Table of Miraizers (Vol. 1)

Ban Idai has millions of ancestors and will have millions of descendants, just like anyone else would.  The peculiar thing about him, in his capacity as Miraizer Ban, is that some of the members of his bloodline have the ability to access the memories of all of the other members.  So Miraizer’s genealogical tree is peppered with multiple Miraizer Bans, each of which is almost from birth aware of their situation.

Once a Miraizer Ban appears in the world, the possession of so many past and future memories gives him or her powers bordering on the divine, and provokes the curiosity and enmity of an ever wider range of entities.  Miraizer sometimes skip generations and can be born male or female, but every time he or she has consciousness of his or her status as a Miraizer Ban.

The following is a record of the appearances of Miraizer Ban in the first volume of the manga.  Volume 2 and 3 introduce certain concepts like time travel that make this sort of table impossible…

For appearances in the distant past, I am writing the oldest date possible (eg coelecanths appeared in the Paleozoic and they are still around today, so I’m jotting down Paleozoic as Miraizer-coelecanth’s date).

The year 0 = 1976 in the Western calendar.  This is the year that Ban Idai became Miraizer Ban and his odyssey begins.





a single-celled organism

Organism is floating in the ocean.


a coelecanth

Fish is swimming around.  Volcanoes in the distance.


Ban Idai

Ban becomes Miraizer through his parents’ experiments.

soon after year 0 (?)

Boy resembling Ban impersonates a Dr. Setsuba

Dr. Setsuba builds the world’s greatest aircraft: the Mysterious No. 1.  Cosmonauta hijack the prototype.


Dr. Ban, a woman resembling Yuki

Dr. Ban leads the struggle against the Negas.


Newborn son of Dr. Iruma

Dr. Iruma is in charge of destroying Miraizer, not knowing that his own son is Miraizer.


A boy resembling Ban

He is supervisor of enslaved humanity, in the service of the Negas.


Scientific Armaments Bureau Chief Mirai, a teenager

He is fighting against alien forces (the Negas?).


Little old man

Aided by a woman resembling Yuki. He is the enemy of Earth, which repeatedly sends forces to kill him.

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