ALBERICH’S DREAM – leijiverse lore

Under this page will be housed resources and info on the worlds of Leiji Matsumoto that are too esoteric or obscure to be of use or even interest to most.  I’ve done several blog posts on various Leijiverse-related issues, which you can find [here].  Alberich’s dream, by the way, was to rule the universe.  Perhaps this is the sort of information that could have helped him!

Ambitious Alberich.

Here’s a brief summary of what’s been uploaded so far:

1 ) All About Emeraldas – Actually, not really.  This only covers Emeraldas as shown in the late Seventies manga Queen Emeraldas.

2 ) Harlock Saga / a very rough Survey – Words cannot express how rough.  But if you’re dying to know about this manga series, more properly known as The Ring of the Nibelung, and the OVA left you wanting more, this is better than nothing 😉

3 ) Harlock’s Warships – Schematics of the Arcadia and the Deathshadow, weaponry, the various versions, etc.  Translated from Japanese Wikipedia.

4 ) LaAndromeda Promethium – My translation of the Japanese Wikipedia article.  It’s very long and very juicy.  Note that I’ve posted my translation of the Japanese Wikipedia article on LaMetal in two parts [here] and [here].

5 ) Millennial Queen – Unreadable Survey – Just as advertised.  Chances are clicking on this will only waste your time…

6 ) Miraizer Ban Chapter Summaries – These summaries are quite detailed.  If you get the manga in Japanese you can pretty much follow it with this!

7 ) Table of Miraizers – I got tired of this and only finished it for volume 1.  If you check out the manga you’ll understand why.  There’s so many of them!

8 ) The Ardis: Universal Fashion Symbol – The only way to understand what this is is to go have a look.  Prepare to be dazzled.

9) V2 Panzer – Rough Ride and Guide – A walkthrough through Serazard’s adventures in this late Eighties manga.

10 ) Women of Sexaroid – A list with pics of all the women the male protagonist sleeps with.  Most of them die by the end of the chapter!!

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