New 3 minute Harlock Film trailer SUBBED

Here it is.  Gah, this is super spoilerish indeed.  (Can we start shipping Harlock and Yama or not yet?)

~ by Haloed Bane on July 25, 2013.

15 Responses to “New 3 minute Harlock Film trailer SUBBED”

  1. Yama/Kei surely?? 😉

    Can I start using all those Princess Bride quotes I’ve been sitting on for weeks yet??!!

    • From the way Kei looks at him all armorless, I’d say you’re on to something.

      • I thought she was just a bit bewildered by the daft prat wandering around without a hardsuit… ? he’s doing a good impression of not playing with a full deck… 😉 Channeling Daiba so far!!

        My other half’s reaction to watching Yama and Harlock re-enacting the last scene of Endless Odyssey?: “Hello, Dad”. Had to disabuse him – then remembered it’d already been re-enacted and deconstructed in Galaxy Railways… {sniffle}

        • I don’t know. I think Kei already likes him by that point. Though he looks kinda dopey dressed like that.

          I was reminded of Galaxy Railways and the Yukis as well. Not only that, though, but there’s a shot of a port of some sort that looks like the Destiny space station with all the trains. Not to mention that Miime’s brief appearance reminded me of Layla Destiny as well.

          Anyway, I totally love the suits, Kei’s gives me a Nibelung vibe, and the rest with the Leiji gears on them and skulls on the side, divine!! That’s what I want for a figure, Julian in hardsuit, which you can remove to get his striped shirt etc. Heck, forget the figure. I want a helmet like that with the gears!!

          • It’s a variant of Young Harlock’s blues… BTW – the ordinary environment suits seem modelled on the old SPCH ones! Cool!

            I kind of thought Yama looks how I’d expect Mamoru Yuuki to look live-action… blonder, thinner faced…

            And hell yeah – I want a Yattaran figure!!! (And Yama, please!! The multiple choice options here are amazing (holding back until after the film airs and one possible figure won’t be as much of a spoiler?? – though we’ve already seen this in the pulled GFM trailer… about midway through, but it’s fuzzy and you do have to freeze frame the shot!!) I can only hope!!)

            • The dopeyness comes from the helmet combo. I mean, the others look like old school sea divers, but they look like cool old school sea divers..

              I’m not sure what you’re referring to in the pulled trailer but I’m sure I’ll see it in the film~

          • Whoa… hang on – you mean the clip with the 4 large ships that look suspiciously like the old Green Arcadia from the front – numbered on the sides? As in, the Arcadia being the old “Deathshadow 4”?

            • Yup, though I guess in GR the dock is vertical as well as horizontal.

              • I was reminded more of the “Scaffold” from E/O when I first saw it… !

                BTW – the uniforms of the patrol ship captain and crew are reminiscent of the GR – even down to the caps – the captain even reminded me a bit of the Destiny Station mission commander – can’t remember his name!

                • Yes, Todo I think it was. Yes, yes. The “costume” designs are spectacular. They all look fantastic AND they’re all Leijiversal in some way or another. Kudos to whoever worked on them.

  2. Taking some screen shots yesterday to add to my screen saver slideshow, it struck me that those ships in the space dock (I’m assuming these are the 4 Deathshadow class vessels mentioned – given that waaay back when in the mists of 2010 the concept artwork talked about the Arcadia’s transformation on contact with dark matter, this isn’t really giving anything away not already out there! ) looked strangely familiar – even allowing for a nod to the Arcadia’s GE999 onwards design sans skull, they look rather similar to Alliance ship designs from Legend of the Galactic Heroes…. Given the possible nod to Cobra earlier, I wonder if the animators are getting a little playful?! (Wouldn’t be the first time – I’m still remembering the little nods from a fellow Ultravox fan in a late episode of Queen Millennia!!) Or – monstrous coincidences… Who knows…

    Some of the little details in these clips btw are to die for – and are going to render the leaked script a little unreliable (mercifully!!) in terms of accuracy. Now, having had my wishes granted with some character development, can we please have another clip from Harlock’s pov?? Just in case anyone’s lurking… 😉 Maybe some more Kei and Yattaran in action…?? 🙂

    • I have to say though, I’m already seeing a few people commenting that there’s too many spoilers already and stuff. So it might backfire on them if they keep putting clips out, no? I mean, there are like 17 trailers out there already.. What they need to do now to grab our attention is this: start doing daily announcements for theater opening dates, about 2-3 countries per day (if it’s true there’s dozens interested then this could keep them busy for a month). Imagine the excitement building up as you wait for your country to be announced?

      • 17? Hmmm…. looking at what’s on my hard drive:

        Original promo 2010 (from someone’s phone at the back of the booth) Seems rather more accurate than the infamous SSX ‘pilot’, but still substantially recut/animated in places since!
        Annecy teaser (another mobile phone download – now THAT I could do with someone subbing… as it’s hard to make out the dialogue! There’s footage in that not in any others…)
        GFM’s wardrobe malfunction – aka “Harlock in chains”
        ‘International’ Trailer (Japanese w/English V/O – “During the last war…”) about 45 seconds IIRC?
        Two part teaser with VA promo
        Main HD Japanese teaser with Be the Light (still on the Toei site IIRC, and also subbed.)
        12 minute opener
        Yama & Harlock (this one!)

        Plus: At least one French teaser intercut with an interview with Leiji-san (no noticably new footage!)

        So I’ve got at about 10 – plus a couple of duplicates of dubious quality!

        • 10 is more or less 17 🙂 That’s a lot, especially weighing in those first 12 minutes we’ve got, as well as the fact that plenty of Japanese Leiji fans have already bought the novelization, which seems to be very similar to the film, and are already discussing the plot on 2ch (not to mention, we got a leaked English script too).

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