Harlock-Movie Site Updated: Intro/Story Sections Translated

Thanks to H for the news.  The site is looking more and more stunning.  Do check it out.  The News section doesn’t really have anything new on it, and the Cast section is “coming soon,” but we’ve got some meaty morsels in the Introduction and Story sections, so I’ve translated both of these pages below.

harlock and tori



The legendary space pirate is reborn at last.

“Captain Harlock” thirty years on, activated.

Legendary character “Space Pirate Captain Harlock,” a creation of Leiji Matsumoto.  The rebel hero who once captivated the hearts of children and lighted up the souls of men is reborn on the screen, on a grand scale and with overwhelming visual power.

A total production cost of 30 million dollars.  The launch of this battle action sci-fi masterpiece which the world has been longing for has spurred a fierce scramble for distribution rights in each country.  Beginning with France, where it is said that the first time the TV show aired it scored a rating of 70%, Europe is boiling with excitement, while over in Hollywood, “Avatar”’s maestro James Cameron praises it as “an unprecedented achievement, already a legend.”  An uncharted visual project begins to unfold amid the envy of the world.


“Captain Harlock” is not just a remake.  Just as “Batman” (1989) was reborn as “The Dark Knight” (2008), this is a larger-scale, rebooted original work that carefully preserves the spirit of Matsumoto’s world.

Through the eyes of the assassin who has marked the cursed pirate Captain Harlock for death, we will pursue the mystery surrounding the man and the truth that was hidden from the world…  This suspenseful drama built around a great mystery, will of course fascinate the fans of the Harlock of the 1970s, but it will also not fail to attract a new generation that does not know Harlock.  Even more, this deep tale raises themes about the importance of the inheritance of life and facing up to one’s reality, themes which are likely to leave everyone’s heart filled with emotions.

The Best that Japan has to Offer, brought forth by a Star-Studded Cast and Staff

Besides the original creator Leiji Matsumoto and the director Shinji Aramaki, Harutoshi Fukui is also participating; the man who has worked on various live-action cinematic masterpieces such as “Aimless Aegis” takes on the screenplay and adaptation.  By projecting present-day themes onto the original world of the story, he has constructed a fresh worldview.  And overpowering images have been brought to life by energetic creators active in Hollywood.

In addition, a troupe of top class actors such as Shun Oguri, Haruma Miura, Yu Aoi, Arata Furuta and Ayano Fukuda, join Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakomoto, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Chikao Otsuka, a group that could be called the face of the voice acting world, in a grand cast that raises the level of this compelling drama to complete, at last, a great entertainment piece that Japan can proudly show the world!



Is he destruction incarnate?  Or the last savior of the world?

The space pirate Captain Harlock, a criminal with wanted posters everywhere.  A hero during the great war, he rebelled against the state and is now an enemy to the entire universe.

Young Yama, the one who accepted the government’s order to assassinate Harlock, infiltrates the pirate ship Arcadia in the guise of a crew member.  But…as he gets closer to Harlock, he will come to know the man’s purpose, the true nature of the Arcadia, and the truth that was hidden from the world.

Harlock and his crew still put up a fight, betting on the possibilities left in a world marching toward its own destruction.  However, the  government conceals the truth and attempts to shut a secret door opening toward the future.

In the last days, mankind’s future hinges on a struggle, and that struggle begins now.

~ by Haloed Bane on June 21, 2013.

10 Responses to “Harlock-Movie Site Updated: Intro/Story Sections Translated”

  1. HI! Any word as to when this will come to USA? – thx!

    • None whatsoever. Not even in Italy, where the company that will actually show the film has been announced, do they know when.

  2. 30 million dollars. Is that a typo AK?

    If not, those producers either have enormous faith in the film being a success, or balls the size of which is normally seen rolling after Indiana Jones in caverns.

    • 30 million is right!! There’s another reason why the success/failure of this project is so important.. Imagine what sort of new anime film projects will immediately get rolling if this film is a success!

  3. $30 million sure does seem on the cheapside for effects that look as good as the ones in How To Train Your Dragon (which had a production budget of $160 million)?

    • The figure is cheap for America but expensive for Japan. When I first heard the number I must admit I thought “That ain’t that much!” but that’s definitely because I’m used to those American budgets. Anyway, the point is the trailers look great, and one hopes that the rest of the film is as good a quality.

  4. Trying a different tack:
    We never see the books for films though… so how much of a Hollywood budget is actually on-screen and how much is inflated talent costs and “overheads”, marketing etc… I mean, if 30million is the *animation* budget, it might actually be comparable? They don’t actually say if that figure is all they had to work with to cover all costs, or just the “core” estimate for the animation…! I’d want to see a break-down for a real comparison…

    (Sorry! – not only do I work with budget-setting, I also do statistical comparisons for a major UK university! )

    For quality though… The TV series of New Captain Scarlet didn’t look too bad on a low budget (if a bit stilted) and ditto the Games Workshop Ultramarines movie, and those were made on a fraction of that cost! They’re still corner-cutting on animation (lots of pre-lap dialogue in the script, desert landscapes that need less work, mouths hidden a lot…!) but the real clue so far is the eyes – a lot of cheaper work the eyes look dead and flat (Ultramarines suffers badly here…) – so far all the characters look amazingly real facially – and the eyes do look “alive” – this is a great sign! (A few “rough” shots in the trailers made me wince a bit, especially Harlock’s face, but that could be unfinished footage?)

    The trailers we’ve seen so far (including the pulled 2.5 minute one of GFM which was awesome) and the shoddy recordings from 2010 and the Annecy showing, all seem to show some fantastic, fluid action scenes, and the backgrounds are superb. I don’t think the firt viewing will disappoint – though repeated close-viewing (which we ALL end up doing!) will probably turn up some wince-inducing shots! But hell – that’s true of any series or film in the Harlock catalogue!

  5. What’s embarrasing?? (I erased the evidence, hehe).

  6. Except the first Batman movie was amazing and I didn’t like the reboots so much X3

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