First 12 minutes of Harlock film SUBBED

Here it is, in all its glory:

UPDATE: The video was taken down.  Sorry.

~ by Haloed Bane on July 25, 2013.

22 Responses to “First 12 minutes of Harlock film SUBBED”

  1. Thx for this!!

  2. At this rate we’ll have enough footage to put together the entire film… it’s only 90 minutes and we’ve got about 1/6 of that already in trailers!!

    • If this were a better known, Hollywood-type project, you could show 2 minutes worth and get everyone talking, but they’ve probably decided they’ll have to show more than a bit of leg, so to speak, to lure people in. And I agree, I think it’s the right strategy 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Animekritik!
    People on FB fan page were eager to discover the subtitled version!

    • Spread the word! I think most people who watch this will want to see it in theaters in their native languages. I must say, I’m very confident that GFM will do a great job with the English translation. I hope the dubbing is good too.

  4. Thanks a lot AK. LOving this. I might have to travel a bit to catch this one but it seems it’s worth it!

    • If only we knew WHERE and WHEN we had to travel, we could PREPARE properly. I need theater dates and locations now!!!

  5. Harlock: a novel?

  6. Yes, this is a novelization of the film! I pre-ordered it from Cdjapan, so I will receive it in a few weeks (I hope).

    • I hope they follow tradition and add in some pages of screen shots!!

      CD Japan are usually pretty quick to the UK so hopefully mine’ll arrive before the film airs!

  7. May I just comment on how enjoyable it is to hear Kei saying “Why?” (05:03) instead of “Aye, aye, sir!” 😀

    BIG THANKS, AK! You’re my hero. And by the way – many happy returns of the day!

    • Yes, I like the exchanges between Kei and Yulian a lot. (Is it Yulian or Julian officially in the English?? can’t remember).

      Kei has grown up and she’s sassier. And Yulian has cultivated his badassery and let it bloom.

      And thank you~

    • He’ll always be “Yattaran” no me! And likewise – I love Kei’s bad-ass upgrade a lot! (To be fair – she’s nowhere near as meek in the manga as Rin Taro made her in the series, so this is fully in keeping!)

      Just love the way she pushes Yama around when he comes on board as well – that little shove in the back (I don’t know how they resisted her giving him a smack on the ass!!) and sashaying off ahead is priceless!

      Drifting back a bit – there’s a lovely non-verbal exchange between the bandana wearing wannabe and his bald pal when bandana is being divested of his weapons… baldy’s giving him a “I can’t believe you packed those” look and bandana seems to give a rueful “couldn’t help myself” shrug back!! (Then there’s the kid- who’s all over the place and can’t even keep his balance he’s that scared – contrast the lot with Yama, who just stands stock still, quietly taking it all in and trying at the same time to look harmless… Nice.

      • Sashay, that’s the right word. She is hawt. And we still haven’t gotten a good long scene with Miime. OMG. And yup, Kei’s suit kicks ass too. Is there some Valkyrie thing going on there? She really stands out, not only suitwise but with her gun, in the scene where they board the so-called patrol ship (which is obviously much more than just that!) Honestly, they need to make a big designs book, with shots from the film, drawings of the characters (and ships and planets), drafts, Leiji’s originals, etc.

        I didn’t actually notice that exchange you mention (I’ll rewatch again when I return home) but I have noticed tons of little things. I’ll try to make a post tonight about some of them. It’s interesting that the would-be recruits survive those falls. There seems to be a body of water there, but still! It’s rather cartoonish good fun where nobody dies, EXCEPT that when they board the patrol ship the defenders drop like flies. So I think there’s a bit of the Leiji/Harlock ethic in play here: spare the innocent, but if you draw a gun and are ready to fight then we’ll whip your ass before you even know it.

  8. Animenewsnetwork have posted up re: the Int’ Film Festival in Venice (Aug 28-Sep 7) : “Shinji Aramaki’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG remake film is screening out of competition. The film is slated to open in Japan on September 7. ”

    So: Anyone for Venice? 😉

    • I wonder if that’s open to the public or if it’s like Cannes, i.e., where you can camp outside and try to spot famous people going in to see the movies you can’t see.

      • It looks like it’s open but for the life of me I can’t figure out if the schedule is out yet or not. The listing for out of competition only lists the film name and runtime for Harlock.

        To bad it takes at least 10 weeks to get a passport. Oh well my Harlock DVDs come out that week I’ll just have to watch the classic series instead.

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