Oguri and Miura discuss Harlock (subbed vid)

There’s a new/old Harlock video out.  It starts with a minute of Oguri’s and Miura’s impressions on the film (Oguri plays Harlock, Miura plays Yama) in which the word “sugoi” (amazing) shows up a lot.  The clip is followed by the 3 minute 11 second trailer we’ve already seen.

The article with the video is [here].  In the article, Leiji Matsumoto is quoted as saying: “I am looking forward to people across the entire world seeing this work, with Harlock reborn through these wonderful images.”  For his part, Jun Oguri says: “I feel very happy to know that Harlock will be sailing forth from Venice to the sea of the world,” referring to the fact that the film will play at the Venice Film Festival.  Finally, Miura says “I have no doubt that this work will shock and excite the world.”  Apparently there’ll be more footage of the actors discussing the project in early August 🙂

Maybe I’m going crazy but it seems to me that this version of the trailer has better video and audio quality; in any case I’ve been able to fix a line of Yattaran’s that I had wrong (what I thought was “moriyagaru zo” turned out to be “mou nigenai zo”).

Here’s the whole thing subbed into English:

The excitement builds!!!

~ by Haloed Bane on July 30, 2013.

26 Responses to “Oguri and Miura discuss Harlock (subbed vid)”

  1. even the actors noticed Harlock constantly playing with is cape.

    • It does seem to happen a lot once your attention is drawn to it… 😉 I sense a drinking game moment in the making…!

      Kind of makes him look like a bit of a show-off – in the series/films it’s always more of a subtle wind-ruffled ripple at pivotal moments, not a full blown Batman-style swish as he’s pulling in the clips…! I don’t recall even SSX (infamous for some highly OTT acrobatics by our lovely Captain…) being quite THIS obvious!!

      Even Madhouse (who do stunning work with capes and cloaks in almost everything they animate – it’s almost a trademark!) kept it largely under control in E/O!!

      Maybe it’s got an AI…? 😉

      • It’s probably the same AI that takes care of the pirate flag.

        I wasn’t sure but the longest time about this, but after checking closely now I’m sure: did you realize Tori repeats Yattaran’s words “parrot style” at one point? Right when he tells Kei that she’s gotta take charge of Yama (“sekinin o toru”) Tori repeats the word “sekinin”. How adorable~

        • Awww… no, I didn’t, but I’ll go back tonight and have a listen now!!

          I still love that heartfelt, slightly pissed-off “Why?” Kei gives Yattaran!! That, and the little shoves are far more in keeping with her tougher image in the manga – and her cute attitude issues in the Galaxy Railways manga! This Kei might just nudge SSX’s Maya-replacement off my favourite spot!

          • What throws one off is that the camera is on Kei and Yulian (gotta stop saying Yattaran I guess) when Tori begins saying “sekinin”, and then the camera switches to Tori just as he’s finishing saying it. For the longest time I thought it was Kei muttering under her breath but no, it’s Tori parroting Yulian.

  2. [quote] (what I thought was “moriyagaru zo” turned out to be “mou nigenai zo”).[quote]

    …*thought* that line look a bit odd in the subs!! but figured I must have missed a nuance! – I heard it as “nigenai” and wondered where you were coming from!! 🙂 OTOH I’m able to run these through my HD TV, with surround sound, so the sound’s usually clearer!

    • Yeah, I wish I had a transcript to work with. You do get superfans in Japan sometimes posting whole transcripts they made themselves of shows, but there’s none of this.

      I’ve been wondering about GFM and how they made their translated script. There’s a lot of shouts and statements in the first 12 minutes that did not make it into that script. And I’m pretty sure now that what is absent from GFM’s script is also absent from the novelization (according to what my friend told me). I wonder if they worked mostly from the novel or what…

      By the way, I’ll be checking my postbox in about 30 minutes (didn’t check all day yesterday). Hope the Harlock novel is there!! (though I’m still debating whether to read it or not).

      • You tend to find novelisations can be based on earlier versions of the script, simply because of the lead time needed to write it – There are scenes in the novelisation of Waga Seishun no Arcadia by the screenwriter himself that aren’t in the film! (Maya’s name given in full as “Maya Rosenbach” is there… All that guff about “Phantom F Harlock the 30-something-th”? Behold the culprit…! plus the bit from CWZ where Zero is being pelted by civilians for failing them in the war? Guess who’s backstory THAT originally belonged to!!)

        I’ve got a vague memory as well that Kei’s initial speech to Yama about his talk of freedom in one of the earlier poor quaIity teasers said “Captain” not “this ship” – but it was so poor I could have misheard!

        Even on a quick “flip” through the novel I can spot scenes from the script where there are differences – especially in choice of wording! (One of Harlock’s key speeches isn’t how *I’d* translate it as meaning!!) Whether that’s intentional or not, I don’t know,

        And places where I remember ‘pre-lap’ dialogue in the script might be additions shoved in where there are none in the Japanese version, that they can add because you can’t see the mouths of the speakers as the scene shifts! (Quite common – Particularly egregious recently in (for e.g) Cyborg 009’s 2001 series to the point where I had to switch off the dub-titles eventually! And Robot Carnival suffered similarly IIRC…)

        PS: Rather like that the novel is in 1st person – this is, after all, Yama’s story!!

        • Interesting, interesting.

          BTW, my copy of the novel has yet to arrive :/

          • I got 9 pages in at lunchtime! An all-time record for my reading speed…;-)

            I guess you can read the prologue without spoilers!! (when it arrives!)

        • Reminds me of what I’ve read about the Yamato tie-ins.

          • Like the first one that infamously introduces Mamoru as “Captain Harlock” and reveals Okita’s his father?? 😉 I have that little gem – though sadly my paperback only has half the illustrations of the h/cover, so I had to download the lovely extras!!

            The SSX novelisations also spring a ringer – both versions extend Kei’s farewell talk with her father to include him adding a line about “when you know the real nature of the blood that flows in your veins…” (Sadly I think this never gets addressed but I’m only part way through!)

            I remembered later – Mira doesn’t die in the WSNA novel either!

            • About Kei, that must be a reference to the Miraizers.. I mean, Miraizer’s lady was called Kei Yuki for crying out loud (exact same kanji IIRC).

              • Could be – but I always thought it was going to be something to do with her resemblance to Maya… especially given the way Cosmo Warrior Zero decades later gave chunks of Harlock’s (largely unseen) backstory from WSNA/SSX to Zero! (The obvious ones being the broken warrior from the losing side, the lost wife, the new exec who strongly resembles her…) Especially since it was tied up with that comment about understanding true love… well. That was then! These days – not too sure! Still kind of hoping the two got together after the cameras leave in SSX 🙂 That Harlock’s so sweet he deserves a break!

                • If the Leiji manga verse has Tochiro’s son running around there should really be another Harlock to keep his ass out of trouble. And in SSX it’s not really like she has to get past La Mimay.

                  In my mind Zero’s part of the extended Kodai family, which might include the galaxy railway Yuuki Family. Depends who Kei is related to this week. There’s likely a branch family Harlock in the mix somewhere to explain the uncanny resemblance to our fav space pirate.

                  Since you’re the novel expert I don’t suppose you’ve come across that Gun frontier sequel? I’m still kicking myself for not getting the manga ending early from AK.

                  • Are you sure you want to see that last page?? It’s a heartbreaker!!

                    In other news, Toei just kicked my butt and took down the 12 minute subbed videos.

                    • Just about ever chapter of that manga had a depressing ending.

                      I just noticed it was down. How many views did you get I saw it was hitting Tumblr.

                    • What exactly are you referring to as being down? Gun Frontier?

                  • It is noticeable that Kei and Harlock seem to spend more time in each other’s company in SSX… La Mimay certainly isn’t as big a part of his life as main continuity Mimay!

                    Tochiro’s son, IIRC from the Eternity-hen manga, already has a potential “BFF” in Manabu Yuuki – who’s a dead ringer for Little Harlock – I’m guessing Kei’s baby brother will be the next “Harlock” at some point! My own pet theory is that in GR the Yuuki’s are closely related to the “Harlocks” – and mind you, whether or not that’s even the family name at this point is very much up for grabs – the WW2 version in the manga only had a daughter!! (At this point “The Dread Pirate Harlock” jokes are almost mandatory!! 😉 ) I’m still remembering the original series – and manga – went with “People CALL me Captain Harlock” – not “my name is…”.

                    It’ll just turn out that whole celibate reserve is just a front and several generations of Austrian pirates just REALLY got about a bit…! 🙂

                    Re: Gun Frontier novel – yes – I do have it, though “sequel” is a loose term – it’s more of a re-imagining that IIRC brings in OUR Harlock and Tochiro – not an easy read (translation wise that is – I struggled with it so it’s down the pile a ways!!) ISTR the “pilot” for SSX used bits of it! It’s not even a full novel – more a couple of chapters!

                    The ending of the GF manga is sweet… Though I’d really love to see the TV version continued!! I was so hoping we’d a) get to see Harlock piloting a zeppelin and b) getting together with the sweet, pretty and scarily brilliant Shizuka!

                    • The song from the manga and anime was something written while he was working on Yamato. The some times translated as female voice calling out was likely Starsha. Even in that first anime series how do we know that Harlock is his original name?

                      I think the railways Yuuki family has harlock blood too. Though that makes Kei having a crush on the captain a bit creepy.

                      Harlock in a zeppelin would be great that one parody chapter the rabbits translated wasn’t enough sky pirate Harlock action for me.

                  • I’ve been looking for that too; but I’ve heard that it’s basically a retelling of the story with the sex cut out.

  3. [quote]The song from the manga and anime was something written while he was working on Yamato. The some times translated as female voice calling out was likely Starsha. Even in that first anime series how do we know that Harlock is his original name? [quote]

    Even reading the manga, you get the impression he still had Mamoru Kodai in mind as being Harlock’s origin as late as ’77… it’s not just the lyrics (which are used extensively in the chapter intro’s and endings…) but a lot of Harlock’s musings about the futility of war and some almost savage dislike of Earth’s military are very much those of a disillusioned (and damaged) veteran…

    As to Kei being hot for him… no reason it’s improperly consanguinous…! Hell – my family’s from the Isle of Man – get into a conversation with a fellow native about genealogy and within 4-5 generations – max- you can find a common relative!

    IIRC the manga never gives him any origin at any point (beyond the brief account of meeting Mimay), though the series does make the first mention in the flashbacks to the old pirate-clan by that name – but it’s so common for pirates to use nommes de guerre that you could make a case either way, right up until WSNA comes along and nails it to the floor – which Matsumoto’s run with ever since – though anyone who’s paid close attention to the recent teasers and knows their Harlocks can sit and laugh their tushie off with this film’s take! (mind you, GFM’s teaser handed it to the viewer on a plate… talk about a major panty-shot! I suspect no-one really understood the significance of the footage they were cobbling together…)

    • Oo, oo, oo, do you have of those tailless cats?? I so want one of those.

      • From there -we don’t live there anymore! And sadly no. Neither a rumpy nor a stumpy!! (an island famed for its mutants – also has 4 horned sheep!!)

        I do however have a father who at 28 was a flamboyant long haired show-off [1] who bore a remarkable resemblance to a certain space pirate and who comes from a line of sea-farers (most recently naval engineers, but links to Trafalger back in the family tree!) which include his doppleganger – my great grandfather – who sported a magnificent Ichimonji-style tache and was torpedoed off Scapa Flow during WW1 whilst serving aboard HMS Ramsay!!

        [1] It was the 1970’s, he was a gifted latin/ballroom dancer and musician (often, yes, wore a cloak…!) and also fond of all things western! Black-haired, 6 foot tall, long and lean (tends to the skinnier end of the spectrum!) One might start to see where the fascination crept in for me!! And I swear – he has *exactly* the same profile of nose as E/Os Harlock – to the life! Sadly, any photos disappeared with my mother! (There is a pastel portrait from about ’81, but he’d started cutting his hair by then!)

        • Wow, that’s cool. Matsumoto would love this kind of story, what with all of his interest in genetic memory and how it shapes people’s lives.

          • You can kind of see why I love this stuff!! But it is kind of cool knowing my dad used to look like Harlock! I’d have been the coolest girl in school if I’d grown up in France!!!

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