 90 minutes, somethings’ gotta give!) I suspect the CGI won’t pull off a “perfect” real-actor feel – but it’s a bold try, I’ll support it to the full, and frankly I’ll take ANYTHING over a world that might have given us more Harlock Saga…! It’s a clean start, what I’ve seen suggests an affectionate and sometimes playful riff by people who so far seem to know what they’re doing story-wise. 90-some days we’ll know for sure! Hell, Arcadia of My Youth’s far from perfect and is still a classic…!

            But in the spirit of internet bitching I guess I’ll have to start a petition to boycott the damn thing unless I see Mii-kun – where’s the damn cat already!?!! How can you have a Leijiverse story without a tabby cat?!

            • I agree with everything you say pretty much. Honestly, I’m still in awe with what they’ve done with Yattaran. Bad ass indeed. Yuki too, but I’m curious to see how they will handle her personality.

              P.S. Leave Mii-kun for the sequel~

          • [quote]Yama is the lord of death in Japan for crying out loud. [/quote]

            Buddhist, via Hindu, actually… but at this point: good gods, they’re not even being remotely subtle here are they? I was so distracted wondering what the kanji would/might be I completely overlooked the fact he’s another psychopomp!

            • Yup, yup. At first I thought it was a very boring Japanese surname (Yama=mountain). Then it struck me: it’s Death incarnate.

              Then I immediately thought maybe Logan was a Celtic god of death but no, no.

              • Nah… I double checked to see if GFM were being as clever as the Star Blazers mob were with Mamoru/Alex, but sadly, no… it’s from a place name, meaning “hollow”… though I think they should have avoided the obvious Wolverine overtones! Not sure WHY they feel the need to remove a nice chunk of subtext, but there you go… How many in the audience are going to have a background in Indo-European studies!?

                • Logan almost sounds to me like a Japanese pick, I mean, like what Japanese people think would be a cool name for the kid. Just a sense.

  2. “yama” is kind of a lot of weight on a name for a kid… I mean – seriously!? 😉 You’d have some issues! (…not, of course, that “Phantom” is much better!! ) Hmmm… “Yama” was a major character in Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny… he begins by trying to kill the protagonist but progresses to an ally…!

    BTW – is it just me who gets the sense this version is channelling The Flying Dutchman (Wagner)? Rin Taro’s outfit I kind of expect the mythical overtones from (SPCH pretty much channelled Jason, E/O is almost a hymn to Tennyson’s “Ulysses”…) Don’t know much of the background of this new bunch, but there’s a definite resonance! …for added brownie points the “spectral ship” mirage that spawned (possibly) the legends is also referred to as the Fata Morgana… 🙂

    • I’ve never watched the Dutchman or read the libretto, but why not? Leiji is one of the most visible Wagnerians in Japan AFAIK.


    They’ve revamped the website since my lunchbreak!

    • Great! You reckon they heard us complaining about the pace of the ad campaign and decided to speed things up 😀

      I will proceed to translate the Introduction and Story sections and post them here. They seem to include some tasty morsels.

  4. Shun Oguri is on a roll. The guy who’s voicing Harlock in this film will play Lupin in a live-action film!

    • saw that last night… nice link in a way, given the boots he has to fill as Harlock’s VA! (Makio Inoue logging many more hours as Goemon than he ever did as Harlock – to the point I went from “yikes, Goemon sounds like Harlock…” to a complete 180!!)

      Seems to be a trend – Harlock VAs playing main characters in Lupin – usual go-to guy for older Harlock, Yamadera, recently took over playing Zenigata!

      • Interesting how these things work.

        BTW, I’m still scared by the fact we haven’t heard the Yama character say even one word…

        • I’m more worried by the fact the actor’s never done voice work before! No interview footage for the casting news perchance? Be nice to at least know what he sounds like!

          BTW – no matter how this turns out, comfort yourself with the thought that it can’t *possibly* pull an ending out of it’s ass as lame as the one for 009 Re:Cyborg… the end credits for which are just rolling on my tv as I type… I mean: SERIOUSLY!!? AAAARGH….

          • It’d be fantastic if they were recording 2-5 minute interviews per cast member, with little clips of them speaking in the film. Oh let it be so!

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